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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Infor ION-izes its Open SOA Strategy - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started by analyzing a certain change of the guard and a related product strategy shift at Infor. Two late June 2010 news

using open source qa  all feedback from customers using Infor Open SOA during all limited availability projects. PJ: How is this strategy related to the “Three E (Enrich, Extend, Evolve)” strategy, i.e., complementary, replacing it, or something else? What happens to all of these already developed Evolve components and on-ramps, especially if they are not in the Microsoft technology (e.g., MyDay, BIS, etc.)? Infor: From a strategy perspective Infor will continue to add new functionalities and innovations to its portfolio. Read More...
Anti-Spam Software: An Effective Way to Fight Spam.
Spam is unsolicited junk mail sent to you or your mail server. People who indulge in such activities are called spammers. These are sent by commercial

using open source qa  manage to deliver Spam using a variety of techniques: Subject Line: Subject line of Spam e-mail will start with Re: or Fw: . The Anti-Spam software you have installed will assume that the Spam is a genuine reply to your mail. Such mails are allowed into your mailbox. Images: The whole Spam message is enclosed as an image in the mail. Anti-Spam software will allow the mails thinking it is a genuine mail. Features of Anti-Spam Software The ideal software uses a combination of Filters, that check for Read More...
10 Steps to Better Software Test Automation
Maybe you’re considering software test tools for the first time. Or maybe you have experience but think your existing software test automation process needs

using open source qa  it, on your own, using outside consultants or a test automation company, the basic steps remain the same. Just make sure that whoever is implementing automation for your company is focused on the results that are important. Safe journey! Contact us: Since 2001 qaSignature helped more then 50 software development organizations to implement automaton that works. Please call us today if you would like have an evaluation done on how fast test automation that produces a 200% ROI in the first year can be Read More...
It’s About Process (or The Ability to Be Responsive)
Because business processes are often communicated in an ad hoc and unregulated manner, it can be difficult to standardize processes across organizations

using open source qa  Process | Business Process Using | Business Process Workflow | Business Process Activities | Define Business Process | Company''s Business Process | Business Process Analysis | Business Process Execution Language | Business Process Execution Language Bpel | Change Business Process | Introduction to Business Process | Complex Business Process | Business Process Issues | Worflow Automation Business Process | Generic Business Process | Simplify Business Processes | Major Business Process | Business Process Read More...
The Business Case for Tokenization
Tokenization is a new type of technology that is being used by companies to reduce the risk of losing sensitive data to identity thieves. This paper discusses

using open source qa  for data retrieval. While using tokenization in a customer service environment can''t completely remove the risk of data loss, but it can dramatically reduce the amount of data at risk and help you identify potential problems. Tokenization for Outside Services Many companies send data to outside services for analysis and reporting. For example, many retail companies send their Point-Of-Sale transaction information to analytics service providers for trend and business analysis. The service provider Read More...
Will MS try the
In what may be another attempt to gain some kind of foothold in the handheld and embedded-OS market, rumors are floating that Microsoft will open the source

using open source qa  MS try the Open Source Gambit with WinCE? Why Not - Nothing Else Seems to Work Event Summary Updated 5:20 AM ET March 17, 2000 By John Spooner and Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet News Feeling pressure from Linux in the embedded-device market, Microsoft Corp. is contemplating giving away Windows CE to some developers for free. The company is unlikely to go so far as to try to claim its effort to be Linux-like open source, but it nonetheless seems to be counting on riding the open source movement''s coattails. Read More...
A Case Study and Tutorial in Using IT Knowledge Based Tools Part 1: Decision Support Discussion
In going through a business decision process for complex technology selections, more and more use is being made of technologically driven processes using

using open source qa  Study and Tutorial in Using IT Knowledge Based Tools Part 1: Decision Support Discussion A Case Study and Tutorial in Using IT Knowledge Based Tools Part 1: Decision Support Discussion E. Robins - May 30, 2001 Executive Summary    Most business managers, whether vendors, vendor clients or implementers, are unaware of the fundamental capabilities that knowledge based decision support can provide to minimize project risk for all sides of technology utilization. Given that over 90% of IT projects fail on Read More...
Demand at the Fount of Open Source Part Two: A Primer Based in Demand Trends
Organizations globally, are contributing to increased demand for Free and open source software but vendors may not yet be meeting this demand. This article

using open source qa  license a project is using. Some lists of common FOSS licenses (like the GPL, Mozilla Public License, Apple Public Source License, or the BSD license) are available at the FSF license page or the OSI license page . Offerings Review the services offered by leading companies in the open source operating system space. Novell (SUSE) , Red Hat , and Progeny all emphasize the types of implementation, migration, support, and customization services they offer. Novell points out (at length) processes involved for Read More...
Using Google Analytics to Increase Your Reporting Capabilities
A recent study by Jupiter Research found that e-mail marketers using Web analytics click-stream data to generate targeted e-mail campaigns produce an impressive

using open source qa  found that e-mail marketers using Web analytics click-stream data to generate targeted e-mail campaigns produce an impressive average click-through rate of 14 percent, and a conversion rate of 3.9 percent. Can your business claim numbers this high? If not, find out how you can with Web analytics tools that will help you gain insight on your subscribers’ behaviors while increasing sales. Read More...
Comidor Open Cloud Business Application

using open source qa  Open Cloud Business Application
Why Open Source is Important to You
There are two trends in open source adoption that make it imperative that you consider open source solutions for your future IT initiatives. This article

using open source qa  If you haven''t considered using open source before, now is the time to start. Your partners—and competitors—are implementing open source today. Why not join them? About the Author Bernard Golden is chief executive officer of Navica, a consulting firm offering open source strategy, implementation, and training services. He is the author of Succeeding with Open Source (Addison-Wesley, 2005), as well as the forthcoming Open Source Best Practices . He can be reached at bgolden@navicasoft.com . Read More...
Single Source or Best of Breed - The Debate Continues
This will never be a clear-cut decision - it is all about the trade-offs.

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