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Energizing Utilities for the Economic Stimulus Plan: Strategies for Greater Efficiency and Sustainability
For years, utilities have seen a growing need to enable a smarter electric grid, promote cleaner power sources, and replace aging structures. These issues came

sustainability homes  Smart-growth projects that include sustainability metrics for urban development Green building and infrastructure design Energy efficiency in homes and commercial buildings. Household carbonemission calculators, for example, enable consumers to estimate their carbon emissions. In addition, these devices can provide recommendations on how to reduce emission totals. Businesses can take a proactive approach as well. Many companies now actively participate in international committees working on global Read More

PLM for the Fashion Industry
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Fashion is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of this industry in order to help fa...
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Documents related to » sustainability homes

Vendors Jostle and Profess Economic Stimulus Readiness - Part III
Part I of this series analyzed the opportunity as well as the related attached strings stemming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA

sustainability homes  and common transportation systems. Sustainability offers a promise of worldwide market growth based on a nearly doubling percentage of construction firms that will be largely dedicated to the “green” approach (on approximately two thirds of projects) from about 30 percent in 2008 to about 55 percent in 2013. These projections are quite higher for Europe and Asia, with about 70 percent of construction firms expected to be green (environmental) technology  proponents by 2013. While the US market is Read More
Five Ways to Positively Impact Customer Retention and Business Operations
Maintaining strong business performance and retaining loyal customers requires continual vigilance and assessment. Establishing metrics that focus on value

sustainability homes  impending regulation. Incorporate asset sustainability alert management capabilities to monitor how equipment is functioning against established KPIs with notification of issues to prevent equipment failure. Include preventative maintenance and action management capabilities to determine the appropriate action needed to address an identified anomaly or event. Use asset sustainability planning tools to facilitate design changes in asset infrastructure to reduce energy consumption, lower emissions, and Read More
IFS Joins the Corporate Social Responsibility Fray
While day 1 of the IFS World Conference 2012 in Gothenburg, Sweden was mostly about mobility, day 2 expanded into some other interesting themes and topics. IFS

sustainability homes  belittle CSR and green (sustainability) initiatives as mere tree-hugging, CSR is a wide-ranging concept that has the potential to impact IFS customers’ businesses. In addition to saving the planet and creating the perception of being a responsible corporate citizen (with both its tangible and intangible benefits), smart companies view CSR as an opportunity to improve their business processes and competitiveness. After all, some regulations will never be repealed. And what if, say, a US company that Read More
CAD-centric PLM, ERP-centric PLM, and Organic PLM: What's Right for You? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series started with the assertion that product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are becoming increasingly important to enterprises in a

sustainability homes  as well as from sustainability and  governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)  enhancements from its Oracle ERP brethren. On the downside, the product has limited digital manufacturing and product simulation capabilities, as it was originally designed to support outsourced manufacturing (and not really the in-house manufacturing of complex products). The Oracle ownership brings both positive and negative aspects. Only time will tell whether the need to support Oracle's applications and infrastructure will Read More
How to Create a Business Case for Your Human Resources System
Getting CFO or CEO approval to purchase a new software system is often a challenge—but more so if that system is for human resources (HR), as HR is not

sustainability homes  Business Case Competition , Sustainability Business Case , Strong Business Case , Massive Business Case , Overwhelming Business Case . Often times when HR requires an investment it is put on the back shelf because HR is not considered a profit center. Don’t let that discourage you from going after a new HR system. When looking to purchase a new software System, you should go to your CFO or CEO with a business case in hand. In order to get the HR, payroll, training or recruiting system you are looking Read More
Growing Your Brand in Challenging Times
Find out in Growing Brand Value in Challenging Times.

