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Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Go
Cost overruns are an all too common phenomenon with information technology (IT) projects. A myriad of causes are to blame: scope creep, improper budgeting, and

scope creep  project. Changing requirements and scope creep played a big role, but certainly human factors also contributed to the enormously extended timeline. So this is the postmortem of a failed software deployment project. But all was not lost, as the client actually persevered and was very satisfied with the end result. Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » scope creep

Software Selection: A Third Alternative Part Two: Seller's Perspective and the Third Alternative
Failed projects do not bode well for the vendor. It can cause their sales cycle costs only to rise even more and their reputation to suffer or, at least, become

scope creep  followed by the dreadful scope creep to make up for perceived lost functionality. Furthermore, this type of situation, where little documentation is available, makes it difficult for even the most experienced consultants to step in, save the day, and constructively assist the client in making proper software and technology decision. Failed projects do not bode well for the vendor. Their sales cycle costs can only rise even more and their reputation can suffer or, at least, become suspect. Surely, the Read More
Yet Another Branding Debacle (This Time, It's ERP for Services)
Organizations providing billable services to their clients can benefit from an enterprise resource planning solution. But what makes ERP for services different

scope creep  categories addresses the broad scope of activities essential to the production of various types of goods and the processes involved in getting them to the buyer. However, it may not be clear to many users (or more importantly, potential users) how the name ERP for services relates to the scope of this solution’s functionality. So how do you know if ERP for services is your ticket to managing your resource needs? And what functionalities do fall under the rubric of ERP for services ? And, if your Read More
Project Management Communication: Developing a Plan (Part 2 Of 3)
Frequently when project teams convene to discuss post-project reviews, project team members feel that if communication had been better, the project would have

scope creep  project is to avert scope creep and instead, focus only on the elements agreed upon in the WBS document. A project’s activities are indicated in the WBS. Issues not related to the current tasks—that use up resources for irrelevant activity—can be dealt with in another phase of a project. If an activity is not in the WBS, then resources should not be assigned to it. The PM is responsible for managing the WBS. Read More
How Supply Chain Projects Morph Into Black Holes
For all but a few astronomers, black holes are unknown in the realm of ordinary experience. Analogs do exist, however, in the more terrestrial domain of

scope creep  later release, causing severe scope creep. Best practices that might have prevented the problems Where project scope spans multiple business functions, a phased implementation approach can be used to reduce the complexity of the project. Lessons learned in the early phases can often be applied to succeeding phases. Project scope should be decided at the outset and adhered to throughout the implementation. New requirements that arise during the implementation should be prioritized and only the must-have Read More
TransLogix provides Transport and Logistics companies with software solutions and services that improve the efficiency, scope and performance of their business.

scope creep  that improve the efficiency, scope and performance of their business. TransLogix is dedicated to, and 100% focused on, delivering solutions to the Transport and Logistics Industry. With numerous industry accreditations and interactions such as participation on strategic initiatives led by government and industry bodies, TransLogix is better positioned than any other supplier to address the challenges of the industry today and into the future. Read More
Supply Chain Commerce Vendor Manhattan Broadens TMS Reach
Atlanta, Georgia-based Manhattan Associates is a renowned provider of supply chain management (SCM) solutions, and has deep roots in supply chain execution (SCE

scope creep  their own technology, while SCOPE currently supports 22 Manhattan Associates’ SCM solutions, such as transportation, warehousing, labor management, inventory optimization, and planning as well as related analytics solutions.   Manhattan TMS Acquisition and Focus Although Manhattan Associates largely focuses on in-house innovation and organic growth, it occasionally makes some acquisitions, typically preferring early-stage startups, where it can acquire the intellectual property (IP) and relatively Read More
Too Hard to Adopt PLM? Find Ways to Make It Easier
Product lifecycle management (PLM) systems are too complicated, too expensive, and take too long to implement. That’s what I said last month in a blog post

scope creep  Realistically define the project scope The life cycle perspective has made PLM a complicated system with so many functionality modules that perhaps no single organization has ever implemented all of them. It is true that the full potential of PLM can’t be achieved unless you can manage the entire life cycle of a product. However, to early adopters, I think the 80-20 rule might be applicable here—the crucial 20 percent of the PLM functionality may bring you 80 percent of the benefits of adopting PLM Read More
American Software - A Tacit Avant-Garde?
Throughout June, American Software, Inc. continued to announce additional functions that broaden the scope of its e-intelliprise application suite. It also

scope creep  functions that broaden the scope of its e-intelliprise application suite, which it released in 1999 as a Web-enabled reincarnation of Intelliprise. American Software introduced Intelliprise in 1998 as a brand new enterprise resources planning (ERP) suite that can support multiple modes of manufacturing, in addition to having full supply chain functionality and Internet connectivity. The system provides users with three important factors for success in business today: the information they need in order to Read More
A Road Map to Electronic Medical Record System Implementation
It’s crucial to define the scope of an electronic medical system implementation, as well as to outline each stage of the project and the resources that will be

scope creep  will be given the scope and relative time frame in which the project is to be completed. The PM will write up the project charter (the project's mission statement and guidelines), and develop a document referred to as the work breakdown structure (WBS). The WBS is a high-level schedule that documents each phase of the project. The PM will then give the human resources (HR) department his or her staffing requirements so that the positions needed for the project are filled. Such resources may be internal Read More
The Compelling Capabilities of One Compensation Management Vendor's Solution
Despite its product's notable functional scope, Centive is committed to being the leader in on demand sales compensation management. The vendor believes it now

scope creep  five consecutive releases. The scope of each release is locked down incrementally as the prior release is introduced to the market, which incorporates the most requested enhancements and new features. It is Centive's goal that each release of Compel delivers a solution that is aligned with market needs and that supports an evermore rapid return on investment (ROI). Compel's product strategy and release plans are driven by feedback from Centive's Customer Advisory Panel ( CAP ) and prospective users. Such Read More
ROFF is born in 1996, out of the strong will to combine the experience of the best SAP consultants with an innovative perspective of customer relationship.The

scope creep  m-business solutions. In this scope, we present the expressive advantage of housing a team with a deep knowledge of the touch point between all these technologies, the Enterprise Resource Planning. Read More
Analyzing Manhattan Associates’ Supply Chain Platform Play - Part 1
My recent article on Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) and RedPrairie Corporation stated that these two vendors continue to duke it out at almost every large

scope creep  software solutions dubbed Manhattan SCOPE , which stands for “Supply Chain Optimization, Planning through Execution.” Built on a common Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP) , the SCOPE suite combines the following sub-suites to enable overall supply chain optimization:  Planning and Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, Order Lifecycle Management, Transportation Lifecycle Management , and Distribution Management . The article then went a bit deeper into the guts of the SCPP technical Read More
PDM vs. PLM: A Matrix View
Two recent blog posts by Oleg Shilovitsky (PDM vs. PLM: A Data Perspective and PDM vs. PLM: A Process Perspective) got me wondering about what a true product

scope creep  perfectly though) to the scope of functionality—the more functionality, the more parties involved. You can take a look at the request for proposal (RFP) template of PLM and PDM (free samples available following the links: PLM RFP Template , PDM for Discrete Industries RFP Template , and PDM for Process Industries RFP Template ) to have an idea of the difference in functionality between PLM and PDM. 2. Degree of integration with other systems Mainly concentrating on information in the product domain, a Read More

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