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Brewing Up a Better Schedule for a Product with Many Variables
For the coffee producer Mother Parkers, scheduling coffee production across two plants was an ever-increasing challenge. Mother Parkers decided to take

mother parkers  was an ever-increasing challenge. Mother Parkers decided to take proactive steps toward consolidating its day-to-day scheduling data by engaging Supply Chain Consultants (SCC) to help. SCC applied its scheduling algorithms to improve schedule attainment, visibility, and stability—exactly what Mother Parkers needed. Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » mother parkers

Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side''
Should Baan and Ironside learn from their new senior sibling SSA GT how to consistently produce stellar financial results and profitability while proceeding

mother parkers  Tyco Plastics & Adhesives, Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee and ESAB Cutting and Welding . Potential synergies between the two companies should include a complementary client base, industry expertise and technology platform, since SSA GT and Ironside target mid-market manufacturers and distributors and both run on the IBM iSeries as well as Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX platforms. This technology-focused acquisition should offer additional functional extensions to SSA GT current customers and supports the Read More
Finding Time for Yourself, Your Family, and Your PDA
Analyst Analogy   In the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise's character—a workaholic sports agent—decides that he’s had enough of trying to sign as many

mother parkers  a wife and a mother who understands the need—and the importance—of balancing work time and family time. Sherry, Meet Jerry Being connected to our colleagues, suppliers, customers, etc., is an important part of business. Personal digital assistants (PDAs) have allowed us to do this more easily. PDAs (such as Palms, Pocket PCs, etc.), or combination PDA/cell phones (such as the SmartPhone, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.) have changed the way we do business. Because of its unique size, taking your PDA Read More
Jack Link's Beef Jerky Case Study:
Some companies want the benefits of new technology, such as RFID, on their timetable without a gun loaded with threats of lost customer sales, pointed at their

mother parkers  excuse probably was My mother made me do it. Forced by pressures being applied by their larger revenue generators, when it comes to RFID, some companies also are exclaiming, My customer made me do it. This clearly is not the case with Jack Link's Beef Jerky . Some companies are pulled into technology, dragging and screaming. (Can you say, Y2K? ) Others embrace new technology, wanting to be the first to enjoy the projective benefits. We should appreciate these early pioneers. Then there are companies Read More
The Impact of the 'Assembler Strategy' in the Enterprise Applications Field
Infor's latest acquisitions and vertically-focused

mother parkers  very functional and prosperous mother product portfolio has been left largely unattended by Infor for some time, owing to a spate of other acquisitions, especially within the now much larger discrete manufacturing and wholesale distribution groups. This is Part Four of the six-part series The Enterprise Applications Arms Race To Be Number Three . But any injustice in this regard has seemingly been rectified. For one thing, in late 2004, Infor acquired IncoDev Software-Entwicklung GmbH , Read More
Managing Global Trade Flows
In global trade, the flow of information must support the tracking and management of the goods to enable the secure and compliant entry and exit to and from

mother parkers  as a shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons requires special treatment. A GTM application should automatically identify and separate items that need to be processed through Fish and Wildlife or other agencies, and allow other non-Fish and Wildlife merchandise, to be cleared and moved. It should be able to create a separate entry for the Fish and Wildlife and only delay that portion of the shipment one day. Furthermore, once the system has assigned a code to a product, it will automatically attach the same Read More
Ambitious Plans and Promises: An Enterprise Software Vendor’s Open Course of Action
Infor has met several of its objectives with Infor Open SOA. The vendor has managed to resolve inherited customer retention issues, move forward with “green

mother parkers  poor management by the mother company (see Baan Company N.V.—Is the Worst Over? ), and then to subsequent mishandling, neglect, and abandonment by foster parent companies Invensys and SSA Global . Infor ERP Baan nonetheless remains a good functional fit (if it is kept up-to-date technologically and functionally) for manufacturers in such industries as automotive supply, industrial equipment and machinery, high-tech and electronics, component manufacturing (discrete products), project-based Read More
Infinium Returns To Its Core Competencies To Succeed Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
Despite solid horizontal ERP functionality, product flexibility, and very good customer service, Infinium's challenge remains its lack of mind share and brand

