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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions (sometimes known as quote-to-order, or Q2O, systems) help drive sales effectiveness by supporting configuration and pricing activities and the generat...
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Aligning Business with IT through IT Portfolio Management and IT Governance
When business uncertainties are frequent and compliance with regulations is mandatory, it can be a challenge to keep information technology (IT) synchronized

it support costs roi  Viability: Vendor viability if it is a COTS product or requires specific support from a third party vendor Disaster Recovery: Is the application an integral part of the disaster recovery plan Resource Availability : Is there a dearth of resources in the industry Technology viability: Is the technology outdated or will get outdated in the near future.   THE IMPORTANCE OF AN OPTIMIZED APPLICATION INVENTORY The application inventory acts as a quick reference for the organization providing an insight of the Read More...
Is ROI King In Evaluating IT Investments? Part 1. Should We Make the Investment?
IT managers should recognize that cash flow measurements are being increasingly used to evaluate IT investments, even though initial estimates of cash flows

it support costs roi  projected period of time it will have a positive cash flow impact. Look for revenue generating opportunities. Some projects may work to free working capital. Projects that increase inventory turns fall into this category. Other projects may help generate more sales. Projects that improve sales information, manage inventory, or shorten the order-to-cash process may have revenue-generating potential. Consider the impact of support costs. If the new technology will require less in terms of staff support, Read More...
No Yawn Intended: Enterprise Applications Giant Introduces a Mid-tier Support Choice
Many market observers might yawn at SAP''s recent Premium Support announcement, but users increasingly appreciate more choice and certainty, and may take notice

it support costs roi  to optimize the user''s IT environment, support infrastructure, or business processes; potential risks and opportunities are identified, and the customer receives a formal report and individual plan for improvements. SAP pledges to provide Customer Competency Center (CCC) setup advice in the assessment section. Assisting customers in optimizing their CCC operation is a strong component of the assessment provided as part of Premium Support. As a corollary, support advisors can also assist the customer with Read More...
Whose ROI is it Anyway? Part One: Introduction
With growing frequency, we hear business and IT managers asking a technology vendor to

it support costs roi  a difficult market, because it has a very clear ROI story. The company''s software addresses needs—digital identity management and security—that top the priority list in many corporations and government agencies. Customers are pre-disposed to buy. This executive noted that his firm generally does not provide the ROI justification directly to prospective customers. Rather, they refer prospects to a select list of customers who are pleased to tout the ROI benefits they have achieved. When companies Read More...
Taking Multilingual Support to the Next Level
Product managers in product companies are trying to develop applications that support multilingual functionality. Multinational corporations use multilingual

it support costs roi  a transaction or block it depending upon the outcome of verifications being implemented against various hot lists. Having been built with a fairly sophisticated level of multilingual support this application supported the extended character set of national languages of all the European countries complying with SEPA. Therefore, it was able to handle German umlauts and other accent symbols in various European languages. For example, it could treat the German name Müller differently from Muller , which Read More...
SAP Support - From Reactive to Proactive
I recently attended the SAP Active Global Support (AGS) Analyst Summit in Costa Mesa, California, along with a member of TEC’s software selection services team.

it support costs roi  the company means that it is well positioned to provide more proactive support solutions to its customers now and into the future. For example, if you collect data that says 20% of your customers are doing unneeded customizations in an area, as a vendor, you can create an on-line tutorial and send it directly to that customer list and tell them how to correct the issue. There are numerous examples where this type of predictive support could be something SAP not only sells but uses to their own Read More...
Spinnaker Support Announces New SAP Third-party Maintenance Customer
Spinnaker Support, a a provider of third-party maintenance for JD Edwards and SAP products, announced D+M Group as its latest customer. This win has multiple

it support costs roi  customer). In that sense, it must be exciting for Spinnaker to have a customer that has “crossed-over” to the third-party maintenance world. Sometimes the initial leap to stop receiving support from the ERP vendor itself can be the most difficult for a company using ERP. This win certainly adds to Spinnaker’s cred in the market. TEC blog post (Aug 2012): “Out of Touch” ERP Vendors Means Third-party Support Is Here to Stay Read More...
Decision Support Systems -- Overview and Case Studies
Decison support systems range from simple electronic filing cabinets to complex data intensive and analytically sophisticated executive information systems

it support costs roi  primer provides an overview with real case studies. Read More...
Supply Chain RFID: How It Works and Why It Pays

it support costs roi  Chain RFID: How It Works and Why It Pays Read More...
Is It Time to Purchase a New ERP?
For decades, enterprise resource planning (ERP) replacement has been compared to brain surgery: You just don''t do it unless the patient is dying. So how do you

it support costs roi  It Time to Purchase a New ERP? For decades, enterprise resource planning (ERP) replacement has been compared to brain surgery: You just don''t do it unless the patient is dying. So how do you know when it really is the time to invest in a new ERP system? Download this white paper to find out. Read More...
Focus on Process to Reduce Your Recruiting Costs
Need to reduce recruiting costs in your organization? This executive brief provides several ideas on how to reduce those costs while still driving exceptional

it support costs roi  Process to Reduce Your Recruiting Costs Need to reduce recruiting costs in your organization? This executive brief provides several ideas on how to reduce those costs while still driving exceptional business by employing creative recruiting strategies and combining them with the right technology. Read More...
Time to Value and ROI from BI: The QlikView Customer Experience
The impact of technology projects on organizations is increasingly under scrutiny. The purpose of return on investment (ROI) analysis is to provide a financial

it support costs roi  provide a financial metric with which to measure such projects and provide a like-for-like comparison between initiatives that may have very different justifications and business benefits. This IDC Whitepaper provides a ROI analysis of the QlikView business intelligence (BI) solution. Read More...
Should It Be Renamed ''Unobtainium''?
Reports indicate that Intel will delay the release of its 64-bit ''Itanium'' processor yet again.

it support costs roi  It Be Renamed ''Unobtainium''? Should It Be Renamed ''Unobtainium''? R. Krause - August 2, 2000 Event Summary Intel executives have said in a financial briefing during July that Intel will push back the release of its 64-bit Itanium processor (formerly known as Merced ), recently slated for October, 2000, by a quarter. This means the first Itanium-based products should not arrive until early in 2001 - somewhat later than the original schedule of 1999. The first products are expected to be servers and Read More...
IT Investments and Business Value
The view of technology has evolved over time—from a strategic enabler and a competitive weapon to an operational overhead. IT projects that come in over budget

it support costs roi  to an operational overhead. IT projects that come in over budget and with missed deadlines and lackluster results do not help matters. It is up to the CIOs to restore the perception of IT in the enterprise, by understanding the company’s goals and showing business leaders how IT projects and services can help reach them faster. Read More...

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