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Entrust [NASDAQ: ENTU] secures digital identities and information for consumers, enterprises, and governments in 1,700 organizations spanning 60 countries

shared ssl  (SSL), authentication, fraud detection, shared data protection, and e-mail security. Entrust's first public-key infrastructure—the world's first commercially available PKI—was released in 1994. Now in its seventh edition, The Entrust Authority PKI product portfolio is now in its seventh edition. The company's worldwide headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas (US), with offices in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Argentina, and the United Kingdom (UK), as well as other locations in Read More
Transportation Management Systems
Transportation management systems should provide the basic components of a shared information system to support collaboration, rates, routes, roles, transaction sets, documents, and information exc...
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Documents related to » shared ssl

Choosing a Key Management Solution
The modern enterprise deploys a variety of server platforms, operating systems, and programming languages. A major barrier to deploying encryption has been the

shared ssl  UNIX programming languages support shared libraries, and the key management vendor should provide this type of support for key retrieval. Key Retrieval From IBM i The IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, System i) server platform is found in most Enterprise environments providing support for back office applications. The programming languages used on this platform include RPG and Cobol, with the large majority of applications built using the RPG language. Encryption key retrieval should support both of these Read More
A Partner-friendly Platform Provider Discusses Market Trends
A background of Progress Software notes the vendor’s product line-up, and some of the benefits companies find by using Progress platforms and infrastructure

shared ssl  delivers real-time views of shared data in the form applications need. The DataXtend™ Semantic Integrator product uses a common semantic data model to create data transformations, enabling organizations to share and integrate heterogeneous data without disruption to existing applications. DataDirect Technologies is the provider of software for connecting business applications to data and services, running on many platforms using proven and emerging industry standards. Developers worldwide use on these Read More
Emerging Services for Wireless Carrier Networks--Design Abstract
The transition to IP A wireless carrier s national or regional next generation core network will be an all-IP network in the sense that IP will be the network

shared ssl  core network is a shared transport network infrastructure that is characterized by high speed, high reliability, high availability andhigh performance. This new IP- based network must meet the business, architectural and functional requirements that a national or regional wireless carrier have come to expect. Enabling Next Generation Services This section describes some of the features and functionality that may be added to the core network to meet the business and technical needs of the corporation. The Read More
NetBIOS Firewall
How many times do you hear network administrators scream at the top of their voice,

shared ssl  share, the resource remains shared till the time you restart your machine! Do not run programs of unknown origin: Never download, install, or run a program unless you know it to be authored by a person or company that you trust. Users of IRC, Instant Messaging (IM) , and file-sharing services should be particularly wary of following links or running software sent to them by other users, as this is a commonly used method among intruders attempting to build networks of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Read More
The State of the Art in Finance
Thanks to recent accounting scandals and an increasingly competitive environment, many chief financial officers and the finance organizations they lead have

shared ssl  example, whether there are shared services and the level of centralization) and the type of IT (the level of automation and/or degree of systemic integration). Figure 3: Finance Costs as a Percentage of Revenue Business Unit Revenue SMB 50k Medium 500k Large 5b Enterprise Revenue Average 5.4% 5.7% 1.1% 1.0% Median 2.7% 0.7% 0.6% 0.8% The first insight is not surprising, as larger companies will be able to leverage economies of scale (see Figure 4 below). Size Means Little to Costs Figure 4: However, Read More
Buyer’s Guide: Managed Hosting Services
Hosting a Web site in-house can be expensive, as it requires the necessary hardware and software and power and security precautions@not to mention the cost of

shared ssl  Web-hosting functions off-site to shared facilities that allow them to reduce costs and gain greater security and performance of their technology. An attractive option is managed hosting that is, the use of Web servers that are dedicated specifically to single Web sites, with service and support handled by the hosting provider, who monitors it, troubleshoots problems, performs regular backups, installs software patches and performs other standard management tasks. At datacenters, companies can take Read More
Grape Escape 2010: Of Cloud & Angels, Fun & Games, and “In Vino Veritas” - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series talked about the historical background of the JRocket Marketing Grape Escape(TM) event. Grape Escape has become a June fixture over

shared ssl  Industry-specific deployment needs Available shared service requirements VITA Cloud Angel provides rapidly deployed, turnkey solutions across the following five industry sectors:  non-profit/charity businesses, healthcare services, emergency services, professional services, and local government and education. Each of these five pre-built templates are mapped to 80 percent of industry requirements, reducing typical ERP deployment cycles by several weeks or months. VITA Cloud Angel Components In light of Read More
Clientele CRM.NET
Clientele from Epicor Software is an integrated CRM system. Clientele quickly captures, routes, organizes, and stores the information that comes out of all

shared ssl  information can then be shared and analyzed, and accessed every time users are in contact with customers. Epicor Clientele is intended to enable users to manage the customer relationship lifecycle, from generating leads to closing sales, and to providing support that results in additional business. It provides integrated sales and customer support functionality. The Clientele CRM Suite is a set of enterprise CRM applications for small to midsized companies. Clientele CRM is built entirely on the Read More
Microsoft’s Underlying Platform Parts for Enterprise Applications: Somewhat Explained - Part 3
Part 2 of this blog series analyzed Microsoft platform parts that are slated for shared use within the Microsoft Dynamics family of products. Particular

shared ssl  that are slated for shared use within the Microsoft Dynamics family of products . Particular attention was given to Microsoft SQL Server , SharePoint , and parts of Microsoft .NET Framework . What About Visualization and User Interface (UI) Technologies? However, what has somewhat intrigued me is Microsoft’s not-so-vocal touting and promoting of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), although it is an intrinsic part of the .NET Framework. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, the tool has not yet been Read More
Build a Competitive Edge for Manufacturing Plant Operations
Competitive pressures and increasing customer demands are driving most manufacturers to produce goods ever faster, at lower cost, and in compliance with more

shared ssl  more proactive planning, greater shared visibility, and more profitable responses to change. Read More
DPC SmartFleet: Transportation Management Systems Competitor Analysis Report
Transportation management systems should provide the basic components of a shared information system to support collaboration, rates, routes, roles, transaction

shared ssl  basic components of a shared information system to support collaboration, rates, routes, roles, transaction sets, documents, and information exchanged to facilitate the booking, execution, and settlement of transportation movements. Read More
Your Secrets Should Be Safe with Zoho Vault
Both individuals and businesses are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by passwords, because passwords are still the dominant form of user authentication. To

shared ssl  that are struggling with shared passwords. Any business that has a set of people sharing passwords to access Web applications (finance, marketing, product development teams, etc.) can use Zoho Vault to adopt secure practices around password sharing. See  here for more details . Businesses can use Zoho Vault to securely share passwords among trusted members of their organization, and different access privileges can be assigned to different users. The sharing process has been designed to follow the Read More
Virtual Infrastructure Storage and Pillar Data Systems
The exploding popularity of VMware’s server virtualization has created a corresponding demand for shared storage. However, traditional storage arrays, burdened

shared ssl  a corresponding demand for shared storage. However, traditional storage arrays, burdened by a legacy of addressing physical infrastructure requirements, fail to optimize the unique storage requirements of a virtual infrastructure. Find out about one storage array that meets the requirements of a next-generation virtual infrastructure storage system. Read More
N-ware Technologies Inc
N'ware Technologies specializes in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Manufacturing and Distribution companies in the SMB market space

shared ssl  with high product mix, shared production assets, and volatile supply and demand. ERP, MES and WMS solutions provide a necessary transactional and data foundation for today's manufacturing and distribution businesses. Read More

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