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Data, Data Everywhere: A Special Report on Managing Information
The quantity of information in the world is soaring. Merely keeping up with, and storing new information is difficult enough. Analyzing it, to spot patterns and

manage public data  cart. This lets suppliers manage their stocks better. The technology enabled Wal-Mart to change the business model of retailing. In some cases it leaves stock management in the hands of its suppliers and does not take ownership of the products until the moment they are sold. This allows it to shed inventory risk and reduce its costs. In essence, the shelves in its shops are a highly efficiently managed depot. Another company that capitalises on real-time information flows is Li & Fung, one of the world's Read More

Web Content Management (WCM)
Web content management (WCM) systems manage content creation, review, and approval processes for web site content. This may include public Web sites (Internet) or private web sites (intranet or ext...
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Numerify Cloud Analytics Application Helps Companies Manage the
Numerify, a provider of cloud-based business analytics, has announced the general availability of an innovative cloud analytics platform to support the business

manage public data  technology (IT) organizations to manage the full range of an IT department’s operations including assets, services, call center data, project management, the back-office financials, and the human resources of its operations. The picture below depicts the scope of the Numerify solution, which is initially anchored on top of ServiceNow, a product used for IT service management. IT departments spend most of their time building out solutions to support other parts of a company. Sales and marketing have Read More
Optimizing Gross Margin over Continously Cleansed Data
Imperfect product data can erode your gross margin, frustrate both your customers and your employees, and slow new sales opportunities. The proven safeguards

manage public data  zone” to analyze and manage cost changes, whatever the vendor sends you goes into production. Either the problem is found when the customer calls and complains or when gross margin losses become large enough to have their own visibility. Duplicates in the database an operational nightmare for distributors. When distributor’s back office systems were primarily internal-facing, employees provided a buffer to the outside world for many data problems. Now, this data must be exposed to the outside world Read More
Human Capital Management for the Public Sector
In the face of shrinking budgets and increasing demands, public sector agencies must transform themselves into providers of value-added services. By developing

manage public data  financial systems, lets you manage countryspecific payroll processes, comply with current legal regulations, and meet agreement specifications in 45 countries worldwide. Optimize employee services delivery - Workforce assessment and deployment tools eliminate timeand cost-intensive manual processes. Transparent HR processes can be streamlined to reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies. Maximize staff skills and enhance productivity - Comprehensive learning management systems help expand staff Read More
E-mail Encryption: Protecting Data in Transit
Secure Mail is a plug-in that integrates into Microsoft Outlook. The main functions of Secure Mail are provided in the toolbar or the menu. It’s possible to pre

manage public data  manager is used to manage the recipients’ certificates. It allows S/MIME certificates to be manually searched for in a supported directory (LDAP, ADS, or HTTP). Certificates found in a directory can be copied into the local certificate cache of Secure Mail. This means they are available even if the directory service cannot be accessed. Certificates that are no longer needed can be deleted. 2.7. Settings The “Settings” dialog box allows users to change the configuration of Secure Mail. This section Read More
Data Quality Trends and Adoption
While much of the interest in data quality (DQ) solutions had focused on avoiding failure of data management-related initiatives, organizations now look to DQ

manage public data  avoiding failure of data management-related initiatives, organizations now look to DQ efforts to improve operational efficiencies, reduce wasted costs, optimize critical business processes, provide data transparency, and improve customer experiences. Read what DQ purchase and usage trends across UK and US companies reveal about DQ goals and drivers. Read More
Understanding the PCI Data Security Standard
The payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) defines a comprehensive set of requirements to enhance and enforce payment account data security in a

manage public data  PCI DSS include security management, policies, procedures, network architectures, software design and other protective measures. This standard is designed to provide proactive rather than passive protection. The PCI Security Standards Council documents 12 specific requirements spread across six distinct security principles. Build and Maintain a Secure Network Requirement 1: Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data Requirement 2: Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for Read More
Achieving a Successful Data Migration
The data migration phase can consume up to 40 percent of the budget for an application implementation or upgrade. Without separate metrics for migration, data

manage public data  costs, calibrate inventory, and manage storage facilities. Reusable integration components accelerate future projects, such as additional migrations to SAP and data warehousing. Leverage an Iterative, Flexible Project Management Methodology A data migration process is often doomed from the outset by one flawed assumption that migration is a one-time event that follows a sequential waterfall process of examining source data, examining the target, designing the transforms, and then building, testing, and Read More
Data Enrichment and Classification to Drive Data Reliability in Strategic Sourcing and Spend Analytics
Spend analytics and performance management software can deliver valuable insights into savings opportunities and risk management. But to make confident

manage public data  Spend analytics and performance management software can deliver valuable insights into savings opportunities and risk management. But to make confident decisions and take the right actions, you need more than just software—you also need the right data. This white paper discusses a solution to help ensure that your applications process reliable data so that your spend analyses and supplier risk assessments are accurate, trustworthy, and complete. Read More
Don't Be Overwhelmed by Big Data
Big Data. The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is abuzz with those two words. And while it’s understandable that the CPG world is excited by the prospect

manage public data  quality data acquisition and management. Read More
Addressing the Complexities of Remote Data Protection
As companies expand operations into new markets, the percentage of total corporate data in remote offices is increasing. Remote offices have unique backup and

manage public data  business; control to effectively manage their business, help minimize risk and protect their brand; and automation to help optimize their business, reduce the cost of operations and deliver new services more rapidly. Unlike IT-centric service management, Tivoli software delivers a common foundation for managing, integrating and aligning both business and technology requirements. Tivoli software is designed to quickly address an organization's most pressing service management needs and help proactively Read More
Governance from the Ground Up: Launching Your Data Governance Initiative
Although most executives recognize that an organization’s data is corporate asset, few organizations how to manage it as such. The data conversation is changing

manage public data  few organizations how to manage it as such. The data conversation is changing from philosophical questioning to hard-core tactics for data governance initiatives. This paper describes the components of data governance that will inform the right strategy and give companies a way to determine where and how to begin their data governance journeys. Read More
Enterprise Data Management: Migration without Migraines
Moving an organization’s critical data from a legacy system promises numerous benefits, but only if the migration is handled correctly. In practice, it takes an

manage public data  Data Management: Migration without Migraines Moving an organization’s critical data from a legacy system promises numerous benefits, but only if the migration is handled correctly. In practice, it takes an understanding of the entire ERP data lifecycle combined with industry-specific experience, knowledge, and skills to drive the process through the required steps accurately, efficiently, and in the right order. Read this white paper to learn more. Read More
The Advantages of Row- and Rack-oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers
The traditional room-oriented approach to data center cooling has limitations in next-generation data centers. Next-generation data centers must adapt to

manage public data  Lifecycle costs (TCO) Serviceability Manageability In this section, we review each of the above categories that users have identified, and focus on how the alternative architectures address key cooling challenges. The highest priority challenges are listed first under each category, and were determined by number of mentions combined priority expressed by the respondents. Agility challenges Data center users have identified the agility challenges shown in Table 1 as critical cooling-related issues. The Read More
Linked Enterprise Data: Data at the heart of the company
The data silos of today's business information systems (IS) applications, and the pressure from the current economic climate, globalization, and the Internet

manage public data  to learn how to manage and extract value from their data. Linked enterprise data (LED) combines the benefits of business intelligence (BI), master data management (MDM), service-oriented architecture (SOA), and search engines to create links among existing data, break down data walls, provide an open, secure, and long-term technological environment, and reduce complexity—read this white paper to find out how. Read More

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