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The Internet is having an identity crisis. Long regarded as a powerful tool for cost reduction and service enhancement, the Internet is falling short of its

password fortification password hotmail  Security Resources Related to Password Fortification and Authentication : Network Security (Wikipedia) Password Fortification for Cost-Effective Person-Present Authentication Password Fortification for Person-Present Authentication is also known as : deterring password sharing , user authentication , on password-based , authentication strategies , authenticated key exchange , password authentication stronger , fortify user authentication , method and system for fortifying software , plugging the last Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » password fortification password hotmail

The AS/400 Takes You Securely Where You Want to Go
This article on the built-in security features of the AS/400 system originally appeared in the Midrange Computing’s Showcase Magazine, June 2000.

password fortification password hotmail  security configuration status of password management rules, job time-out intervals, remote service attributes, object ownership changes, user profile changes, authority changes, and a whole lot more. HTTP and Internet Connection Server The AS/400 comes with an HTTP Server, which was previously branded as the Internet Connection Server . Add on IBM Websphere for a Java based Web application server, which comes pre-bundled with Java Security Extensions. SET Internet Security Manager The AS/400 comes Read More
A Guide to Transactional Email
It’s well known that transactional email is used to send out shipping notices or password resets, but did you know that due to its high click-through rates, it

password fortification password hotmail  out shipping notices or password resets, but did you know that due to its high click-through rates, it can be a great way to communicate with your customers? With this guide, find out what you might be missing in your transactional emails. Read More
ERP Issues for the Midsized Life Sciences Company
What makes your enterprise resource planning (ERP) requirements difficult for most vendors to satisfy? As a life sciences company, you have operational

password fortification password hotmail  Audit Trails Electronic Signatures Password and Login Controls Quality Material Management Adverse Event Reporting Batch and Lot Records Management Advanced Lot and Serial Track and Trace Product Life-Cycle Management Potential Fatal Flaws - Compliance and Software For many vendors, you will find that their fatal flaws are related to production and compliance issues. These combined issues impact inventory and production areas as covered by cGMP and Part 11. Are meeting Part 11 requirements necessary for Read More
Single Sign-on (SSO): Truths and Myths
Technology products always seem to come out strong, and then wither under intense scrutiny. This was the case with single sign-on (SSO). However, any product

password fortification password hotmail  implemented a much stronger password policy using single sign-on.” – Mental Health Center. “Just eliminating frequent interaction with the help desk makes me more comfortable about risk.” - Credit Union. By reducing the password count, OneSign allows IT to enforce stricter password standards and controls. Accountability goes way up and auditing becomes simpler.”– NW Hospital. Risk is a dynamic notion that ebbs and flows as controls are turned off and on. In this case, there are a number of way Read More
Tape Drive Backup Warning
Tape drives and tape drive backups are expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable. Tape drives can cost from $350 to thousands of dollars (and the tapes aren’t

password fortification password hotmail  data encrypted or even password protected?   5. Convenience: Install, Admin & Storage Demands Tape drive installation is expensive, and needs to be performed properly by qualified technicians who typically earn $50 - 200 per hour. Daily tape backup administration is time-consuming and cumbersome manual process requiring constant human interaction (loading, rotating tapes, monitoring, etc.) and requires a highly qualified and focused professional, unless you have an auto-loader tape library ($40K?). Read More
During the course of product evaluations for a customer, the Technology Evaluation Center has uncovered a potential security hole in SAP R/3's three-tier

password fortification password hotmail  extra measures, the master password for the SAP database instance travels over the network in the clear, and can be captured. PeopleSoft has the same issue. The original answer to TEC's questions to Dr. Peter Barth, Technology Marketing Manager for SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany, was With all the customers using SAP R/3, I have never heard this question before. We will have to investigate it further. Further investigation by Walldorf revealed the following response: SAP supports for the connection between Read More
Europe's Mobile 'ONE' Selects InfoSpace for New Wireless Internet Services
Once a user has logged onto his/her home page he/she will be able to gain instant access to Calendaring, Address Books, Instant Messaging and access to user

password fortification password hotmail  web page coupled with password authentication. Once a user has logged onto his/her home page he/she will be able to gain instant access to Calendaring, Address Books, Instant Messaging, and access to user specific account information. ONE users will also be able to access the same information from their Internet connected laptop or desktop. The new service was launched on April 10th and will attract additional wireless clients to ONE's rapidly growing user base. InfoSpace is making headway with wireless s Read More
Lotus Notes R5 ~ A Breath of Fresh Air
Lotus Notes has just surpassed the 50,000,000-installed base mark, giving Microsoft’s Exchange server a good “run for the money”.

