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HR-Access vs SAP
HR-Access vs SAP
Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as HR-Access and SAP.

Oracle vs Access
Oracle vs Access
Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as Oracle and Access.

DB2 vs MS Access
DB2 vs MS Access
Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as DB2 and MS Access.

Documents related to » lightweight directory access protocol

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LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: Absalom Systems has provided more than 500 organizations with its ABSALOM human resources (HR) system for payroll-independent human resource information management. This modular web- and client/server-based solution has been implemented used in Australasian, Asian, and African organizations ranging from 40 to 25,000 employees. The ABSALOM HR solution for human capital management incorporates automated data tracking, strategic graphical analyses, and specialist support services.

4th Quarter Accounting Software

LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: 4Q is specially engineered to support the development of custom software using the 4th Dimension® (4D) database environment. 4th Quarter’s patented


LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: AccountMate accounting modules are available for LAN, Microsoft SQL, and MSDE. These different versions help a business to evolve from a single user system to a powerful and sophisticated multi-user SQL database network. AccountMate can help manage global operations with multi-currency capabilities and a built-in translation engine for multi-lingual businesses. A wide variety of independently developed programs are also available to further tailor AccountMate software to specific industries. AccountMate products are sold worldwide through their authorized resellers.

Automate BPM

LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: Automate BPM combines a forms engine, a rules engine, and a state-based workflow engine in a tightly integrated application development and deployment platform. Automate BPM forms can display standard data fields as well as graphical components such as meters, traffic signals, bar charts, pie charts, x/y plots, and polar plots. Rules can be defined to reconfigure a form based on user inputs, workflow status, or external conditions. The rules engine allows complex business rules to be decomposed into simple, atomic rules and then manages their interactions to give rise to the application's dynamic behavior. The state engine tracks workflow status and automatically generates relevant user tasks. Similarly, obsolete tasks are automatically removed without requiring manual intervention or customization. As a result, business processes can adapt in real time to changes in the business environment. By removing the need to define tasks and their complex interdependencies up front, this new approach significantly speeds up application development and reduces total cost of ownership. Customers have used Automate BPM to build and deploy solutions including help desk management, executive decision support, US Department of Defense (DoD) action tracking, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting, and supply chain optimization. With Design Studio IDE, an entire application can be built through drag-and-drop operations. Automate BPM is fully web-based and service-oriented architecture (SOA)-ready, and supports all major operating systems, databases, and web browsers.

Arena PLM

LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: Arena PLM is delivered over the Internet as a secure service and facilitates outsourcing, operational efficiency, and time-to-market for product manufacturers of complex products, and global outsourced supply chains. Arena helps the adoption of product lifecycle management (PLM) across companies at all stages of development by offering a suite of on demand PLM solutions such as, Arena PLM Workgroup Edition for entry-level PLM, and Arena PLM Professional Edition for full-featured advanced PLM needs.

CanMap Product Suite 

LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: The CanMap Product Suite from DMTI Spatial (DMTI) provides a wide selection of richly detailed location content that is core to deriving location intelligence from mission-critical decision support systems. For more than a decade, DMTI has refined the coverage, maintenance frequency, and overall product quality of the CanMap Product Suite line.

Xactly Compel

LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: In 2004, recognizing the need for automated sales compensation management in the mid-market and the potential of the software as a service (SaaS) delivery model, Centive began development of a new sales compensation system. That system was designed to meet the budget and functional requirements of the mid-market, targeting customers with fewer than 4,000 payees. This new on-demand, multi-tenant solution, Centive Compel, was launched as a beta version in 2004, and was in full production by May 2005.Besides calculations of sales commissions and bonuses, Compel also provides executives, sales managers, and sales representatives with visibility into attainment, ranking, and commission earnings data.Compel features integration with salesforce.com and other customer relationship management (CRM) systems to enable sales representatives and their managers to forecast commission earnings based on opportunities in their pipeline.


LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: AddonSoftware™ is a cost-effective, modular system for manufacturing, distribution, and general accounting.  AddonSoftware Version 7 is the result of more than 20 years of development. The system is used by over 4,000 businesses in the United States. AddonSoftware includes all common accounting modules and supports the following features: source code for applications included at no additional charge; graphical and character interfaces with the same set of programs; multi-company processing and consolidation; multiple budgets; multi-warehouse inventories; comprehensive lot and serial number tracking; on-line help. It is platform-independent – runs on Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

Collaborative Application Framework

LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: The Sockeye CAF technology platform enables adaptive supply chain collaboration, which is a supply chain transformation methodology for reaching throughout the supply network to gain competitive differentiation. This methodology addresses the needs of complex trading networks.Adaptive supply chain collaboration requires a versatile, robust, and flexible technology platform. Sockeye has utilized a combination of technology concepts and advanced open standards to obtain scalable and robust application performance. Characteristics of the Sockeye platform are:1. Configurable application templates2. Dynamic meta-schema versioning3. Persistence of the collaborative workflow4. Agent based framework

Application Lifecycle Maintenance

LIGHTWEIGHT DIRECTORY ACCESS PROTOCOL: Lionbridge offers scalable application development and maintenance solutions that include custom software development, code enhancements, and legacy systems maintenance. Through multiple, low-cost development center options in India, Ireland, and China, Lionbridge uses a five-stage process to move critical IT activities offshore. In India, its mature, yet flexibel process frameworks have achieved a Software Capability Maturity Model level® 5 rating. 

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