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Oracle Buys LiveLOOK for Co-Browsing
Oracle recently acquired LiveLOOK, a provider of real-time visual collaboration technology for co-browsing and screen sharing used for Web customer support

screen sharing  technology for co-browsing and screen sharing used for Web customer support scenarios. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. LiveLOOK ’s cloud-based co-browse technology enables customer service and sales agents to collaborate and visually guide consumers through Web and mobile environments, leading to more effective issue resolution and improved quality of buying decisions.   Oracle, which bought cloud customer support vendor RightNow in 2011, plans to integrate LiveLOOK's offerings with its Service Read More
Process Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as...
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Documents related to » screen sharing

TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of May 28th, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONSOklahoma’s Department of Human Services selects WebFOCUSIndustry tags: cross-industry

screen sharing  Chatter to provide IM, screen sharing Industry tags: cross-industry While Salesforce Chatter has been an impressive social platform for an enterprise, I’ve long pointed out its lack of real-time presence detection, instant messaging (IM), screen sharing, and other unified communication (UC) capabilities. Salesforce.com is delivering IM capabilities now based on the DimDim acquisition in early 2011, which should further bolster Chatter’s adoption rates. It will be interesting to see what Read More
Role-Based ERP is an innovation that allows your ERP system to be assembled to the particular needs of each individual or role. Historically, ERP Systems

screen sharing  And each and every screen assembled will share the information across all the assembled screens. Read More
TIBCO's tibbr 4 and Enterprise Social Graph API
Salesforce Chatter, Jive Software, Saba People Cloud, Microsoft Yammer, etc. are getting some company. TIBCO's tibbr is only 18 months old but already used by a

screen sharing  ) FileBoard for collaborative screen-sharing It will be interesting to watch whether TIBCO will develop instant manager (IM), unified communications (UC), video conferencing, and like capabilities in-house, via acquisitions, or via Apps Marketplace add-ons. TEC blog post (Sept 2012): New Version of TIBCO’s Enterprise Social Platform: tibbr 4 TEC article (Aug 2012): Saba Software: Figuring Out Social Talent Management Read More
Epicor Releases New Windows Phone 8 Apps
At its recent Epicor Insights 2014 user conference, Epicor introduced two new Windows Phone 8 mobile apps—Expenses and Time Entry—designed to streamline

screen sharing  through the camera—in full screen view model with pinch and zoom support, and also pin dashboards to the home screen for easy reference. Epicor Windows Phone 8 apps work with existing Microsoft infrastructure, easing back end administration and enabling organizations to maximize the value of their existing Microsoft investments.   Generally speaking, Epicor has long had multi-OS mobility, but now Xamarian (a Microsoft partner) can help Windows developers write mobile apps in Visual Studio and port Read More
Residential Tenancy Is Straightforward-Cloud Tenancy, Not So Much
You have two major options if you're looking for a place to live: own or rent. The pros and cons are fairly straightforward and break down as follows

screen sharing  Tenancy Is Straightforward-Cloud Tenancy, Not So Much You have two major options if you're looking for a place to live: own or rent. The pros and cons are fairly straightforward and break down as follows: Rent Own Resources (Garage, laundry room, elevator, etc.) Shared Not shared Fees Rent and utilities only Mortgage, utilities, repairs, maintenance fees, taxes … In a simple world, cloud computing would consist of “renting” everything, and opening an Internet browser to start using the Read More
You Need More Than Functions and Features to Implement an ERP Package Part One: The Administrator and Customizer
You have selected an ERP package. Now you have to worry about implementing the software. This article looks at four categories of tools that a vendor may supply

screen sharing  your menus to minimize screen travel and keystrokes? And this ability should not require programming and technical ability. This is the primary function of the administrator tool. Administrator allows you to create new menus by making copies and then modifying them. The copies can be modified by deselecting options, that will not appear, or adding options by drag and dropping options from other menus. Accordingly, within the copies you can eliminate little used or never used functions. Or, you can Read More
Usability Still a Problem for ERP Users
Being an enterprise resource planning (ERP) analyst, I spend lots of time watching demos provided by different ERP vendors during certification programs or

screen sharing  are: Confusion regarding what screen to go to and what process to follow next. There are not many systems out there that suggest subsequent steps for the user, or provide guidelines for the business process overall. There are many business process management tools offered by ERP vendors, but those tools often require separate purchases and are not always helpful in screen-to-screen navigation. Surprisingly, there is often still a need to remember or write down many pieces of information (such as Read More
SAP Releases New Mobile Retail App for In-store Experience
SAP recently announced the launch of SAP Shopper Experience, a personalized and engaging retail mobile app suite that offers social media sharing, loyalty

screen sharing  industry-watch, retail, in-store, mobile, SAP, social, customer-experience Read More
Mirapoint ~ ISP Messaging Solution in a Box?
The Mirapoint administration client allows you to also administer services directly. Mirapoint supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), NIS (Network

screen sharing  component is the setup screen (Figure I). The Domain Name must be set, the Host Name or Server Name must be set and the correct time zone selected, in addition to the critical setting of the DNS IP address. The interface is intuitive and easily navigable. Figure I - Setup Screen The next administrative setting is User configuration. Our complaint here is that you cannot add additional user information beyond a name. There are no fields for contact information and there is no shared scheduling component. Read More
How Biometrics in ERP Can Enable Cost Savings and Increase Operational Efficiencies
One technology that is currently flying under the radar in the manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) space is biometrics. Biometric solutions aren’t

screen sharing  his palm on the screen adjacent to the door and a message instructs him to say the phrase that was recorded with his handler more than a month ago at a remote office outside of Palo Alto. He waits while the cold bites through the threadbare Giants jacket that has been his only companion during these late night sorties. The control console goes green, indicating that his palm and voice print match those in the system, the locks hiss, and John is inside Doedar. In another part of the building, the lights Read More
An Inside Look at a BI Product Demonstration
I recently sat in on a demonstration of the Bitam Artus business intelligence (BI) suite, now at generation 6.Representing Bitam was Antonio R. Rajan, Bitam

screen sharing  up the graphics and screen displays, this product allows the user to do his or her own screen setups. The system also provides a skeleton set of displays, lists of key performance indicators (KPIs), and dimensions. Read More
Triple Creek Announces River to Support Talent Management Infrastructure
The enterprise knowledge sharing software vendor, Triple Creek, launches the social tool River. The tool offers competency-based learning networks across an

screen sharing  Creek Announces River to Support Talent Management Infrastructure The enterprise knowledge sharing software vendor, Triple Creek, launches the social tool River . The tool offers competency-based learning networks across an organization. According to the press release, River attempts to challenge the current file sharing and friends-and-chatter paradigm, as the tool employs intelligent technology capable to build connections between learners and appropriate learning resources. In so doing it Read More
My System Is Trying to Communicate With Me! What Do I Do?
What you should not do is ignore whatever you see on the screen. If you don’t trust computers, remember that they were created and programmed by humans like you

screen sharing  button or close the screen and the message disappears, trying to explain what it was to a support representative will be quite a challenge. I know you’re busy and cannot wait for the support team to connect remotely and see what’s on your screen. So take a screen shot. No, you do not need sophisticated tools for that; you can just use the Print Screen key on your keyboard and then open any image editor and paste the results (CTRL + v). For those of you who are capable of fixing such problems on your Read More

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