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Infor vs. JD Edwards vs. Lawson vs. SAP vs. SSI
Infor vs. JD Edwards vs. Lawson vs. SAP vs. SSI
Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as Infor vs. JD Edwards vs. Lawson vs. SAP and SSI.

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Chemical Industry ERP Showdown:Infor vs. JD Edwards vs. Lawson vs. SAP vs. SSI
Today’s Showdown is based on an industry-specific case study. Five enterprise resource planning vendors were selected for the evaluation. All the results were based on the latest request for information (RFI) supplied to us by the vendors, and all priorities were assigned by the client.

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Impressive Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Gets A Little Help From Its Friends
Despite impressive product depth and breadth (for instance, customer relationship management [CRM], workflow, traceability, and quality management are provided natively), Strategic Systems International (SSI) has longstanding partnerships with several best-of-breed specialists.

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A Focused Web-based Solution for Chemicals, Drugs, and Mill-based Industries
SSI shows deep understanding of the requirements for chemical, drug, and mill-based industries. Consequently, it has developed such must-have capabilities as potency controls, container movements, top-down and bottom-up traceability, and controls for customs and excise, shelf life, and location validation.

SSI: Strategic Systems International, SSI, ERP, enterprise resource planning, TROPOS, chemicals industry, mill-based industry, drug manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, regulatory compliance, hazards management, advanced planning and scheduling, APS.

Vendor Defends Its Strongholds with Focused Enterprise Resource Planning Solution
Strategic Systems International (SSI) needs no special introduction to British process industries (such as consumer products manufacturers and whisky distillers), but it largely remains a well-kept secret elsewhere.

SSI: Strategic Systems International, SSI, ERP, enterprise resource planning, TROPOS, extended ERP, open architecture, consumer packaged goods, CPG, fast-moving consumer goods, FCMG, process manufacturing.

Rapidly Consolidating Enterprise Applications Market: The Worlds of Organic Growers and Aggressive Consolidators
What types of vendors' approaches to the mid-market have emerged from the wave of mergers and consolidations and what characteristics ultimately distinguish the contenders from the pretenders are two questions that are emerging from the consolidation market.

SSI: consolidation, mid-market, enterprise software, applications.

Will Glovia Glow Again Through Its Hub And VARs?
While Glovia continues its revamping as a holistic B2B e-business provider for manufacturers and service companies beyond core ERP, its ongoing management reshuffling, its fledgling channel and traction for multiple products will be challenges to be tamed.


Emptoris: Powered Up to Empower Global 2000 Users
TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic reviews the functional and strategic details that make Emptoris solutions for spend analysis, supplier lifecycle management, and services procurement successful. Since its founding in 1999, Emptoris has evolved into a world leader in strategic supply, category spend, and enterprise contract management solutions, and was recently acquired by IBM. TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic takes a close-up look at the functionality—and at telecom expense management (TEM) in particular—that makes Emptoris solutions a success among Forbes Global 2000 companies.

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1/10/2012 2:26:00 PM

Best-of-breed Approach to Finance and Accounting
CODA's savvy accounting and financial offerings include budgeting, forecasting, scorecards, and tools that use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets collaboratively and securely. However, CODA must defend its narrow specialist and best-of-breed approach against larger-scale integrated enterprise system offerings.

SSI: CODA Group, finance management, merger, acquisition, budgeting, scorecards, business intelligence, collaborative solutions, alliances, best-of-breed.

TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 6) » The TEC Blog

SSI: food & beverage, process manufacturing, Software Selection, TurtleSpice ERP, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

SAP for the Chemicals Industry: Challenges and User Recommendations
Using the SAP ERP Chemicals Packaged Solution may represent a significant advantage—but only if SAP is the right enterprise resource planning system for the prospective user company, and if the prepackaged business processes are a suitable fit.

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The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA GlobalPart Five: Merger Impact and Challenges
Like previous SSA Global's acquisitions, this merger too seems aimed at enlarging the existing customer base, market share, and, more importantly, the predictably recurring support revenue and consequently larger R&D pool.

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