mother parkers  share. It is the mother of all Infinium's vertical solutions. The disastrous immediate impact that the events from September 11 have had in this industry also contributed to Infinium's dismal results in 2001. (See Part 1 of this article for the Financial Information) However, the revival seems to be on its way, and Infinium is likely far ahead of its competitors in providing a nearly 'one-stop-shop' to its prospects, given its early-to-market advantage and over 20 years of relevant experience. An Read More
Can You Hear Me Now: The True Role of Voice-directed Picking in Warehouse Management
Although voice-directed picking may take distributors to higher logistics levels someday, operations managers should try listening to their warehouse personnel

mother parkers  That's the way my mother and grandmother cook turkey. During Thanksgiving dinner, the husband asked his wife's mother why she cuts the legs off the turkey before putting it in the oven. His mother-in-law replied, That's how my mother cooks turkey. The husband moved down to the other end of the dinner table and asked his wife's grandmother, Why do you cut the legs off the turkey before putting it in the oven? The grandmother laughed and responded, I didn't always cook turkey that way. I had a small Read More
Leave No Farmer Behind
Insights on the evolving policies and socioeconomics of the two largest countries in the world--China and India--and the impact for global business.

mother parkers  both husband and wife (mother and father) having left the rural homestead for work in the city. Premier Wen Jiabao has recognized this issue in many policies focused on developing the rural areas, as well as recognitions of the comparative advantage of each region in China and what they have in terms of resources to develop an open world economic view. At the same time, China is focused at gaining the respect it feels it rightly deserves in the various western trade institutions, governments, press, Read More
Frankie Does ERP, Part 2
[Editor’s note: Frank is not a composite character. He is a real person, employed at a real company. I’ve changed certain identifying particulars at his request

mother parkers  and swearing at my mother. No, I didn’t have a good day. No, I generally don’t have good days. How do you explain to your 13-year-old daughter that your job has a lot in common with strychnine except that it’s rougher on the gut, that you’re really not up to your latest task, that there is something called an ERP which is of great significance to the people who are paying your salary, but not so significant that they’ve assigned the job of purchasing one to somebody who knows more about it than Read More
The Data Explosion
RFID and wireless usage will drive up data transactions by ten fold over the next few years. It is likely that a significant readdressing of the infrastructure

mother parkers  items, devices, and the mother ship! Tags can and will carry significantly more data—and will have significantly more power to do more stuff. And That Means Really Smart Devices S maller S marter F aster devices that can do hybrid work—like Intermec 's barcode and RFID enabled devices—are already in use in firms like Bayer, and applications that sit on these devices are vertical specific, driving intelligence in the hand . These devices are converged already—RFID enabled—and support personal Read More
Grape Escape 2010: Of Cloud & Angels, Fun & Games, and “In Vino Veritas” - Part 1
Every June over past several years, after the high season for traveling to major vendor events subsides, and before everyone takes their summer vacations, a

mother parkers  her clients like a mother bear of her cubs.” For her deep commitment and passion Judith in turn insists on the same unquestionable involvement from the client’s top management (i.e., “to walk the talk”), and I am aware of a couple of rare cases where she has walked away from the client (by not renewing her contract) for the lack of a CEO’s commitment/enthusiasm.  The combination of major technology news, vendors’ executive speakers and their executive customer speakers, 5-star food and wine Read More
Comparing Software Comparison Sites
A few online tools make it easy to compare criteria about software, side-by-side. Of course, you probably expect that I think TEC provides the mother of all

mother parkers  think TEC provides the mother of all evaluation tools for comparisons (true). But this is about some of the other guys. Two sites I like, which I recently came across might be useful to you if you’re scanning the horizon for high-level comparison info. The first is Opteros’s EOS Directory and the second is ITerating . Both approach the issue in different, complementary directions to TEC’s. Here’s a bit of what’s interesting about their approaches and why I think they can offer valuable supplemen Read More

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