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Take Revenue Assurance to the Next Level
At a time when many companies are concerned about operational expenditure, a business assurance system with consultancy can help. Instead of randomly entering a

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Point of Sale (POS) Systems
A point of sale (POS) system helps retailers automate transactions. POS solutions are used in retail stores where sales associates must enter sales, refunds, layaways, transfers, etc. TEC's ...
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Documents related to » transaction assurance

The Future for an E-sourcing Solutions Builder
TradeStone will introduce several planning capabilities that bind existing sourcing and order execution functionality, and featuring significant enhancements to

transaction assurance  changes made to any transaction by anyone within the supply chain, a critical feature when demonstrating compliance with regulations such as the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or BASEL II (a set of banking industry recommendations by influential banking representatives from the thirteen countries of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision). Security : In order to fit easily into existing corporate security policies, this enhancement features many security enhancements, including hierarchical permission Read More
Progress Software Rounds Out its RPM Offering with Corticon Buy
Progress Software (NASDAQ: PRGS), a software solutions and platforms provider that enables enterprises to be operationally responsive, is ending 2011 on quite a

transaction assurance  from Apama , Business Transaction Assurance (BTA) from Actional , and Business Analytics through the Progress Control Tower (PCT) product. The Progress Corticon BRMS offering will enhance automated business decision making for all enterprises. Too Many Rule Engines under One Roof? At first glance I was a bit puzzled, in light of the fact that both Savvion and Apama had accompanying rule engines. Savvion has rules capabilities based on the  open source Drools BRMS  and is not as feature-rich as Read More
Will A Big Fish's Splash Cause Minnows' Flush Out Of The CRM Pond?
While Microsoft’s zeal to deliver a market-ready CRM product may speak to the CRM market’s attractiveness, Applix’ exit may, on the other hand, indicate that

transaction assurance  On one hand, the transaction should supposedly allow Applix to focus all of its resources on its recently reestablished core business in the reportedly rapidly growing Business Performance Management (BPM) market, while; on the other hand, it should enable Platinum Equity to immediately increase its presence and customer base in the CRM market. Applix's iCRM suite is a web-based collaborative solution that optimizes and integrates local and disparate operations for marketing, sales, customer service, Read More
EAI - The 'Crazy Glue' of Business Applications
When companies create or change trading relationships or when they swap out business application systems, information systems professionals are required to

transaction assurance  (Transport), and create new transaction interconnections with assured process integrity (Workflow). With a full complement of Adapters, the appropriate set of Transformation Capabilities, versatile communications Transport and flexible Workflow capabilities, heterogeneous applications, platforms and network configurations cease to be impediments. EAI tools promise seamless and flexible interconnection with low overhead. Apparent Capabilities versus Vital Capabilities TEC has examined a number of recent Read More
Transaction Based Pricing in BPO
Increased maturity in business process outsourcing (BPO) has led to the emergence of transaction-based pricing and outcome-based pricing models, which can

transaction assurance  Based Pricing in BPO Increased maturity in business process outsourcing (BPO) has led to the emergence of transaction-based pricing and outcome-based pricing models, which can provide broader business value to customers. This white paper focuses on the transaction-based pricing model for BPO services, its suitability in meeting present-day BPO objectives, and its superiority over the traditional full-time-equivalent (FTE)-based pricing model. Read More
Long Lifecycle Supply Assurance: Ensuring Perpetual Supply of Complex Systems
For manufacturers of long lifecycle products, the challenge of ensuring perpetual supply is complicated by the prospect of unpredictable supplier turnover and

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QAD Enterprise Applications: Transportation Management Systems Competitor Analysis Report
Transportation management systems should provide the basic components of a shared information system to support collaboration, rates, routes, roles, transaction

transaction assurance  collaboration, rates, routes, roles, transaction sets, documents, and information exchanged to facilitate the booking, execution, and settlement of transportation movements. Read More
Are ERP Software Vendors Messing with Your Head? (The Fine Art of Interpreting White Papers)
(Scroll down for my list of Top 10 ERP White Paper Buzzwords!)I first published a version of this post a few years ago. Sad to say, not much has changed

transaction assurance   Read More
7 Steps to a Successful IP Telephony Implementation
Enterprises of all sizes are adopting Internet protocol (IP) telephony for cost savings and productivity gains—but high quality voice service takes more than

transaction assurance  also generate actual client transactions against production servers, including communicating with IP PBX servers. By performing a pre-deployment network assessment, organizations gain an end-user perspective of network behavior. NetAlly's Web-based agents allow almost immediate performance testing to the user's desktop without the time, expense and security concerns of deploying physical resources or installing client software. The initial results of a network assessment are delivered in minutes, Read More
IBM Continues RS/6000 Performance Focus
IBM has just released benchmark results for its mid-range Unix server, the RS/6000 M80, showing it to be a top performer in transaction processing and Web serving.

transaction assurance  today set a new transaction processing record for midrange servers, outperforming bigger and more expensive systems from Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems. Following the lead of its computing cousin - the record-breaking RS/6000 S80 - the copper-infused M80 now holds the leadership position for midrange servers on four separate performance benchmarks crucial to e-business: Java performance, Web serving, file-serving and transaction processing. We set out to build a midrange UNIX server that would Read More

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