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glovia G2 Is Now TEC Certified for ERP for Discrete Manufacturing
I am pleased to announce that Glovia International’s G2 enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is now TEC Certified and available for online evaluation of

spreadsheet manipulation  feel of a common spreadsheet; key transaction data (such as a sales order, invoice, employee, and purchase order) is displayed to the user as a scrollable list. When a user is on a particular record in the grid, he/she simply right clicks on the record to go into the detailed transaction screen. The system is currently being shipped with some 40 precreated grids. The grids help significantly increase user productivity and can reduce end-user training requirements. An example of a grid screen for Read More

Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » spreadsheet manipulation

The Automotive OEMs Might Soon Contract “BRAIN” Damage Part I
While BRAIN North America may have created a notable customer base due to its products’ functional appropriateness for the lower tiers of the automotive

spreadsheet manipulation  in XML, HTML, and spreadsheet formats, as well as communicate performance issues and payments. The supplier can also download release data into a spreadsheet for manipulation. With SupplyWEB Enterprise, suppliers can log-on via the web for access to suppliers' latest inventory levels, allowing for supplier-managed inventory (SMI). Suppliers can view releases and purchase orders, view and respond to quality and delivery performance issues like Delivery Performance Reviews (DPRs) and Production Parts Read More
Financial Analysis Clears the “Profit Haze”
Designed to be agile and dependable, financial analysis solutions can bring clarity to the reasons behind your company’s growth, and help steer you toward

spreadsheet manipulation  say, based on a spreadsheet paradigm. This way, users waste no time in transitioning to the new system, which reduces time-to-value and ensures high adoption rates. A Unified View The ideal solution must enable the business to create a common definition of financial measures such as revenue and cost across the organization, so that you can compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. It must also make users aware of the impact their decisions have on other business areas. The solution must also Read More
Maintenance Scheduling 101
Many organizations have tried to address their maintenance scheduling woes by introducing new and sometimes very advanced technologies. The reality is that

spreadsheet manipulation  using a simple excel spreadsheet and forwards it to the scheduler. Craftsman carries out the assigned work and communicates the results, as well as any discrepancies in planning or scheduling of the work, back to Maintenance for further analysis. Storeroom Personnel notify Maintenance of the receipt of goods and any deviation from the expected standards, such as damaged packaging. This affords Maintenance an opportunity to job stage and inspect the material prior to executing the work order and then Read More
Your Guide to Enterprise Software Selection: Part One
Enterprise software selection is a risky undertaking for any organization. Find out how you can reduce the risk with a best-practice approach to assessment

spreadsheet manipulation  analyses based on rudimentary spreadsheet comparisons. This is a sure recipe for failure, as demonstrated by the horror stories published continually in trade magazines and the press. We'll describe a best-practice approach to the assessment, evaluation, and selection of software—and show you how you can reduce the time and cost involved in objectively choosing the right solution. There are three main phases within Technology Evaluation Centers ' ( TEC 's) software assessment, evaluation, and selection Read More
Are Sales Incentives Even In Tune With the Corporate Strategy?
With sales being the lifeblood of virtually any company, selling should be an accurately accountable process forming the basis of overall strategic objectives

spreadsheet manipulation  through a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and Microsoft Access database combination (Excel being the front end, and the Access database occasionally representing the backbone). To be fair, for companies with small sales forces, low transaction volumes, and straightforward sales plans (where IT departments can handle the workload without impeding the company's capability to introduce new products to market, or without hampering the sales force's ability to sell those products and stay motivated while doing Read More
Beware Supply Chain Excel Users (You Are Doomed!)
Last week, I attended a supply chain management (SCM) user conference in Florida.The main objective of the user conference was to help users learn and share

spreadsheet manipulation  for the supplier. Excel spreadsheet are missing the link between the supplier performance versus the cost of business objectives, on time delivery, and a company’s strategic objectives. Keep in mind that when an organization is sourcing or purchasing either raw material or office supplies, they always need to be within the spending budget. Excel will not tell the buyer what they had spent before and what outstanding spending budget is remaining. It’s important to stop and think if the payments to the Read More
Software Evaluation and Software Selection
Organizations are surrounded by ambiguity when making their implementation decisions. Accurate and relevant criteria that are properly weighed against an

