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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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i2 Buys RightWorks, Deals Blow To Ariba, Manugistics
i2 buys e-procurement vendor RightWorks as it and old supply chain rival Manugistics increasingly find themselves fending off new challengers. Shared adversity

straw  move as the last straw for i2''s stormy partnership with Ariba . Although i2 will honor 15 or so existing joint contracts and will continue selling the integrated solution to clients on demand, it readily concedes that the alliance begun amid much fanfare just a year ago is over. The IBM portion of the relationship remains intact, but its relevance is diminished considerably by the departure of Ariba. The RightWorks acquisition is part of a new consolidation push among SCM vendors and new entrants to the Read More
ERP Vendor to Client:
The backstory: a lawsuit filed in 2008 by Alabama pet food maker Sunshine Mills over a Ross Systems ERP implementation.Fast-forward to December 3, 2010

straw  utter nonsense, and a straw man fallacy to boot. You want economic growth? Then get your shit together, and stop, for example, calling customers clueless and incompetent fools. It is completely disingenuous to appeal a verdict in the forum of public opinion by arguing that said verdict is damaging to the economy. But then again, I get the feeling that these press releases are targeting shareholders rather than public opinion, which is why they say nothing of substance. This, in turn, leads me to believe Read More
ROI: Are You Ready to Walk The Walk?
ROI marketing is just starting to become mainstream. ROI selling is already out there, further advanced in adoption because of its perceived relevance to the

straw  the project. Create a straw man value proposition, map benefits to economic needs, and determine unknowns. Sketch out preliminary ROI calculations for each benefit. Conduct interviews (existing and potential customers, sales force, etc.), validate or evolve a value proposition. Test the economic impact of your product. Review research findings and recommendations. Create the ROI sales tool. Conduct customer validation focus group. Make final tweaks to the ROI sales tool; test with sales representatives Read More

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