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PeopleSoft Joins The Hunt For SMEs
There has been significant hubbub in the mid-market, with all Tier 1 players delivering solutions tailored for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). PeopleSoft joins the fray with its recent announcements.

SMES: Joins The Hunt For SMEs PeopleSoft Joins The Hunt For SMEs P.J. Jakovljevic - February 1, 2001 Read Comments P.J. Jakovljevic - February 1, 2001 Event Summary On January 8, PeopleSoft Inc . (NASDAQ: PSFT), one of the leading business applications providers, announced PeopleSoft 8 Accelerated Enterprise , one of the first turnkey solutions that combines Internet-based applications, rapid implementation services, training, and financing for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) ranging from start-ups to

Made2Manage Systems, Inc.: M2M From A2Z For SMEs?
Made2Manage, grasping the requirements of its SME target market, has been completing its evolution from a vendor of traditional MRP software to a provider of holistic business applications, including integrated front office, back office, business intelligence and e-business capabilities. However, the company’s future is not without significant challenges.

SMES: M2M From A2Z For SMEs? Made2Manage Systems, Inc.: M2M From A2Z For SMEs? P.J. Jakovljevic - January 4, 2001 Read Comments P.J. Jakovljevic - January 4, 2001 Vendor Summary Made2Manage Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: MTMS) is a provider of enterprise-wide software solutions for small and midsize discrete manufacturing operations. Founded in 1986 with headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, USA, Made2Manage generated $31.1 million in revenue in fiscal 1999. Approximately 56% of the company s sales come from consulting,

Symix Sytems: Shifting SME s Focus to Their Customers
Symix is regarded as the originator of the extended ERP concept (CSRP), which has proven to be so attractive to mid-market enterprises that two other leading mid-market vendors entered into specific R&D and licensing agreements with Symix to gain access to its SyteAPS. Despite a highly competitive environment, we predict that Symix Systems will reach $250 million in revenues within the next 3 years, based on attractiveness of its product for discrete manufacturing and distribution within Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME).

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Microsoft Throws .NET At SMEs, With CRM As Bait
While Microsoft might be honest today with its claims of staying away from the true enterprise-level CRM applications space, no one can be sure that its appetite will remain in check for very long.

SMES: Microsoft Throws .NET At SMEs, With CRM As Bait Microsoft Throws .NET At SMEs, With CRM As Bait P.J. Jakovljevic - March 8, 2002 Read Comments Event Summary On February 26, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) announced it would deliver Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (MS CRM) , the first Microsoft business solution built on its .NET platform later this year, possibly as early as October. The move is Microsoft s latest aim at the business application market for small enterprises, a market it

Will A Big Fish s Splash Cause Minnows Flush Out Of The CRM Pond?
While Microsoft’s zeal to deliver a market-ready CRM product may speak to the CRM market’s attractiveness, Applix’ exit may, on the other hand, indicate that the niche CRM vendors without a clear differentiating value proposition have not much to look for there in the long run.

SMES: CRM among conservative manufacturing SMEs that have so far been dismissive of either over-functional, too rigid and highly priced products on one side, or of inadequate inexpensive products on the other hand. Therefore, an affordable, straightforward out-of-the-box application with minimal implementation risk and innate integration to Outlook, web browsers, and Microsoft Exchange server will likely strike a chord with this market segment. Another notable feature would be . NET SmartTag technology, which s

To SaaS or Not, Is That a Question? – SaaSy Discussions (Part IIa) » The TEC Blog
most suitable model for SMEs for more details please visit [http://www.valgeninc.com/saas-erp.html www.valgeninc.com] Anonymous on 24 May, 2009 at 12:56 am # yes its true http://blog.technologyevaluation.com/blog/2009/05/18/to-saas-or-not-is-that-a-question-%E2%80%93-saasy-discussions-part-iia/#comments http://www.valgeninc.com/saas-erp.html Holger Eggerichs on 23 June, 2009 at 9:28 am # very valuable discussion, I find, and it highlights nicely, that there aren’t simple answers when you talk

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Jack Link s Beef Jerky Case Study: Wal-Mart Didn t Make Me Do It Part Two: An Approach to RFID Implementation
A four-phased approach allowed for the gradual assimilation of a new technology into the organization. Start small and feel your way, but think and plan for bigger opportunities. The benefits are gained and eventually the technology would be deployed throughout all of the manufacturing and distribution facilities.

SMES: examines RFID philosophy for SMEs (see Part One ) Company background (see Part One ) Approaches to RFID implementation Expected benefits Lessons learned In this Jack Link s Beef Jerky case study, the reader will see how a four-phased approach allowed for the gradual assimilation of a new technology into an organization - an approach that might bear repeating. As typical with any new technology, it makes senses to start small, and feel your way around, but to also think and plan for bigger opportunities. T

Softrend Systems Inc

SMES: Established in 1993, Softrend Systems Inc. provides unified enterprise management to small and medium-sized businesses in North America.

SAP Brings HANA to the SME Market » The TEC Blog
interesting to see how SMEs will be able to adopt these offering to their IT strategies. I welcome your thoughts—please leave a comment below, and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Share This   Read More     --> Trackback Address     Tags: business all in one , Business One , BusinessObjects , HANA , in memory , SAP , sap hana , SAP HANA Edge , smb , SME Comments Max Shu on 23 February, 2012 at 11:00 am # I think SAP Business One users will love SAP HANA. Great article about a fantastic theme. * N

SMES: business all in one, Business One, BusinessObjects, HANA, in memory, SAP, sap hana, SAP HANA Edge, smb, SME, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Enterprise Application Alternatives: What You Should Be Asking Oracle and SAP
Despite challenges, both SAP and Oracle will be formidable forces in the hosting space, because of their intimate application knowledge, their infrastructure, organizational stability, and vast capital. However, SMEs should approach this decision with due diligence.

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Syspro Hatches Encore IMPACT On SME Manufacturers. Part 2: Market Impact
While Syspro’s recent product release does not necessarily represent a major ground breaking, its broad and well-attuned offering for small enterprises should certainly give other incumbent players a run for their money.

SMES: small to medium enterprises (SMEs), with its US headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA (www.sysprousa.com ), was named a recipient of the START Magazine Vision Technology & Business Award for 2001 in the Manufacturing ($50 million to $200 million) category. In naming Syspro Group as the winner of the START Vision Award, the judges expressed admiration for the company s recent development of the Material Yield System , a software solution that enables manufacturers and distributors to maximize the use of scraps.

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