spreadsheet manipulation  the best efforts of spreadsheet designers, the choice between providing flexibility and ease-of-use to evaluators and clients while maintaining integrity by protecting fields can lead to risky trade-offs in spreadsheet design. Spreadsheets can neither be easily adjusted nor effectively analyzed to give reasonable results. Spreadsheets are also notorious for propagating calculation errors: formulae used to measure criteria are often hidden, causing errors when cells are moved or when fields are Read More
Infor ION Business Intelligence
Infor ION BI solutions build on the universally familiar spreadsheet interface to streamline and accelerate the process of gathering, analyzing, and

spreadsheet manipulation  on the universally familiar spreadsheet interface to streamline and accelerate the process of gathering, analyzing, and reporting critical decision making information. By enhancing and improving the tools managers already use every day, Infor Infor ION BI simplifies complex choices and improves your company's ability to make effective plans and communicate those plans to everyone who needs to be included. Each solution includes powerful, specific features for getting better results. Read More
Redefining the Tools of Engagement: Integrated Business Planning
Over 80 percent of consultants in service organizations consider spreadsheet-based business plan modeling inadequate. Weak client–partner relationships reflect

spreadsheet manipulation  in service organizations consider spreadsheet-based business plan modeling inadequate. Weak client–partner relationships reflect this inadequacy. An integrated business planning and modeling platform can provide deeper insight into a range of strategic and operational issues. Find out how this can result in enhanced decision making and optimized long-term client engagement and satisfaction. Read More
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision
This is a reprint of the summary chapter from the book Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision by Dr. Scott Hamilton.

spreadsheet manipulation  supports export/import for exchanging spreadsheet data. Customizing via Additional Fields. New fields can be added to tables with immediate visibility in list format windows and availability for customizing card formats and reports. The object-oriented design also supports more complex customizations. Numerous case studies throughout the book illustrated some of these customizations. Design Factors Shaping System Usage in Distribution Environments Major factors shaping system usage include item Read More
TIBCO Delivers Spotfire 6.0
At the recent TUCON 2013 conference, TIBCO Software Inc. announced the latest version of its data discovery and visualization platform, TIBCO Spotfire 6.0. The

spreadsheet manipulation  residing in a simple spreadsheet or dashboard, a database, or a predefined analytic application. Event-Driven and Location-Based Analytics Another major part of the new version of Spotfire is the addition of Event Analytics , which allows users to identify new trends and outliers through continuous process monitoring. For example, with automated manufacturing yield analysis, users can analyze manufacturing data in Spotfire, deploy a model which compares live data to models of good behavior, and when Read More
Intellicus Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights Platform: Business Intelligence (BI) Competitor Analysis Report
This business intelligence (BI) knowledge base covers a full range of BI functionality. BI applications enable real time, interactive access, analysis, and

spreadsheet manipulation  Enterprise Reporting and Business Insights Platform: Business Intelligence (BI) Competitor Analysis Report This business intelligence (BI) knowledge base covers a full range of BI functionality. BI applications enable real time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. BI users are able to access and leverage vast amounts of information to analyze relationships and understand trends that support business decisions. This knowledge base covers Read More
Aero Stanrew Selects Epicor ERP
Aero Stanrew Ltd, designer and manufacturer of electromagnetic components and electronic systems for aerospace, defense, and oil and gas markets across the

spreadsheet manipulation  and a number of spreadsheet applications and discrete databases. The company’s goal in selecting a new system was to consolidate these functions into a complete quote-to-cash business-wide package with advanced planning and scheduling (APS) that could support the company’s continued growth.   In a due diligence process, the company put all the major ERP solution providers through their paces before selecting Epicor ERP for its breadth of functionality out of the box, the minimum amount of Read More
Deltek Announces RiskBook, A Collaborative Cloud-based Risk Management Solution
Deltek announces RiskBook, a new collaborative risk management solution that promises to eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone processes that plague

spreadsheet manipulation  often collected into a spreadsheet by a project manager who requests feedback from individual team members via e-mail, and then the risks must be rolled up into a project overall plan. Each stage of this process leads to delays, inaccuracies, or worse failure to collect the information from the key project team members. RiskBook eliminates the manual processes that can be incredibly time-consuming—making it easier for experts to weigh in on cost and schedule risks and ultimately increase forecast Read More

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