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Zooming into an Inventory Free Flow
FreeFlow, a provider of business services with a patented technology, aims to help companies improve product life cycle profitability by providing a unique

order administration retail inventory control  and idle inventory in order to maximize the life cycle profitability of their products, as the solution aims at enabling user companies to lower the amount of financial reserves needed, reduce the overall amount of write-offs (sometimes by several million dollars), and improve their bottom line every quarter. Featuring a fairly user-friendly dashboard, FreeFlowAuctions integrates with a user company's S&OP process, providing automated list upload and approval routing capabilities. Password security Read More
PLM for the Retail Industry
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Retail is an evaluation model containing tailored PLM criteria and extra functionalities that serve the specificities of this industry in order to help fas...
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Documents related to » order administration retail inventory control

Can ERP Meet Your eBusiness Needs? Part Three: The Effect of eBusiness on Your Business
The ability to market and sell to expanding markets can easily exceed a company's ability to fulfill the demand along with the expectations that are generated.

order administration retail inventory control  knees. The selling and order administration processes are only the front office considerations for your entry into the eCommerce marketplace. There are also back-office considerations, most specifically the impact on your planning, warehouse and distribution efforts in other words, fulfillment. Everyone has either a funny story or a horror story to tell from the 1999 holiday season. Christmas gifts that arrived in January. The two line item sales order that came in two different shipments. One had your Read More
Is Epicor Poised to Rule the Mid-Market Retail Sector? (Part II)
Part I of this blog topic  introduced Epicor Software and its traditional vertical solutions. It also analyzed Epicor's forays into the attractive retail sector

order administration retail inventory control  integrating their sales channels, order management, pricing, inventory, and resources to more effectively manage a real-time (or close to), multi-channel enterprise. Some of the retail applications that are presently generally available in  the suite are: Epicor/CRS Merchandising Suite [ evaluate this product ] is a set of applications that includes tools to manage items, inventory, purchase orders and pricing. Modular applications in the  suite include Allocation, Orders and Fulfillment, TransfersPlus Read More
Achieving Effective Inventory Management
In today’s competitive business environment, wholesale distributors face critical factors that directly affect customer satisfaction and profit margins. These

order administration retail inventory control  must be purchased in order to sell the item at a competitive price. The higher the average inventory cost, the more it costs to maintain or carry the inventory in the warehouse. The following expenses are incurred in carrying inventory: Approximately 40% of the material handling expenses. Sixty percent of material handling expense is typically associated with filling customer orders. Approximately 40% of rent and utilities. Again, the remaining 60% of warehouse activity is normally associated with Read More
Case Study: Manitou
Manitou, a global producer of complex make-to-order forklift trucks, wanted to optimize sales processes to overcome several challenges, including a lack of

order administration retail inventory control  field sales, dealers and order administration to manage customers and contacts, to select products from an electronic catalog, to configure and place orders and to ensure complete order accuracy and real time sales follow up. Our entire domestic and international sales organization uses Cameleon to place orders for customizable products. The benefits of Cameleon are obvious; increased productivity, elimination of errors and a reduction in sales and production cycle times. Christian Hermann, Chief Read More
Retail Systems Research
Retail Systems Research (RSR) provides advisory services, research, and industry news. RSR publishes Retail Paradox Weekly, a retail news analysis newsletter.

order administration retail inventory control   Read More
Inventory Pro: Efficient Inventory Management Solution

order administration retail inventory control   Read More
Inventory Management Report: Driving the Fastest ROI for the Mid-market
Large enterprises have different warehouse management and inventory management needs than do small and mid-market companies. Find out about the key factors to

order administration retail inventory control   Read More
Managing Inventory for Optimal Advantage: 10 Common Inventory Mistakes and How to Correct Them
If your company is “fighting fires” daily to meet customer demand, then you’re already losing customers and missing new sales. Today, business is conducted in

order administration retail inventory control   Read More
Case Study: Small Retail Chain Gears Up for Rapid Growth
Elephant Pharm, a start-up retail chain in the natural health and wellness retail market, needed a software solution to help the company compete with the bigger

order administration retail inventory control   Read More
Retail Today: Understand. Anticipate. Inspire.
In the white paper retail today: understand.

order administration retail inventory control  time? It's a tall order, but there are ways to get the job done. In the white paper Retail Today: Understand. Anticipate. Inspire ., find out how you can become a best-run retailer and achieve business success despite the difficult retail conditions. You'll learn about moving to a customer demand model instead of one that's supply-based developing in-depth knowledge of your customers' needs and shopping habits efficiently coordinating merchandising activities with supply chain logistics creating a unique Read More
Kasten Consulting AG Buys Majority Share of IntellAgent Control
IntellAgent Control Corp produces and supports enterprise relationship management solutions for the Lotus Notes Domino Platform and automates sales processes.

order administration retail inventory control  Notes based organizations in order to continue its growth. User Recommendations On the surface, this looks like a good marriage for organizations utilizing Lotus Notes. However, with all mergers there are always bumps in the road. Make certain that the corporate strategy and direction following the merger completion matches your own prior to investing in software and services. We recommend (assuming you do not already have a IntellAgent Solution in place) is to hold off on purchasing for a six month Read More
Effective Inventory Analysis: the 5 Key Measurements
The white paper effective inventory analysis isolates and walks you through five simple measurements that will help you ensure you are maximizing t...

order administration retail inventory control  effective inventory analysis key measurements,effective,inventory,analysis,key,measurements,inventory analysis key measurements,effective analysis key measurements,effective inventory key measurements,effective inventory analysis measurements,effective inventory analysis key. Read More
Retail Redefined: Investing for Success through 2015
Exclusive new survey findings point to the priorities and investments retailers are planning for over the next 36 months. Forward-looking results unveil the

order administration retail inventory control  retail channel management,retail channel shift,changing consumer expectations,cross-channel retail challenges,retail technology Read More

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