password fortification password hotmail  as well, such as Password Recovery and Security Certificates Administration. Lotus has taken advantage of X.509 certificates to maximize secure and reliable transmissions. In addition to an enhanced client and an improved administration application, the core functionality on the back end has improved. The dreaded Semaphore Timeouts have become a thing of the past, while the implementation of Transaction Logging has improved server transaction performance by over 17%. View Rebuild times have also Read More
Identix Leads Biometric Authentication
Perhaps the most exciting product released at last Comdex, was the Identix DFR-300 Fingerprint Scanner. Implemented in Compaq, Dell, and Toshiba laptops, the

password fortification password hotmail  reduces the overhead of password administration, estimated to be from $100 to $300 per user annually. People do not lose their fingerprints, and no two fingerprints are alike. As well, it is not possible to share fingerprints, which means that eliminating and expiring the authentication mechanism is not necessary. Figure3. Product Information Product Name  DFR 300 and Biologon TM Product Scope Biometrics Authentication Identification Security Industry Focus IT Data Security Internet & Wireless Web Read More
The Sum of All Malware Fears: Siemens on Stuxnet
When Stuxnet malware hit the mainstream media in September 2010, it all sounded like a plotline straight from a Tom Clancy thriller. After all, Stuxnet targeted

password fortification password hotmail  permitted actions (such as password theft) Maloperation through non-configured user rights Data spying (e.g., of recipes and business secrets or operational plans for plants and their security mechanisms) Manipulation of data (e.g., to downplay the importance of alarms) Deletion of data (e.g., log files to cover up attack activities) That’s a lot of worrying, right there. Is there any such thing as a bulletproof IT security approach? Basically I´d like to point out that there is no 100% security, and Read More
Using PKI to Protect Your Business Information
Interconnection between vendors, suppliers, customers and employees through ERP and CRM tools, has become a competitive edge. Like ERP and CRM infrastructures,

password fortification password hotmail  information over the Internet. Username/password is the simplest method of authentication but it carries inherent risks. Integrating VPN products with a PKI solution addresses those risks. Secure Wireless LAN 802.11 wireless LANs, pose significant security threats to nearly all corporate and government enterprises around the world. By using 802.11-compliant wireless devices, which are readily available and increasingly deployed, an organization may in fact be offering a drive-thru window to its network Read More
Fischer’s Prio! SecureSync ~ A Solution to Enterprise Directory Chaos
Prio! SecureSync combines the proven technologies of Fischer Systems and Siemens, providing over 18 years of combined directory synchronization and management

password fortification password hotmail  have to use one password to access all necessary data. One of the most impressive features of Prio! SecureSync is its support for a wide variety of directories. Almost as impressive is its flexibility to designate any system on the network from the PBX to PeopleSoft or a messaging system to be the Authoritative system. So what are the components of SecureSync? Prio! Enterprise Directory - The core component of SecureSync supports both Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and X.500 protocols. The Read More
Analysis of Sendmail, Inc.'s Largest Open Source Release in Twenty Years
sendmail 8.10 now includes SMTP authentication and support for the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) and multiple queues.

password fortification password hotmail  spammer to provide a password prior to relay. DNS Blackhole capabilities have been configured to block mail from known spammers found on the Internet's black list. Release 8.10 includes a relay control mechanism, which identifies and purges large recipient base emails, a common technique among spammers. Sendmail has released a shrink-wrapped commercial version of sendmail 8.10. The package is simply being called Sendmail Switch . The product is attractively priced at $99 (USD) as an introductory promoti Read More
What's Holding Back Online Appointment Booking?
False myth and common misconceptions are preventing hospitals and clinics from adopting online appointments.

password fortification password hotmail  to attract new patients. Password by text message : In order to make a first-time patient ‘s booking more trustable, other techniques can be used, such as acquiring the patient's mobile phone number as a prerequisite of registration and then sending the password only to that number. Credit Card : In many countries, mainly in the private sector, it is common practice to request someone's credit card details in order to guarantee a booking. If the client misses the appointment, some or all of the correspo Read More

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