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Tracing Food Quality and Safety, or We Are What We Eat, After All (Part I)
Besides the ongoing (seemingly never-ending) presidential campaign and celebrity scandals/gossip, food safety is very much in the news. Indeed, incidents of

who food safety  can be minimized. But who gets the blame when a food safety incident occurs? All members of the food supply chain are not treated equally. No matter where in the food supply chain an incident occurs, the media attention will be focused on any consumer brand or retailer associated with the problem. Companies who have branded products are especially at risk: the stronger the brand, the more negative the impact. The media will write more about a well-known brand, people will remember the incident longer Read More
Regulatory and Compliance
Regulatory compliance covers the requirements for ensuring products and their associated materials comply with both external and internal rules and regulations. It covers regulatory and requirement...
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Documents related to » who food safety

Dealing with Food Industry Pressures
Small and medium food and beverage companies have the same regulatory requirements as large companies, but with significantly fewer resources with which to

who food safety  all the end users who received shipments; and track lot properties with allowable criteria for each lot. There are other functionalities that support food manufacturing audits and quality assurance concerns without being a direct response to bioterrorism regulation compliance. Those functionalities include automatic quality assurance (QA) of incoming products; various product grades with or without usage or holds; tracking of original country for raw materials; and so on. Additionally, attribute Read More
Managing Business Risk in the Food and Beverage Industry
Midsize food and beverage companies are striving to be more things to more markets, while ensuring consistent customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance

who food safety  in their target markets who look for growth, modernization, and logistics sophistication. To minimize the risk of over-expansion and idle operations, prudent companies have taken measures to ensure that growth is coupled with improvements in process efficiencies, asset productivity, operational flexibility, and highly accurate information. They are investing in automated systems and information management infrastructures to share data electronically, seamlessly integrate vertical operations, and support Read More
Process Manufacturing: Ensuring Food Safety through Active HACCP Management
As a result of publicized food contamination and product recalls, food safety regulations are under increasing scrutiny. Process manufacturers in the food and

who food safety  backed by domain experts who understand the process industry, our solutions allow you to react to changing conditions with the best sourcing options and most profitable product mix. Source: Infor Resources Related to Process Manufacturing: Ensuring Food Safety through Active HACCP Management : Process Manufacturing (Wikipedia) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) (Wikipedia) Process Manufacturing: Ensuring Food Safety through Active HACCP Management Food Safety is also known as : Safe Read More
Case Study: Heinz Frozen Food Co.
Heinz Frozen Food Company was set on improving its manufacturing and maintenance process efficiency, and knew that implementing a new enterprise asset

who food safety  work done by technicians, who don't need to hunt for parts because they're kitted, and in maintenance stores and production. We've also reached world-class levels of maintenance inventory management: 1% of estimated replacement value. On its journey to optimally streamline its manufacturing and maintenance processes toward its production-focused ideal state, Heinz embraces continuous improvement. Time invested in planning with EAM, lean maintenance practices, and a focus on continuous improvement more Read More
Customer: Eastern Food
Eastern Foods, Inc. produces fresh goods for one of the most widely dispersed populations in the world. The leading supplier of salad dressings to airlines

who food safety  Eastern Food Eastern Foods, Inc. produces fresh goods for one of the most widely dispersed populations in the world. The leading supplier of salad dressings to airlines, Amtrak, and the cruise ship industry, Eastern is nationally known for Naturally Fresh dressings as well as premiere meat sauces and dips sold in stores and distributed to the food service industry. The job has never been easy – but it has been made easier in recent years with the implementation of Ross Systems’ iRenaissance Read More
GE Comes to Lunch. Want to Guess Who the Appetizer Will Be?
General Electric announced the effective slicing of its General Electric Information Services company into two new business units to focus on E-commerce. The

who food safety  Lunch. Want to Guess Who the Appetizer Will Be? Event Summary General Electric Information Services (GEIS, a division of General Electric (NYSE: GE),) will become a holding company managing two new business units. GE Systems Services takes over the current infrastructure operations, including data centers, networks, and help desks. The other new company, GE Global Exchange Services, has four divisions that will focus on Internet Data Exchange, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), E-procurement, and Read More
Intentia's Movex for Food and Beverage: Gaining a Foothold in North America Part Three: Observations and User Recommendations
The Movex collaboration application suite includes enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM

who food safety  or for new customers who already made the decision to implement this product, such integration can be a powerful motivator in the selection process. However, because some of these modules are not componentized to readily coexist with third party components, some prospective customers may face an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, at this stage, the only products that Intentia sells successfully on a stand-alone basis are the enterprise asset management (EAM), advanced production planning (APP), and Read More
Who the Heck Needs ROI?
Ten common errors prevent return on investment (ROI) calculations from being used as much or as well as possible. Avoiding intuitive decision making and basing

who food safety  they're doing. For those who do consider ROI, preparing a business case may seem like more formality or effort than they want. There can be controversy about the effectiveness of ROI as it is commonly calculated, and probably the calculations just scare a lot of people. A business case is a written description of the rationale for proposed approaches. Supporting the rationale are calculations showing the financial return, or benefit, relative to the investment cost of achieving the return—adding up to Read More
Here Comes aspenONE Software for Acid Gas Cleaning and Safety Valve Sizing
Aspen Technology, Inc. (a.k.a. AspenTech), a provider of software and services to the process industries, announced the availability of the V8.3 release of the

who food safety  Engineering (BR&E) . Customers who have tested AspenTech’s new capability have reportedly confirmed that this newly introduced solution is easy to use and more accurate in several key areas than the competition. Additionally, AspenTech offers the ability to model the entire system within one product. Both acid gas cleaning and pressure safety valve sizing are included in Aspen HYSYS in a single modeling environment with intuitive workflows. Read More
Who's Who? Sorting Out the e-Logistics Players Part 3: New Solutions
There is a wide range of new 'e-gistics' players emerging to address today’s transportation and logistics challenges, and different solutions will be

who food safety  and individual consumers - who did not previously have the time or resources to manually access the full potential of the marketplace. Now they can use the Internet to more effectively pick and choose what best meets their needs. Sure, you've sold it, but now you have to ship and deliver it. What services and methodologies are available to help shippers meet these e-commerce challenges? Fortune 500 corporations have long employed a variety of approaches to help them gain a competitive advantage in Read More
ERP Selection Series: Requirements for an FDA-regulated Environment
The FDA imposes strict process controls on food and pharmaceutical manufacturers for good reason. Consequences of mistakes are hefty—ranging from costly recalls

who food safety  Selection Series: Requirements for an FDA-regulated Environment The FDA imposes strict process controls on food and pharmaceutical manufacturers for good reason. Consequences of mistakes are hefty—ranging from costly recalls and lawsuits to illness and death. Food and pharmaceutical manufacturers need to keep profitability high while maintaining strict quality-control standards. See how your ERP software can make the difference between process control and business-crippling process instability. Read More
Abandon All Insecurity, Ye Who Enter Here
Commerce One will add Netegrity’s secure portal management solution to its offerings. This will add a wide range of access control mechanisms, personalization

who food safety  All Insecurity, Ye Who Enter Here Abandon All Insecurity, Ye Who Enter Here D. Geller - May 26, 2000 Event Summary Netegrity, Inc. (Nasdaq: NETE) specializes in solutions for secure management of websites. Their flagship product, SiteMinder, is a highly scalable access control system that provides single login over multiple domains and supports a variety of access control mechanisms down to the sub-page level. Commerce One (NASDAQ: CMRC) will bundle SiteMinder into its Commerce One MarketSite Read More

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