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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » it unified financial processes streamline operations

Managing Risk through Financial Processes: Embedding Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Initiatives to automate and streamline financial processes often focus more on reducing costs than adding value. Adding the kind of value you should have in

it unified financial processes streamline operations  Activities and Processes | IT Unified Financial Processes Streamline Operations | IT Financial Process Optimization | IT Financial Processes Accounts Receivable | IT Piece Flow in Financial Processes | IT Content Financial Processes | IT Business and Finance Clients to Build | Financial Processes IT | Looking for Financial Processes IT | Speeds Financial Process IT | Financial Process Automation IT | Financial Processes Increases IT | Improving Your Financial Processes IT | Audit of Key Financial Read More...
Reducing Costs with Efficient Operations: A Fast Track to More Working Capital
Untamed costs can deplete the precious working capital that’s critical to your ongoing operations. But, you can get a handle on costs by taking steps to improve

it unified financial processes streamline operations  fulfill an order when it should take a day, your faster competitors will seize the advantage. Order fulfillment is an example of a key cycle that can be compromised by inefficiencies from many sides – such as order entry, picking and packing, delivery service, and staff training and scheduling. Rather than trying to evaluate and overhaul each step separately, you can quickly achieve superior processes by using a unified business system. You’ll bring best practices, speed, accuracy, and efficiency to Read More...
Unified Planning and Consolidation
Executive teams are under great pressure to maximize profitability, reduce costs, minimize risk, and improve stakeholder confidence. To be effective, they need

it unified financial processes streamline operations  planning and consolidation processes. It lets you align operational plans with corporate goals, initiatives, and metrics defined using the SAP BusinessObjects Strategy Management application. You execute to plan, understand risk factors, and have the financial resources budgeted to support all initiatives. SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation is designed for all business users, providing personalized, role-based access to functionality that is: User focused Process centric Unified   User Read More...
4 Key Steps to Automate IT Security Compliance
An unprecedented wave of security breaches has led to the establishment of technical standards, IT governance frameworks and laws designed to improve and

it unified financial processes streamline operations  location. All teams within IT need a unified compliance approach that supports the specific role of each team while supporting the segregation of duties between them. The benefits of the SaaS approach, which is the foundation of Qualys award-winning vulnerability management and policy compliance system, include: A Trusted Third Party that yields reliable data. Because all host compliance data and policies are securely stored by QualysGuard® and not subject to manipulation, auditors trust the integrity Read More...
NetSuite SRP—Catering to Both Service and Product Companies
At SuiteWorld 2014, NetSuite announced its new services resource planning (SRP) solution, which addresses all the needs of both services- and product- based

it unified financial processes streamline operations  (IT) services, and consulting. It also targets product-based businesses such as software companies with embedded services teams that deliver implementation and consulting services, or resellers of hardware supported by service offerings.   For software companies, NetSuite''s SRP delivers project budgeting to manage and analyze project finances with advanced project accounting software, from bid preparation through T&E tracking to client billing and internal charge-back. There is also functionality to Read More...
Soffront Presents Enterprise CRM 10.0
Soffront Software Inc., launched version 10.0 of its customer relationship management (CRM) solution, with a complete technology upgrade to the latest version

it unified financial processes streamline operations  launched version 10.0 of its customer relationship management (CRM) solution , with a complete technology upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft .NET, a renewed user interface, and support for easier integration with third-party applications. In addition, Soffront CRM is now browser agnostic—all major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, can support it. While the solution can be deployed either in the cloud or on premises, Soffront emphasized that it  supports both Read More...
Oracle Claims The Worst Is Over And Turns To KISS For A Boost Part 3: The Challenge of Gaining Competitive Advantage
Increased competitive pressure on many fronts, and lingering mixed perceptions about the 11i Applications suite, leaves Oracle at a crossroads for sustaining