sustainability homes  protecting your brands through sustainability and regulatory compliance You’ll even get a list of essential steps to take now. Find out how to grow your brand in a demanding, competitive marketplace. Download your PDF copy of Growing Brand Value in Challenging Times today . For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 514-954-3665, ext.367. Special Offer Files 2010 Read More
Green Server Design: Beyond Operational Energy to Sustainability
“Green” server and datacenter design requires a focus on environmental sustainability. Prior studies have focused on operational energy consumption as a proxy

sustainability homes  Beyond Operational Energy to Sustainability “Green” server and datacenter design requires a focus on environmental sustainability. Prior studies have focused on operational energy consumption as a proxy for sustainability, but this metric only captures part of the environmental impact. Understanding the total impact requires examining the entire lifecycle of the system, beyond operational energy, to also include material use and manufacturing. See how one methodology can do that. Read More
What Is Sustainable Innovation?
A recent press release from Dassault Systèmes about its newly signed strategic relationship with BMW in the area of sustainable innovation caught my attention

sustainability homes  Result-orientation: Innovating Toward Sustainability First of all, innovations should be measured by the results that they generate. Besides bringing in more direct financial rewards through innovation, for-profit organizations should also measure the impact that innovations make to sustainability. Innovative efforts to increase sustainability may not directly contribute to profitability in a short-term view, but they are essential in order to keep companies competitive and seek future growth. Read More
GXS Acquires HAHT Commerce or More Synchronized Retail B2B Data Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations.
With the acquisition of HAHT, GXS is making a play to build out its complementary software offerings_-in particular, its product information management (PIM

sustainability homes  about the advantages and sustainability of partner relationship management (PRM) applications. Designed to help manufacturers reach end users served by an intermediary, PRM software lets OEMs grasp feedback from end customers, while also supporting commerce and interactions with distributors. The natural question then is why only a few software vendors specializing in PRM, which is also known as channel management, demand chain management (DCM), or channel relationship management (ChRM), have thrived? Read More
Oil and Gas
Oil and gas companies@whether upstream, downstream, or mid-stream@face a wide range of industry-specific challenges, including new and evolving government

sustainability homes  (or mature) fields and sustainability. Read More
Taking a Lesson from Big-box Retailers: The World's Distribution Pros
The proliferation of “big box” retail outlets across the suburban landscape has been part of the retail environment for more than a decade. As population target

sustainability homes  of an overall green sustainability effort this can counter unfavorable media coverage of big box retailers. d) Warehouse Management Systems Through the use of other technology based tools such as WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) which have enabled retailer’s efficiencies in order fulfillment and replenishment, and in effective use of inventory movement and storage space within the retail location. This results in efficiencies in minimizing order backlogs and developing audit trails in the even of Read More
Palm IPO: 3Com’s morning after, or “Do you know the way to San Jose?”
What does 3Com do now that Palm, Inc. is gone? Find someone else in the neighborhood to play with. Cisco is just next door.

sustainability homes  palm,palm pre,palms,ipo,palm treo,treo palm,the palm,palm centro,palm pda,palm tungsten,palm os,palm tx,palm software,palm free,palm handheld Read More
Harnessing IT to Boost Sustainability-and Profit
While technology has improved quality of life, it has also contributed to global environmental imbalance, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions

sustainability homes  IT to Boost Sustainability-and Profit While technology has improved quality of life, it has also contributed to global environmental imbalance, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. However, technology, combined with smart policy, can significantly reduce the emissions responsible for climate change. Learn where IT has high-impact potential to reduce carbon emissions while boosting profitability—and how you can use IT to “green” your practices for larger-scale benefits. Read More
Open letter to companies planning on using Social CRM
If you have decided to use social customer relationship management (SCRM) to sell your products or services, you should be ready to adapt to what your customers

sustainability homes  encourage green initiatives and sustainability, by sharing ideas and promoting people and organizations that contribute to the general welfare of all. Encourage co-opetition and fair trade, and demonstrate that you build your reputation on honest hard work. As you can see, my definition of SCRM is: social media + CRM + common sense. I will be describing the points mentioned above in future blog posts, with examples of how I see each one of them put into practice. What about the others? The millions of Read More

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