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SAP Business One
SAP Business One
Compare SAP Business One solution against other leading and challenging ERP solutions.

Business Objects
Business Objects
Compare Business Objects solution against other leading and challenging ERP solutions.

Business Process Management (BPM) Evaluation Center
Business Process Management (BPM) Evaluation Center
Define your software requirements for Business Process Management (BPM), see how vendors measure up, and choose the best solution.

Documents related to » xi wiki business model

The Business of Green » The TEC Blog
There are interesting and flexible options allowing companies to better choose what can be implemented into their existing strategies. Companies’ Roles in Environmental Compliance A large part of today’s environmental trend involves infrastructure and energy consumption. As such, many companies are looking for better performing hardware (energy efficient servers, for example). One of the main reasons for this is that the results are easily measured (as in smaller energy bills). However it demands a

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Business Solutions of the Future » The TEC Blog
losing data. They already exist and the biggest in the world has 150 locations and will store 150 million gigabytes (GBs) every year, or 100 GBs every four minutes. We will probably have sufficient space for the data, but what about its security? According to a study from Oracle, twenty percent of IT managers think that data security breaches will happen at their organizations in the next year. And the main threats are not from viruses and hackers, but mostly from inside the company. Do we need an

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How to Create a Business Case for Your Human Resources System
How to Create a Business Case for Your Human Resources System. Get Free Data and Other Solutions Associated with Creating a Business Case for Your Human Resources System. Getting CFO or CEO approval to purchase a new software system is often a challenge—but more so if that system is for human resources (HR), as HR is not traditionally considered a profit center. You need a business plan to gain management buy-in for your proposed HR project. Not sure what your plan should address? Find out the key components of a persuasive and detailed business case, so you can get support for your initiative.

12/31/2007 11:51:00 AM

Manage Your Business, Drive Growth, and Adapt to Change
Manage your Business, Drive Growth, and Adapt to Change. Get Free Information and Other Software to Define Your Diagnosis and to Manage your Business. Many business owners and managers wonder how to maintain visibility and control in order to keep ahead of the competition, focus on customers, and adapt to market changes. Are you worried your company will lose its competitive edge as it grows, because of an outmoded IT landscape? Keep your IT requirements simple and meet your company goals, with an on-demand solution that integrates support for all business activities.

XI WIKI BUSINESS MODEL: growth is stalled by existing operations and an IT landscape that either can t sustain or that actively hinders growth. To overcome these obstacles, companies need an integrated, affordable business application that can provide the transparency and control needed to support their future growth. SAP developed the SAP Business ByDesign™ solution, the most complete and adaptable on-demand business solution available to midsize companies, to allow companies like yours to adapt and to grow. SAP Business
11/2/2007 3:23:00 PM

Business Objects Teams With TopTier For Analytics
Business Objects and TopTier Software have teamed to provide a unified enterprise portal to unite ERP, CRM, and supply chain information with business intelligence. Given that the market for analytical applications is estimated to mushroom at a compound annual growth rate of 28 percent to more than $6 billion in 2004 (source: IDC), these vendors are in the right place at the right time (and so is everybody else).

XI WIKI BUSINESS MODEL: Study: Oracle | The Lexicon of CRM - Part 3: From R to Z | Logistics.com Might Prove An Internet Success Story After All- Part 2: Market Impact | Logistics.com Might Prove An Internet Success Story After All | The Lexicon of CRM - Part 2: From J to Q | The Lexicon of CRM - Part 1: From A to I | The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond – Part 4: Market Predictions | The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond – Aging Gracefully With The ‘New Kids On The Block’ | Shall Bifurcated Tack Reverse J.D. Edwards’ Bad Spell? |

Contemporary Business Intelligence Tools
Tools under the business intelligence (BI) umbrella combine to convert data into information, and information into decisions for action. Dashboards and scorecards are two such tools. Though often confused, they have functional difference, especially in modern BI suites.

XI WIKI BUSINESS MODEL: the most out of existing IT assets. BI should provide an environment in which business users receive information that is reliable, consistent, understandable, and easily manipulated. C-level executives and middle management have always had a need to understand their business performance regardless of good or bad economic times, and while the output from BI might change, the need is always there. Particularly relative are the recent massive demise of dot-com companies, moderately optimistic economic

Using Master Data in Business Intelligence
Though master data management (MDM) is not new, enterprises are now beginning to realize that MDM must be managed and integrated outside of the traditional business transaction and BI environment. This paper reviews the current status of MDM, offers suggestions for planning, building, and deploying an MDM environment, and examines how this environment can be used with BI applications to improve the decision making process.

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3/21/2011 11:01:00 AM

Viador Teams With Business Objects
Viador Inc.™ announced it has completed the initial integration of Business Objects client/server and web-based products into the Viador E-Portal Suite™. Viador is expected to supply the ability to create personalized 'portlets', via their customization API’s, and Business Objects will supply their InfoView open portal initiative for business intelligence.

XI WIKI BUSINESS MODEL: conditions. Due to the complexity of the solution, and the sophisticated infrastructure required to support it, a long list of vendors should be evaluated, and reference sites should be closely questioned as to how much time and consulting was required to implement the product. Editor s Note: This article has been modified from its original form since the original publication date.   comments powered by Disqus A Portrait of the Enterprise Software User in the Education Industry | Role of In-memory

Empower Your Business with AWS and SAP
Watch this webcast to hear AWS and SAP executives talk about best practices for using their technologies in your business. You will also learn from innovative startups leveraging cloud computing in addition to a venture capital panel discussion on the latest industry trends and the cloud opportunity.

8/13/2010 3:59:00 PM

Top 10 Must-have Business Phone Features
Small Business or enterprise, some phone system features are must-haves. Not all phone systems are made equal. Some phone system features improve efficiency significantly and help prevent losing business due to business inaccessibility. Investing in these phone system features will ensure a competitive edge for any business. Our guide details top 10 phone system features, and explains why they are indispensible.

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1/7/2011 4:19:00 PM

Hosted Business Intelligence for SMBs
Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) encounter many of the same challenges as larger companies in unlocking information from the data they collect, yet they lack cost-effective solutions. Many must choose between expensive business intelligence solutions or complicated homegrown solutions. With many hosted reporting solutions now available, SMBs have an option that may meet their requirements—at a fraction of the cost.

6/18/2007 8:27:00 PM

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