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Drive down cost? What does that really mean in a supply chain world?
Yes all of us are well aware that the global economy is in a downturn. We hear it in the news, on blogs, in articles, and we see it around us with massive

saving pst  cut for sake of saving some dollars. When you think about cost cutting, is it really a good, strategic plan for the organization in long run? Or should we be looking at reducing non-value added activities and processes from our value chain? In an economic downturn, the latter makes more sense—organization should be looking at the overall, long term objectives and ask what it wants to achieve while maintaining its profitability. Now the question comes: should organizations be cutting or reducing cost? Fo Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » saving pst

10-Point Plan to Eliminate PST Files
With corporate e-mail, no single data set presents more challenges than Outlook Archives (aka PST files). This white paper provides steps to first identify all

saving pst  Point Plan to Eliminate PST Files With corporate e-mail, no single data set presents more challenges than Outlook Archives (aka PST files). This white paper provides steps to first identify all PSTs, then enable automated removal. The benefits include reducing the burden on IT, consolidation of storage, complete e-discovery, and deletion of old data. This plan works with most e-mail archiving solutions as they are unable to discover or relocate PST files. Read More
How Biometrics in ERP Can Enable Cost Savings and Increase Operational Efficiencies
One technology that is currently flying under the radar in the manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) space is biometrics. Biometric solutions aren’t

saving pst  ERP Can Enable Cost Savings and Increase Operational Efficiencies One technology that is currently flying under the radar in the manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) space is biometrics. Biometric solutions aren’t currently getting as much press as say the cloud or big data. But, when properly integrated with an ERP system, biometrics can help an organization reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. And best of all, a company doesn’t need a huge budget to take advantage of these Read More
The Birds, the B's and the Web
The Internet wing of media giant NBC purchased small business portal AllBusiness.com

saving pst  The site's content and money-saving offers will only become more varied and lucrative, especially as NBCi moves into an aggressive program of acquiring members. Larger businesses with E-commerce aspirations will be interested both in opportunities to sell to smaller companies through the AllBuisness.com marketplace and in emulating the new ideas that we expect will be implemented on the site. Read More
Case Study: Fixed Asset Problems Become Yesterday’s News for The Washington Post Company
The Washington Post Company (WPC) needed a system to manage tax and asset depreciation from 25 companies, while allowing each company to independently add fixed

saving pst  data in real time, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Find out how. Read More
Software Selection Best Practices At Your Fingertips
Get your software selection portal free trial today.

saving pst  ensuring a successful project. Saving time and money in this economic climate is especially important, and the TEC selection portal has the resources to accomplish just that. Among the many features in the self-serve portal is TEC's proven software selection methodology. You'll receive training and support for TEC's best-practice selection approach, which can minimize the complexities of even the hardest of projects. You'll learn about and be able to apply the four phases of the selection process, along Read More
Signs you need to Buy a New Phone System
For any business, it is essential to stay up to date on technology to know when they need to upgrade in order to stay competitive and take advantage of

saving pst  of opportunities for cost saving. A phone system is an especially important part of the business and is often the system that should be upgraded first. But how do you know when to replace your phone system? Read this paper to see what situations most require a new system. Read More
TEC and Brij present the 3rd ERP Vendor Shootout for manufacturing companies to compare software solutions
Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC), the leading resource for enterprise software selection today announced that it will be moderating the 3rd @ERP Vendor

saving pst  are all concerned with saving time and money while optimizing the value of our efforts. The Shootout is a forum that allows one or more representatives from an organization to experience different yet relevant software solutions in a single day. Moreover, being exposed to best practices related to software selection, through our involvement will increase the likelihood of the success of their respective selection projects, Lorne Goloff, vice president, Selection Services Group, at TEC. Value-added resell Read More
Epicor Eagle’s Soaring Retail Excitement
It appears that Epicor Software Corp. now has two retail product lines, starting with the better known Epicor Retail product suite for soft-goods retailers (the

saving pst  a raft of other time-saving new capabilities, Epicor Eagle for the Aftermarket software now also includes the latest version of Epicor Compass Analytics , which offers faster page loads and queries, additional reporting fields, and an array of other enhanced capabilities. My colleague Bob Eastman recently attended Epicor’s annual Insights 2013 conference, and  his report can be read from here . Read More
Enterprise Energy Management Software - The Key to Effective Energy Utilization
Energy purchasing has become increasingly complex as a result of deregulation. The deregulated market provides more suppliers and more options for supply

saving pst  an enterprise they are saving money? The problem with this approach is that it addresses the cost factors but not the impact of how effective materials, energy, or labor are used in the operating of finished goods. For example, consider the experience of running the new lower cost packaging material through the existing packaging machines. Often, the packaging waste associated with the lower cost material made it less effective than the higher cost product it replaced. Likewise, if the HR departme Read More
Automation Anywhere’s Cumulus Uses Social Collaboration for Process Automation
Automation Anywhere, a provider of automation software, recently announced the availability of Automation Anywhere Cumulus, possibly the first social enterprise

saving pst  contribute to actionable and money-saving process automation scenarios. Read More
Five Must Have Features for Business VoIP
A growing number of businesses are now grappling with the decision to implement new telephone systems based on voice over IP (VoIP) technology. However, while

saving pst  primary goal is generally saving money, there are a wide variety of features and functions that must also be considered. This report provides a quick guide to the top five most common services that you should expect from a VoIP-based business phone system. Read More
Business Process Management: How to Orchestrate Your Business
Business process management (BPM), having evolved over the past fifteen years, has finally reached a level of maturity where vendors are now abolishing

saving pst  throughput times and cost saving opportunities. This often includes a simulation engine to perform what-if analyses to locate process issues in a proactive manner. Business Process Automation . Responsible for the integration between users, processes, and related applications, resulting in the system automation of the process tasks. Driven by a workflow management engine, the BPM process information, as modeled, can be used for automated transaction execution and routing, including task execution Read More
Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) Back in the News Again
Visiting the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC's) web site, I came across this 143-page PDF file, which deals with XBRL. As a gung-ho proponent of

saving pst  comes to promoting cost saving automations. Here is some interesting stuff from the PDF, together with my comments. The Christopher Cox modernization commission proposes that companies provide their financial statements to the Commission and on their corporate Web sites in interactive data format using the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL). A statement on Page 29 of the PDF states that the decision about this request becoming compulsory was to have been decided on December 15th, 2008. XBRL Read More
ERP Vendor Shootout for Small and Midsize Manufacturing Companies Evaluating Enterprise Software Solutions
Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., the leading resource for enterprise software selection announced today that it will be moderating the second annual

saving pst  products in one day, saving them weeks of research, commented Lorne Goloff, vice president of sales at TEC. Shootouts are presented in a standardized format to enable an apples-to-apples impartial comparison via pre-scripted demos, produced exclusively by TEC to provide a rapid, comparative view of product functionality, user interfaces, and usability exposure to the best of vendors' thought leadership and functionality, to see what really differentiates each solution Topical breakout sessions will be Read More

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