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Role of In-memory Analytics in Big Data Analysis
Organizations today need to handle and manage increasingly large volumes of data in various formats and coming from disparate sources. Though the benefits to be

role based analytics  Here I discuss the role that in-memory technologies plays in big data analysis and the potential of this technology to change the business intelligence (BI) landscape and the industry technology space. But first we need to understand the basics.   A Basic Framework What does it mean to have an in-memory technology in place? It means that all the data in a computer is stored within a computer’s random access memory (RAM), rather than in the hard (physical) disks. The storage of data in-memory improves Read More
Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
The Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Knowledge Base research helps determine support levels of various systems that help companies market their services or products effectively an...
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Documents related to » role based analytics

Workforce Analytics: Changing and Winning the Game
Human resources (HR) is an increasingly strategic player in gaining a competitive advantage, especially in terms of workforce analytics. But HR organizations

role based analytics  access Workforce Insight using role-based interfaces that incorporate the security requirements necessary for HR data, while supporting ad-hoc queries and dynamic drill-down for on-demand research needs. With Workforce Insight your organization will have a complete view of human capital data readily available to support strategic planning and drive your business. Flexible Obviously, no two organizations are alike. Yet, many solutions require organizations to change their way of doing business in order to Read More
Neolane Announces New Version of Neolane Marketing Analytics
Neolane has introduces a series of enhancements for its marketing analytics platform. The solution was designed to help marketers plan, target, execute, and

role based analytics  Neolane also has a role-based workflow engine that ensures integration between all the applications comprising it: Neolane Campaign—allows marketers to design cross-channel campaign management (direct mail, e-mail, Web, social, mobile, call center, and point-of-sale) Neolane Interaction—offer recommendation engine, which points out appropriate offers for clients based on individual profiles, past responses, and present behavior Neolane Social Marketing—enables marketing professionals to Read More
Supply Chain Network Visibility and Analytics
The complexity of the global economy is a powerful motivation for companies to look for new ways to increase efficiency and productivity. That’s why companies

role based analytics  Visibility plays a key role in the ability to sense, respond, and learn across the supply chain. It enables companies to sense the occurrence of an event, recognize the importance and potential impact of the event, propose action to be taken, and state the probable ramifications of the different actions that could be taken. An exceptional event, or exception, is any instance in a supply chain process that occurs outside of specified parameters. Such an event might be a late shipment from a supplier, a Read More
Current Trends in Supply Chain Analytics Systems
Supply chain analytics is gaining popularity with organizations, as it is an effective mechanism to monitor and track supply chain performance. And with new

role based analytics  confidentiality and data integrity. Role-based accessibility should also be supported at the various levels of the dimensions. For example, a user may have access to the delivery schedule report only for certain product categories and certain regions. 9. Simulation and what-if analysis Simulation is a very important feature, as executives can simulate various scenarios and perform what-if analysis. They can see how the KPIs perform under different conditions. For example, the vice president of supply Read More
From Text to Business Insight: All about Enterprise Text Analytics
Text analytics automates the extraction of business value from Web sites and social media content, from e-mail and survey responses, to regulatory filings and

role based analytics  enterprise text analytics,software enterprise,software for enterprise,analytics in business,text analytics,analytics solutions,content management tools,enterprise analytics,text analytics software,business analytic software,text analytics tools,enterprise search software,enterprise search solutions,business analytics solutions,enterprise search solution Read More
Public Sector Business Analytics: The Path to Better Decision Making and Agility
Analytics has moved from the specialty of a dedicated few to a necessity for groups of business professionals to do their job. This white paper considers the

role based analytics  microsoft business intelligence,public sector jobs,software business intelligence,business intelligence software,business intelligence tools,business intelligence jobs,web analytics,public sector definition,business intelligence development studio,what is business intelligence,adwords,qlikview,google analytics,business intelligence companies,business intelligence consulting Read More
FICO Health Care Analytics
With gold-standard custom analytics, FICO delivers powerful information and a deep understanding of the health care industries to identify potential high

role based analytics   Read More
Healthcare Analytics
Wipro's healthcare and life sciences analytics combine fully automated discovery and analysis technologies that give healthcare organizations a clear

role based analytics   Read More
The Power Behind SHL Talent Analytics
Many organizations don’t understand the effectiveness of their talent management programs relative to their competitors’. SHL Talent Analytics is changing the

role based analytics  candidates hired into similar roles in the same industry and the same region (North America), and applying that data to frontline managers in their call centers and customer service agents who answer phone queries. Time Warner Cable determined that its employment brand was attracting more than double (124 percent) the number of top quartile frontline managers as compared to the rest of its industry. The company also learned that it was attracting an equal number of top quartile candidates for its customer Read More
IBM Business Analytics for Healthcare
IBM Business Analytics for Healthcare software delivers complete, consistent, and accurate information to healthcare providers. A comprehensive portfolio of

role based analytics   Read More
Vanguard Business Analytics
Founded in 1993, Vanguard Business Analytics Inc. delivers performance management solutions that help companies interpret and analyze business information. The

role based analytics   Read More
Teradata Launches Big Analytics Appliance
Teradata, a provider of data warehouse and analytics solutions, has released a new appliance designed specifically to manage big-data projects by integrating

role based analytics   Read More
New Version of SAS Analytics Platform
SAS 9.4 is the new version of SAS Business Analytics platform that will be released in June. As the foundation for all SAS analytics products, the SAS Business

role based analytics   Read More
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