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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Innovation and Change in Human Resources
Learning Review''s Veronica Inoue interviewed two representatives of the Interamerican Federation of Human Resource Management Associations (Federación

transformation de materiaux  the engine behind the transformation process that Latin America has to experience. In Latin America, we all speak the same language—in general—but there are many differences in education, criteria, politics, strategic vision, and direction. The domain of HR in this region of the world is living this debate, which is also reflected in our federation. While we ask ourselves, “What does FIDAGH do for me?” others are asking, “Where should we go from here? What should we do with the HR people and peo Read More...
6 Specialists, 6 Industry Domains: Trends for 2008 and 2009
In a survey on upcoming trends in employee management, the Learning Review asked six experts in six major industry domains one simple question: what do you

transformation de materiaux  work of HR) with transformation (change, strategic, and long-term work). These are often seen as two different types of operations. The operations require efficiency through technology; the strategic requires transformation through alignment and integration. Finally, we have found that HR professionals must have competencies to manage both people and business. Our study of over 10,000 people shows clearly the benchmark competencies required of HR professionals for the future (see http://www.rbl.net/ ). Hu Read More...
Informatica Morphs into Enterprise Decision Support Vendor
Informatica Corporation, long an established vendor in the Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) market space, has morphed themselves into a vendor of solutions for the

transformation de materiaux  allow the extraction and transformation of data into data marts. PowerCenter is an extension of the same principle, and now provides for a global metadata repository, multiple engines, and centralized monitoring of processes. With the acquisition of Influence Software for business analytics and the release of PowerCenter.e, they are moving strongly into the eBusiness market, including enterprise resource planning and extended supply chain access. With the addition of support for MQSeries and XML in the Po Read More...
Epicor 9: Delivering What Oracle and Others Are Yet to Achieve? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Epicor 9 (a.k.a., Epicor ERP [evaluate this product]), Epicor Software’s next-generation converged product suite. A similar

transformation de materiaux  Connect has a comprehensive data transformation  capability where users can map the fields in one data entity to another and transform it (i.e., truncate , append , calculate, lookup, etc.) as needed. On the Service Connect design canvas, users can drag and drop  elements and tie them together in a workflow, including application parts, decision points, and human intervention, if desired. Dear readers, what are your views, comments, and opinions about Epicor’s lofty strategy? If you are an existing u Read More...
Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Three: Strategy Shifts
Oracle has long moved in the direction of blurring the line between applications and infrastructure. It has leveraged the system of record elements in

transformation de materiaux  adapters, data translation and transformation, business process integration, and BAM as part of the package. Focused Acquisitions Some of the above functional nuggets have come from a number of focused acquisitions of smaller companies. Oracle''s buying spree of analytic application and e-commerce companies in the late 1990s, such as the former One Meaning metadata management provider, Thinking Machines data mining tool, Carleton ETL tool, (see Oracle Buys Carleton Corporation to Enhance Warehouse Read More...
The People Factor: Accelerating Supply Chain Transformation Through Education
This article summarizes the findings from a study of why customers failed to attain the full value potential of their SCM projects. Most SCM projects continue

transformation de materiaux  Factor: Accelerating Supply Chain Transformation Through Education Introduction In software implementations, we constantly talk about need to balance people, process, and technology . Yet, to date, most SCM projects continue to focus much of their energy on technology implementations and simply pay lip service to end-user training and executive alignment. We are now a decade into the technology-enabled supply chain journey, and the lessons learned thus far dictate that this attitude must and will change Read More...
Case Study: Sant Joan de Déu Hospital Receives Best Employee Portal Award Thanks to Polymita
Sant Joan de Déu Hospital is one of the most important hospitals in Spain, and specializes in pediatrics and women’s medicine. Because of its status, it needed

transformation de materiaux  
De-duplication Minimizes Replication Bandwidth and Storage Requirements
A data de-duplication application can be an integral part of your data protection and data replication software. De-duplication technology can dramatically

transformation de materiaux  
TECNA & Meta4 PeopleNet
Tecna es una empresa de Ingeniería con 30 años en el mercado del gas y el petróleo, que ha tenido un crecimiento exponencial que generó la necesidad de contar

transformation de materiaux  
Módulo | Punto de venta
Cada módulo cuenta con múltiples funcionalidades que facilitan la operación de los procesos lo que permite su adecuado control y administración. Entre los

transformation de materiaux  
Finance Transformation and Routine Accounting: Enabling the Corporate Controller’s Role as a Strategic Contributor
The first role of the corporate controller has been to ensure corporate financial controls and@as a distant second@make strategic business contributions. But

transformation de materiaux  Transformation and Routine Accounting: Enabling the Corporate Controller’s Role as a Strategic Contributor Today''s finance and accounting requirements for businesses represent a quantum leap in complexity from what was required even 10 years ago. For growing companies and nonprofit organizations, the high-quality accounting and financial expertise that they require are often beyond their means. Source : Corefino Resources Related to Finance Transformation and Routine Accounting: Enabling the Read More...
INTEREM es una empresa mexicana cuyo objetivo es apoyar a sus clientes integrando soluciones de valor, que permitan aumentar la productividad a través de la

transformation de materiaux  
Les cas clients Antidot: Une nouvelle approche de la gestion des compétences

transformation de materiaux  Information Factory,AIF,Antidot Finder Suite,AFS,Antidot,systèmes d’information des entreprises,données,Web de données,linked data,linked enterprise data,LED,recherche Read More...
The Transformation CFO: Integrative SaaS and the Power to Change
Integrative software as a service (SaaS) business systems are a way of transforming your finance operations. SaaS can position finance as the nexus of

transformation de materiaux  Transformation CFO: Integrative SaaS and the Power to Change Integrative software as a service (SaaS) business systems are a way of transforming your finance operations. SaaS can position finance as the nexus of standardized, real-time information. Finance executives should investigate SaaS solutions and providers, so that finance and IT can work together to enable a cost-effective transformation of finance to a stronger leadership role and improve finance’s value to your company. Read More...

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