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Documents related to » it preferred systems maintenance

Maintenance Scheduling 101
Many organizations have tried to address their maintenance scheduling woes by introducing new and sometimes very advanced technologies. The reality is that trying to automate something that's broken will cause even more frustration and finger-pointing.

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: was present and replace it if it was down. They could also perform visual inspections as well as touch and feel components for heat and vibration, and check for abnormal noise, smell, and any process leakage. As a result, Operations started playing a more active role in ensuring the proper performance of their equipment. They would inspect safety guards around couplings and shafts and would report any abnormalities to the shift mechanic or to the shift electrician who would then determine the severity of

Service Parts Planning for Maintenance Management » The TEC Blog
or later; and 2. it will eventually become obsolete. It is common knowledge that when your equipment becomes obsolete, you need to replace it and when they break, they need to be repaired. Furthermore, one would expect companies to always have spare parts available for repairs, but it is not always the case. Let’s take a look at why this may happen. Why is it so hard to have the right part at the right time? First of all, it doesn’t make sense to store parts in your inventory mainly because of the inv

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What Are the Support and Maintenance Options?
Enterprise software licensees do have a choice when it comes to software support and maintenance (S&M) providers, with several, less expensive options existing for any company that is considering discontinuing S&M for an application product.

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: have several choices when it comes to software S&M providers. Any company considering terminating S&M of an application product should first talk to its current vendor to fully understand its options, which are as follows: Continue the status quo —a user company can always continue to pay the maintenance fee to the vendor, meaning the user enterprise can defer its decision to discontinue S&M each year, especially if the user company is expecting some tangible value by remaining on the contract. For inst

Continuous Improvement Offers CMMS Maintenance Benefits
Computer maintenance management system (CMMS) packages are excellent tools for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data and can offer insight into a process’ problem. Critical success factors for the effective use for the CMMS involves clear support from management and measurable drivers involving time, quality, and cost.

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: a process problem. Secondly, it can provide some clues as to what needs to be done to solve each problem. Critical success factors Focusing on process improvement through the use of your CMMS requires the following: op management provides clear support; well-defined objectives and performance targets to ensure alignment with the maintenance operations and engineering strategies; line workers and managers are directly involved in the improvement process; highly trained and motivated change agents are dev

Spinnaker Support Announces New SAP Third-party Maintenance Customer » The TEC Blog
customer). In that sense, it must be exciting for Spinnaker to have a customer that has “crossed-over” to the third-party maintenance world. Sometimes the initial leap to stop receiving support from the ERP vendor itself can be the most difficult for a company using ERP. This win certainly adds to Spinnaker’s cred in the market. TEC blog post (Aug 2012): “Out of Touch” ERP Vendors Means Third-party Support Is Here to Stay Share This   Read More     --> Trackback Address     Tags:

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: industry watch, SAP, third party ERP maintenance, third party support and maintenance, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

EAM Software Head-to-Head: Infor, IFS and Maintenance Connection
Simply clickhere and find out how all three rank based on your company sunique needs and functional requirements.

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: needs and functional requirements. It s fast, free—and you ll get the results immediately! Click below to start your custom EAM comparison now! Start Your EAM Comparison Infor EAM IFS Applications Maintenance Connection Onsite/Online For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 514-954-3665, ext.367. Special Offer Files 2012
4/19/2012 10:00:00 AM

Maintenance Connection Onsite/Online for CMMS-EAM Certification Report
Maintenance Connection Onsite/Online product certification report. Assisted online evaluation of CMMS-EAM solutions. Maintenance Connection Onsite/Online (v. 5.0) is TEC Certified for online evaluation of computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)–enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions in the Asset Management Evaluation Center. The certification seal is a valuable indicator for organizations relying on the integrity of TEC research for assistance with their software selection projects. Download this report for product highlights, competitive analysis, product analysis, and in-depth analyst commentary.

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11/7/2011 4:02:00 PM

The Change of Guard at Plex Systems » The TEC Blog
and Accel Partners , it was not too surprising to hear about the early 2013 appointment of technology industry veteran Jason Blessing as the company’s chief executive officer (CEO) . Such appointments and company stewardships typically come at a time when a company is entering its next growth phase or is being taken to the next level. Blessing joins Plex Systems from Oracle , where he was senior vice president (SVP) of application development. Previously, he held a variety of executive roles at Taleo ,

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: cloud based ERP vendor, cloud based manufacturing ERP provider, Jason Blessing, Plex CEO, plex online, plex systems, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Bigfoot CMMS, Web-Based Maintenance Software

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: Grow a Family Business with ERP Software
9/25/2013 12:07:00 PM

What Is the Value Proposition of Support and Maintenance?
Mature systems in any enterprise require an approach different from newer implementations to software support—one that focuses on customization, interoperability, and performance support. Yet despite this fact, most vendors continue to offer the same one-size-fits-all models of support.

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: would like to buy it (support, bug fixes, regulatory updates, and even enhancements) from a third party. The majority of respondents though (75 percent) still preferred to stay with their current vendors. This is part three of the series Will User Enterprises Ever Get onto an Easy (Support and Maintenance) Street? In part four, alternatives to the traditional vendor support and maintenance agreements that are now available to user enterprises will be looked at.

Epicor Software Acquires Solarsoft Business Systems » The TEC Blog
enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI). It will be interesting to see how Epicor will leverage the technologies that became available. Epicor will probably try to enhance its current process manufacturing–oriented offerings. Since both Epicor ERP and two Solarsoft products— iVP and Tropos ERP—were recently certified by TEC, you can download detailed reports and get your own measure of the deal. TEC Certification Reports Epicor solutions Solarsoft iVP Solarsoft Tropos Share This   Read More

IT PREFERRED SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE: discrete manufacturing ERP, Epicor, industry watch, manufacturing execution system, mixed mode manufacturing ERP, process manufacturing erp, solarsoft, Solarsoft iVP, Solarsoft Tropos, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

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