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Next-generation EDI: Time to Upgrade from Outdated Technology?
As a mid-market company, you’ve been using electronic data interchange (EDI) for a number of years. It saves time and money—and most importantly, your trading

it technology demand generation  Over the years, changing IT priorities, resource availability, vendor support issues and other factors may have created a fragile EDI infrastructure in your company. Combine those technology issues with the behavior of some EDI software vendors who continue to raise prices and sunset products with no real migration path, and suddenly the costs of EDI begin to outweigh the benefits. There are alternatives - both new and exciting technologies to streamline EDI processes from software companies that build Read More...
War Looms in the On-demand CRM Market (and Beyond)-But Will You Profit from It?
Salesforce.com is now an almost unstoppable force in the world of on-demand customer relationship management. However, it may be the architect of its own

it technology demand generation  , while in 2006, it acquired the handheld/mobile computing software company Sendia , and Kieden , a software provider for managing Google AdWords -based marketing campaigns. Most recently, Salesforce.com acquired InStranet , a provider of knowledge management (KM) technology for business–to-consumer (B2C) call centers. This event deserves a blog post on its own (look for that down the track) due to the crucial importance of the KM tools and because of InStranet''s on-premise nature (which flies in the Read More...
Facilities Management is Moving Forward with Technology
Information is one of the most valuable resources for facilities management departments, so it’s essential to have a process that lets you achieve full value

it technology demand generation  Facilities Management System | IT Facilities Management Technology | IT Facilities Management Training | IT Facilities Management Trends | IT Facilities Manager | IT Facilities Property Management | IT Facility Maintenance Management | IT Open Source Facilities Management | IT Retail Facilities Management | IT Total Facilities Management | IT Facilities Management Benchmarking | IT Facilities Management Salary | IT Facilities Management Capabilities | IT Free Facilities Management | IT Facility Read More...
Leveraging Technology to Maintain a Competitive Edge during Tough Economic Times -- A Panel Discussion Analyzed Part Five: Profitability and Changing Existing IT Systems
Every technology deployment should be about improving business. Old software hardly ever dies; however, old technology may become too costly to operate, which

it technology demand generation  smarter business practices will it indirectly improve profitability. Technology can always help to implement new processes and instill some structure and consistency, though. Furthermore, some solutions can also enable practices, like design collaboration, customer base trends'' profiling, supply chain visibility and problems monitoring, and so on that can be done in new ways and unlock new value. However, every technology deployment should be about improving business. Many technologies can bring Read More...
Technology Enablers for the Lean Supply Chain
Transforming an enterprise to a lean supply chain requires both enabling technology and discipline. By following some specific guidelines to extend lean

it technology demand generation  data and respond to it in a timely fashion, even in real-time if necessary. This means that data must be gathered from critical inflection points from the primary customer contact point, through the supply chain process flow, to the shop floor, and back again. Event management and intelligent response take on more significance, as enterprises extend their focus from solely cost control to opportunistic revenue generation. For this to happen, enterprises must anticipate and respond to pull demand Read More...
On-demand Product Life Cycle Management: Not Just for Small to Medium Businesses Anymore
Product lifecycle management (PLM) is set to transition to an on-demand model. On-demand models are quicker and cheaper to deploy, but software providers must

it technology demand generation  fiscal year (FY)2005. Moreover, it has been recognized by Industry Week ( December 5th, 2005 issue ) as a notable technology innovator. It offers three editions of its PLM software suite. The first of these accommodates small work groups. A Professional Edition offering a full complement of features is aimed at mid-sized companies. An Enterprise Edition is offered for larger companies. The Enterprise Edition has no limit to the number of direct users or supplier users, and can scale to accommodate over Read More...
State of the Market: on-Demand Business Intelligence Solutions
Find out how the companies you re targeting are approaching SaaS-based BI solutions in On-demand Business Intelligence Solutions.

it technology demand generation  state market demand business intelligence solutions,state,market,demand,business,intelligence,solutions,market demand business intelligence solutions,state demand business intelligence solutions,state market business intelligence solutions,state market demand intelligence solutions. Read More...
Technology Vendor--Can You Afford Credibility?
For Technology vendors, credibility is the ability to sell. Credibility is vital, is hard to build, and easy to lose. Building credibility doesn''t have to be

it technology demand generation  that they can make it happen). Third party messengers have still greater credibility. These include consultants, the press, analysts, and others. The highest credibility messengers you have are your customers. Within both the third party and customer messengers, some are more credible than others for the particular individual receiving the message. Does the individual know the messenger; does the individual trust the messenger? These third party and customer distinctions are both subtle and meaningful. Read More...
Eagle Technology
Eagle Technology, Inc. was founded in 1986 and is based in Mequon, Wisconsin (US). The company provides maintenance software for different sizes of operations

it technology demand generation  a fully-featured enterprise solution. It has customers in more than twenty-five countries. Eagle Technology services a diverse cross-section of industries ranging from manufacturing; healthcare; local, state, and federal governments; and the public school system and it internationally markets its products through distributors and direct sales. Eagle Technology offers installation assistance, technical support, and on- or off-site training options. Read More...
Predictive Demand Supply
If you''re in the supply chain business, right up there with Newton''s law of gravity stands Murphy''s other law stipulating that demand and supply, if left to

it technology demand generation  learned to predict what it personally means to us (jump out of a tree and down you go!), and so we readily know how to avoid its negative effects (don''t jump!). With demand and supply (D/S) imbalances, while we all recognize the symptoms (backorders, extended lead times, irate customers, etc.), Murphy, unlike Newton, never seems to give us advance warning or enlighten us on how to avoid falling into their trap. Further adding to the D/S fulfillment dilemma, sales and operations do not inherently share a Read More...
Harvest Technology Group, Inc.
Harvest Technology Group (Harvest) Solution allows enterprises to automate business processes, collaborate across IT and business boundaries, control the

it technology demand generation  business processes, collaborate across IT and business boundaries, control the overall state of the business and adapt rapidly and easily to change. The Harvest Solution is a unique offering that provides continued document process improvement by developing a multi-phase, fully integrated system by which your organization can manage. Harvest’s product combines a complimentary, enterprise-wide solution framework for transforming your business into an efficient organization. Our consulting services are Read More...
Engate Technology

it technology demand generation  Technology
Riverbed Technology
Riverbed is a provider of application performance infrastructure solutions, delivering a complete platform for location-independent computing. Riverbed@s

it technology demand generation  business, and maximize employee productivity. Read More...
Supply Chain RFID: How It Works and Why It Pays

it technology demand generation  Chain RFID: How It Works and Why It Pays Read More...
Celerant Technology Corp.
Celerant Technology@s Omni-Channel solutions expertly manage all aspects of a retail operation and are designed to ensure that your business runs smoothly

it technology demand generation  Island, New York (US), with additional US offices in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Read More...

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