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CIO Test for Enterprise Agility
Find out how to assess your company's ability to change and how to improve it in the Forrester report Assess Your Enterprise Agility.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: CIO Test for Enterprise Agility CIO Test for Enterprise Agility The pace of change in the marketplace is constantly accelerating. Can your company keep up—with rapid changes to your strategies, operations, and products—in order to remain competitive? Find out how to assess your company s ability to change—and how to improve it—in the Forrester report Assess Your Enterprise Agility . You ll learn the approaches to change that work—and those that don t the two basic types of changes, and how to
11/25/2010 3:00:00 PM

SCM Software for Mills
Demand for mill products especially in the metals and packaging industry is growing fast. This presents a good opportunity for the software vendors who cater to the needs of customers in these industries.But these industries have some unique requirements which are discussed throughout this article. Supply chain management software which does planning and execution for manufacturing, transportation, distribution etc. for mills industry, needs to address these unique requirements.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: when deciding if a new line should be added or if an existing line needs to be updated. Container stuffing: At the time of taking an order, it is difficult to determine if the completed order will fit inside a container. Sometimes a very small quantity is left after a container is full. This can create a major headache for the sales department. Solution The challenges mentioned above, can pose difficulties. Nevertheless, these challenges can be tackled. Infinite number of variant product attributes for

What Is Software as a Service?
Though born from the ashes of traditional hosting models, software as a service differs fundamentally from its predecessors. Its software is designed to be delivered as a service, security is better, rich user interfaces are available, and it has greater interactivity.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: constantly changing configurations, adding new products, developing closer integration between their systems, and introducing best-in-class business processes. Also, many territorial IT managers will not be pleased with the idea of relinquishing parts of their IT kingdoms, and having to rely on an outside host s ability to impeccably run their data centers, even if the host is a viable business. These issues and a still budding market awareness may explain the findings of a recent study that states that

Enabling IPhones in the Enterprise
Find out how to safely onboard them to your company's Exchange server in Enabling iPhones in the Enterprise.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: Enabling IPhones in the Enterprise Enabling IPhones in the Enterprise More and more, employees are insisting on using their personal iPhones for company business. Find out how to safely onboard them to your company s Exchange server in Enabling iPhones in the Enterprise . You ll learn the essentials of configuring iPhones for enterprise access—including procedures for enforcing device passwords and encryption policy, and wiping corporate data if the device is lost or the employee leaves. It all comes
4/9/2012 2:00:00 PM

TEC Analysts Want to Know About Your Software Solution
Every day, thousands of software buyers and IT professionals read—and are impacted by—research papers produced by TEC's analyst group.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: tec analysts want know software solution, tec, analysts, want, know, software, solution, analysts want know software solution, tec want know software solution, tec analysts know software solution, tec analysts want software solution..
8/23/2011 11:02:00 AM

How One Vendor s Software Solutions Address the Insurance Industry s Unique Issues
Callidus Software's latest enterprise incentive management and sales performance management product suite for the insurance sector aims at helping insurance carriers improve agent retention and at providing producers with the best service possible.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: TrueProducer is a brand new product with only a few early customers (which implies there might be some ramifications due to the solution s immaturity), early adopters might up the ante for improved carrier-producer relations and mutually beneficial business models compared to their laggard peers. Existing Callidus customers should check out the recently unveiled products and services (including the on demand versions) and consider them potential value add-ons. These customers will have been using

System Software Suppliers Slip Seriously
Shares of Computer Associates, BMC Software, Compuware Corporation, and others have suffered serious setbacks on the stock market in recent days due to shortfalls in revenue. These companies are direct competitors, and are all suffering the same fate in the stock market. Once again, the dreaded Wall Street 'whisper number' has not been made, and the stock market has reacted harshly. Sales of mainframe software have softened, causing much of the shortfall.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: the release of IBM s new G7 IBM mainframe hardware, and general softness in the mainframe business. Computer Associates held its annual analyst conference in conjunction with CAWorld in New Orleans in June, and gave no indication that there would be problems with forecasted revenue, particularly in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) market. According to a recent statement from Sanjay Kumar, president and COO of CA, We intend to work aggressively to address the performance issues in our European

Support and Maintenance: No Longer the Software Industry s Best Kept Secret ?
Support and maintenance (S&M) contracts mean very different things to vendors and to users. With user enterprises' growing awareness of how these S&M agreements affect their bottom lines, vendors need to reassess their pricing and value proposition strategies.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: (as well as the new releases of PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite [ EBS ]). This growth also reflects a consolidation of vendors and the widespread adoption of enterprise software among businesses. With more customers continuing to work with their existing vendors (that is, the installed base revenue taking a larger share of the pie), the revenue stream will shift from new revenues to recurring revenues. This is natural and does not necessarily reflect diminished value either for customers or vendors

The TEC Quick Case for Tero Software
Tero Software specializes in maintenance and asset management solutions for small and medium businesses. This Quick Case for Tero Software provides concise background information, which is oriented toward organizations considering its Web Work solution.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: Tero to incorporate several new features. The electronic services division is now able to manage all the organization s radios and electronics. At long last, all the divisions communicate with each other and follow the same business practices. Challenges One of the biggest challenges Tero faces is encouraging clients to overcome maintenance practices that have been ingrained over time and do not necessarily work as well as they could. Though many companies assert that this is not an issue with their

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software Comparison Report
Pick the PLM vendors you're interested in and immediately get an accurate analysis comparing the functionality of the PLM solutions you select.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: e-PLM , by NGC (New Generation Computing). FlexPLM , by PTC. Lawson Fashion PLM , by Lawson Software. Lectra Fashion PLM , by Lectra. TradeStone s Merchandise Lifecycle Management Suite , by TradeStone Software. Zdesign , by Zweave, Inc.   PLM for the Retail Industry List of PLM software for PLM for the retail industry: ChainReaction , by AXIND. e-PLM , by NGC (New Generation Computing). FlexPLM , by PTC. Lawson Fashion PLM , by Lawson Software. Lectra Fashion PLM , by Lectra. TradeStone s Merchandise
6/3/2010 12:15:00 PM

Outsourcing Software Analysis: Application and IT Infrastructure
Choose from the leading outsourcing solutions in TEC's listing & get a comprehensive comparison analysis of the outsourcing software you've selected.

NEW ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: Outsourcing Software Analysis: Application and IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Software Analysis: Application and IT Infrastructure Source: Document Type: Software Evaluation Report Page Description: Outsourcing Software Analysis: Application and IT Infrastructure style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Source: Outsourcing Comparison Report Analyzing outsourcing software solutions can be laborious and time-consuming—but at TEC we make it quick and easy. Within a few seconds, you can
6/3/2010 12:14:00 PM

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