it unified financial processes streamline operations  the small business market. It also announced changes to appeal to its larger customers, as well as its quarterly financial results. This is Part Three of a three-part article on recent Oracle announcements. Part One contained the details of the announcements. Part Two began an analysis of the Market Impact. This part continues the analysis and adds User Recommendations. The Challenge of Gaining Competitive Advantage  The question is where can any one gain the competitive advantage and differentiation Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing-Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (based on Dynamics AX)
Special industry machinery manufacturing is considered one of the most demanding segments of discrete manufacturing, in part because every machine you

it unified financial processes streamline operations  Integrate your business applications with product lifecycle management (PLM), product data management (PDM) & computer-aided design (CAD). Create and manage complex bids and quotations. Master complex engineer-to-order processes. Provide strong customer service and support. Integrate your business applications with computer-aided design (CAD), product data management (PDM), and product lifecycle management (PLM). Focus on lean project-based manufacturing Read More...
Spring Brings New Growth To Manhattan Associates
Good execution in the wake of Y2K brings record revenue and earnings for Manhattan Associates in its first quarter.

it unified financial processes streamline operations  dot-coms for several years, it has suffered from lack of a well-defined Internet product strategy (see TEC note, Transition for Manhattan Associates Necessary for Long Term Growth ). President and CEO, Richard Haddrill is overseeing Manhattan''s Internet development, which is finally underway after a period of stagnation in the latter part of 1999. Haddrill was appointed to replace Chairman Alan Dabbiere in October 1999 amid a broad restructuring of the company''s operations. There is a low probability Read More...
Interelate: More on Tap Than Apps
Interelate, a customer intelligence ASP, recently announced partnerships with infrastructure service provider LoudCloud and CRM analytics vendor E.piphany

it unified financial processes streamline operations  data systems and processing it through Interelate''s analytics platform. The offering consists of two components. The first is hosted applications from vendors such as E.piphany and Net Perceptions. The second is expert data cleansing and analysis so the data processed by the applications is actionable for the client. Interelate recently announced packaged services in three industry verticals for its Global 2000 clients: E-Commerce - A service designed to enhance customer acquisition and loyalty by Read More...
The Truth about Agent versus Agentless Monitoring
Monitoring servers, environments (physical and virtual), platforms (AIX, Solaris, Windows, VMware, HP/UX, Linux, Novell), applications (e-mail, Web, CRM, ERP, e

it unified financial processes streamline operations  agreements) is critical for IT departments. But it can be a daunting task to find the right monitoring solution. This paper examines the differences between agent and agentless monitoring, to help you make the right decision. Read More...
Frost & Sullivan
Frost @ Sullivan is a growth consulting firm providing market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting, and corporate training. The industries it works

it unified financial processes streamline operations  corporate training. The industries it works with include information technology, automotive, and healthcare. Read More...
Rational Emphasizes Web Site Development Content Management
Web sites are very public, putting the brand and image of a company out there on the site for all to see. Companies need to be sure they have a firm grip on

it unified financial processes streamline operations  code and content that IT managers have employed in testing and implementing application software development. IT managers use software configuration management systems to keep software development teams coordinated. These systems make it practical for a single release to incorporate the results of the simultaneous processes of fixing bugs and adding features by different development groups. With web sites, the product that must be controlled contains both code and site content. Content gets created and Read More...
KronosWorks 2011: Beyond Time Clocks for Modern Workforce Management
Kronos, the company that introduced the first micro-processor time clock in the 1970s, knows how tricky workforce management (WFM) can be. In this article, TEC

it unified financial processes streamline operations  Kronos Mobile must overcome IT department hurdles to enhance its use: security and how to ensure that companies are not paying for employees'' private use of mobile devices.   Other Noteworthy Product Releases Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition Version 8.8 and Version 9 of the selection and hiring solution reflect Kronos'' continued commitment to providing customers with a unified hourly and salaried, role-based solution to meet their recruiting needs. As of the Workforce Acquisition 8.7 release, the Read More...
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