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PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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IT Investment Decision Making: Getting to
Many technology sales cycles get bogged down in the IT department. But while it is unlikely that a sale will get anywhere without IT management buy-in, IT

it make investment decision  Term Investment Decision | IT Make Better Investment Decisions | IT Make Informed Investment Decisions | IT Make Investment Decision | IT Moving Investment Decisions | IT Optimal Investment Decision | IT Own Investment Decisions | IT Optimum Investment Decision | IT Personal Investment Decisions | IT Project Investment Decisions | IT Public Investment Decisions | IT Real Investment Decision | IT Right Investment Decisions | IT Smart Investment Decisions | IT Social Investment Decisions | IT Strategic Read More...
A Case Study and Tutorial in Using IT Knowledge Based Tools Part 1: Decision Support Discussion
In going through a business decision process for complex technology selections, more and more use is being made of technologically driven processes using

it make investment decision  five major flaws in IT solutions selection: Methodologies do not adequately represent the value propositions that need to be met for each business case. The depth of information (content) is inadequate. The processing is done from a features and functions level, not a business objectives and required capabilities level The processes to uncover and make sense of content are inadequate. Vendor client match methods lacks appropriate internal processes. This often leaves many good niche players swamped by Read More...
The Return on Investment of IP Telephony Management
Managing a newly deployed voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) integration project is not as easy as some IT managers believe it to be. Delivering voice traffic

it make investment decision  better than TDM. Many IT managers view that task as much easier than it actually is. As such, they don’t spend enough time evaluating management and monitoring tools, nor do they budget appropriately—until they have had enough problems to force them into a quick purchase to solve an urgent problem. In reviewing overall costs of IP telephony, Nemertes has found the financial figures behind buying IP telephony management/monitoring tools—or managed services that do the same—are very compelling. Read More...
6 IT Resolutions You Can’t Afford NOT to Make for 2009
Yes, we know everyone had a great New Years party. We saw the ball drop from Big Apple, watched celebrations all over the globe, and optimistically made the

it make investment decision  IT Resolutions You Can’t Afford NOT to Make for 2009 Yes, we know everyone had a great New Years party. We saw the ball drop from Big Apple, watched celebrations all over the globe, and optimistically made the same old New Year resolutions again. But what about the resolution for your industry and the global economy in general? What does the dawn of 2009 have for your industry? Let’s evaluate some of the events which will mold the fortune of many organizations in 2009. As the sun was setting for Read More...
How to Embrace CRM and Make it Succeed in Your Organization
Customer relationship management (CRM) is growing in importance as a competitive tool. However, a successful CRM solution must consider many factors, including

it make investment decision  the people who live it and make it work on a daily basis. People resist change, so the goal is to manage the paradigm shift to have them confront the change head on. They must fully understand why the change is happening and why it is in their personal self-interest to adopt the changes. People generally don''t let go until they know they are getting something better. A key success factor is to manage the system''s impact on the people who live it and make it work on a daily basis. Change has an effect Read More...
Analyzing Manhattan Associates’ Supply Chain Platform Play - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed Manhattan Associates’ innovative Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP)-based applications, such as Supply Chain Intelligence

it make investment decision  (PO) and shipment throughout its lifecycle and allocates incoming inventory according to current network inventory needs. Optimization can come from orchestrating cross-channel inventory flow management within a DC, and from fulfilling (shipping) customer orders straight from inbound flow points. On the sales side, DOM can provide real-time  available to promise (ATP)  figures and perform necessary sourcing, allocation, and scheduling actions. The module also does order lifecycle tracking (via tracking Read More...
“Big Data” in the Age of Mass Customization and Product Proliferation
Many organizations struggle to make sense of their big data owing partly to product proliferation. Traditional analytics and data management tools simply do not

it make investment decision  partly to product proliferation. Traditional analytics and data management tools simply do not provide visibility into the sheer number of product variants and options available as well as customer buying trends. See how Emcien’s pattern-based analytics enables analysis of customer buying patterns so that companies can improve the customer experience and increase profits. Read More...
Tohono O''odham Gaming Authority
To ensure the integrity of the Tohono O’odham Indian Nation, the gaming authority is held accountable to the Native American Tribal Government. The gaming

it make investment decision  a unique fashion as it allows employees to carry over benefits from year to year and even receive accruals for accruals. Read More...
Integrated Innovation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
As one of the very early adopters of Microsoft products and technologies, Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to use Microsoft products and technologies to help

it make investment decision  need when they need it so they can make timely, informed decisions. The Microsoft SQL Server Option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides analysis and reporting services so it’s easier for employees to access, extract and analyze business data and information quickly so they make sound decisions faster. Employee Portal for Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses Microsoft SharePoint technology to save employees time by giving them instant access to the information they need to do their job. Salespeople can access Read More...
IBM Emptoris v10, Smarter Commerce, and Strategic Sourcing
Emptoris has been part of IBM for about 20 months, and we’re coming up on the close of its first full fiscal year under the IBM label. Since the acquisition

it make investment decision  a “new market that it estimates will grow to $20 billion in software alone by 2015”. IBM’s focuses are on four key growth initiatives (Smarter Planet, Growth Markets, Business Analytics and Optimization, and Cloud Computing); Smarter Planet is broken up into Smarter Commerce, Smarter Cities, and Social Business, split as follows: Smarter Planet: Smarter Commerce Smarter Commerce Buy—Adaptive procurement and optimized supply chain Smarter Commerce Market—Targeted and personalized marketing Read More...
Maximize Distribution Software for Effective Replenishment Parameters
Distributors rely on software to help them make decisions about when and how much product inventory to replenish or reorder. But for the software to work

it make investment decision  software to work effectively, it must be set up and used correctly. Learn how to implement the key replenishment parameters found in most distribution applications software packages, and how you can optimize their functionality to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and your profit. Read More...
The Top 3 Points to Consider When Selecting a Human Resources Information System
You probably already know that a human resources information system (HRIS) should track all information on current and former employees, and reduce your HR

it make investment decision  
Inventory Management Technology Strategies for Distribution
Inventory has been—and continues to be—the lifeblood of the distribution marketplace. While many companies are slow to adopt new strategies and technologies, a

it make investment decision  and dynamic customer requirements, it is concerning that 40% of distribution companies are looking at their network design only once every two to five years. One reason is the lack of adoption or slow movement toward tools in this area. What Are Distribution Companies Doing Within Network Design? Distribution companies are focusing on the following priorities associated with network design: Rethinking inventory placement (67% of distribution companies) Evaluating the impact of network changes on customer Read More...
Case Study: Survey Applications
A global marketing information firm was conducting paper- and telephone-based employee exit surveys. However, its manual process was time-consuming and costly

it make investment decision  survey process, and replace it with a web-based application. Read More...
The Executive''s Guide to Implementing Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health
Electronic health records can provide many benefits for patients and health care providers and insurers. Health care technology managers should have a strategic

it make investment decision  records can provide many benefits for patients and health care providers and insurers. Health care technology managers should have a strategic technical background to make informed decisions about integrating, partnering, or supporting personal health care record (PHR) solutions. Learn best practices on implementation, and how to leverage your existing health care technologies with new PHR platforms. Read More...

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