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Managing Trees versus Managing Grass
Within the product lifecycle management (PLM) arena, there is a category of solutions with a very specific industry focus: fashion and retail PLM solutions. For

trees biofuel  Trees versus Managing Grass Within the product lifecycle management (PLM) arena, there is a category of solutions with a very specific industry focus: fashion and retail PLM solutions. For example, Lectra calls its solution Fashion PLM ; at PTC, its FlexPLM solution is created for retail, footwear, and apparel; TradeStone Software names  its solution Merchandise Lifecycle Management (MLM)   (instead of PLM) and focuses on helping retailers to design and develop private label merchandise. No Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » trees biofuel

Cost and Pricing Models in Food and Beverage Processing: Seeing the Forest through the Trees
Lost sight of your bottom line? Product pricing not in step with your actual costs? So busy trying to stay on top of cost behavior that you can’t keep your

trees biofuel  the Forest through the Trees Lost sight of your bottom line? Product pricing not in step with your actual costs? So busy trying to stay on top of cost behavior that you can’t keep your costs under control? Cost and pricing models, as part of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, can help you better understand your costs. Put corrective measures into motion before problems occur—and save your food and beverage enterprise time and money. Read More
The Truth about Data Mining
It is now imperative that businesses be prudent. With rising volumes of data, traditional analytical techniques may not be able to discover valuable data

trees biofuel  to group locations. Decision Trees A decision tree is a structure where a branch or a split divides the dataset to partition data distribution. Each split is based on an attribute that causes a significant division in the data. Predictions can be made by applying the new attribute values to the decision tree. Naïve Bayes The Bayes algorithm has a systematic method of learning based on evidence. It combines conditional and unconditional probabilities to calculate the probability of a hypothesis. Read More
Thru-Put Announces Features For New APS Release
Internet collaboration is all the rage and SCM vendors are web enabling client/server-based applications in an effort to retain current customers and entice

trees biofuel  the forest for the trees. This is because promising an order often involves complex considerations that defy representation by a mathematical formula. With these considerations in mind, we view MAPICS' claim at having added industry leading PTP functionality to its new release with cautious skepticism. User Recommendations Users should understand thoroughly how MAPICS' PTP functionality works before allowing it to influence a buying decision. Unless it offers real cost visibility for improving overall Read More
Winning your market - with
Positioning Part 3: Why we should love dumb questionsPart 2 was about the choices to consider when formulating your campaign positioning—now we’ll see why those

trees biofuel  cut down all the trees to make room for roads and easier access for construction. Give it 5 or 10 years and it starts to look like a place you might want to raise your kids. In the meantime, however, it’s reminiscent of those science magazine illustrations of a pock-marked, far away planet. Buyers have to have a strong imagination—or you have to give it to them. They need a strong imagination—or you have to give it to them Driving around in the gravel and mud, a street name catches my eye; Read More
Predictive Analytics; the Future of Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is evolving as it grows in popularity. Within BI, there is a shift from traditional analytics to predictive analytics, and predictive

trees biofuel  it includes clustering, decision trees, market basket analysis, regression modeling, neural nets, genetic algorithms, text mining, hypothesis testing, decision analytics, and more. The core element of predictive analytics is the predictor, a variable that can be measured for an individual or entity to predict future behavior. For example, a credit card company could consider age, income, credit history, other demographics as predictors when issuing a credit card to determine an applicant's risk factor. Read More
Pricing and Revenue Optimization: A Manufacturing Perspective
Pricing and revenue optimization is the process of improving business margins by either increasing unit prices or increasing gross revenues. This type of

trees biofuel  details and employs value-driver trees to align strategic goals with business operations. By leveraging business planning and simulation, performance measurement, business consolidation, and stakeholder relationship management capabilities, strategic pricing can address the full life cycle of profit management. B. Tactical-Level Pricing At the tactical level, developing basic prices (such as list price) and pricing programs that leverage the decisions made in the strategic-planning phase is the Read More
E-procurement: From Brilliant Innovation to Common Cliché
Electronic procurement has moved from a nice idea to a stampede in just a few years. Growing at Internet speed it spawns business models faster than the market

trees biofuel  Eventually, carrying goats and trees around gets too hard, and everyone gets together in a World Trade Organization to invent money. Auctions are clearly big things in the consumer market and are on their way to becoming a major feature of E-commerce. Barter between companies can be difficult since one seldom ever has what the other wishes. But with sufficient trust it is easy to see a form of barter developing in which a digital marketplace manages credits. No money changes hands, which may have Read More
Best Practices in Siebel CRM Performance Management: Monitor, Measure, and Manage the End-user Experience
Many frustrated executives find that despite the fortune spent on managing servers, networks, and applications, there are still complaints about the performance

trees biofuel  the forest and the trees. Knoa EPM delivers results to the entire Siebel support team. Here are some real use case examples submitted by Knoa customers: Knoa Use Case: Performance Management Improve Siebel Application Performance Excessive application response time is one of the most critical performance issues encountered by the users of today's complex mission critical applications. It's also a huge support problem. With Knoa EPM you know the response time that was actually experienced by the end-user Read More
Quote-to-order: The Major Players in the Manufacturing Arena
The latest generation of quote-to-order systems uses knowledge-based software to help reduce an organization’s dependence on its highly skilled experts. The

trees biofuel  that handles constraints, decision trees, pattern matching, configurations, and procedures. Decision engines serve to provide interactive recommendations and advice on the most suitable products, services, and courses of action. They also help users decide on the next task or action in a workflow-based system, based on current events and available data. In addition, they help to configure products, services, and workflows. There is a rapid application development (RAD) environment for the Web, Microsoft Read More
TradeStone Software Presents Bamboo Rose
TradeStone’s merchandise lifecycle management (MLM) platform unifies the design, sourcing, ordering, and delivery of private-label and branded goods, allowing

trees biofuel  November 5, 2009. Managing Trees versus Managing Grass . October 2, 2009. Read More
Business Intelligence Status Report
Spurred by government mandates for more business transparency, business intelligence has emerged to extract information from ERP systems. How has BI emerged

trees biofuel  neural networks and decision trees, look for correlations and patterns that are virtually impossible for mortal humans to detect, and present the information to help management make the right corporate decisions. SAS Institute , the largest pure-play BI vendor (and the largest privately held software company, with $1.5 billion, USD in revenues), has been the leader in this area. It has been able to learn from the past, manage the present, and predict the future, and makes that intelligence available to Read More
Using Management Software to Tackle Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Which Scope Are You Talking About?
“Clearly there will be winners and losers in the transition to a low-carbon economy, and investors should be concerned about companies who are not able to

trees biofuel  Real Estate Environmental Sustainability (TREES) . Scope 3: Other indirect GHG emissions “Other indirect emissions that you cause but that are not from emission sources that you own, e.g. emissions from your supply chain or from business travel on commercial airlines.” 4 Although scope 3 is optional, a substantial portion of companies reported their scope 3 emissions in the past two years’ CDP reports (CDP5 and CDP6). The landscape of scope 3 emissions is more complicated than those of the other Read More

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