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CIO Test for Enterprise Agility
Find out how to assess your company's ability to change and how to improve it in the Forrester report Assess Your Enterprise Agility.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: CIO Test for Enterprise Agility CIO Test for Enterprise Agility The pace of change in the marketplace is constantly accelerating. Can your company keep up—with rapid changes to your strategies, operations, and products—in order to remain competitive? Find out how to assess your company s ability to change—and how to improve it—in the Forrester report Assess Your Enterprise Agility . You ll learn the approaches to change that work—and those that don t the two basic types of changes, and how to
11/25/2010 3:00:00 PM

What Is Software as a Service?
Though born from the ashes of traditional hosting models, software as a service differs fundamentally from its predecessors. Its software is designed to be delivered as a service, security is better, rich user interfaces are available, and it has greater interactivity.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: and hardware but finances it in monthly payments. Under these terms, the hosting user enterprise owns rights to the hosted software, but the subscription is essentially a payment to third party to manage the hardware and infrastructure aspect of the installation. In the ASP model, the ASP vendor typically owns the software. The subscription buys the right to access the software for the period of the subscription on either a time basis or on a usage basis (e.g., so much for such a transaction).

Introducing iWeb Enterprise Suite

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: Introducing iWeb Enterprise Suite Introducing iWeb Enterprise Suite Source: iWeb Technology Solutions Document Type: Brochure Description: ... Introducing iWeb Enterprise Suite style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Source: iWeb Technology Solutions Learn more about iWeb Technology Solutions
7/10/2013 4:57:00 PM

SCM Software for Mills
Demand for mill products especially in the metals and packaging industry is growing fast. This presents a good opportunity for the software vendors who cater to the needs of customers in these industries.But these industries have some unique requirements which are discussed throughout this article. Supply chain management software which does planning and execution for manufacturing, transportation, distribution etc. for mills industry, needs to address these unique requirements.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: of taking an order, it is difficult to determine if the completed order will fit inside a container. Sometimes a very small quantity is left after a container is full. This can create a major headache for the sales department. Solution The challenges mentioned above, can pose difficulties. Nevertheless, these challenges can be tackled. Infinite number of variant product attributes for each product: When defining products in the software, a facility can be provided where infinite number of product

Application Portfolio Management: Are You Getting the Most from your Enterprise Software?
Information technology organizations are faced with the challenge of managing a host of diverse enterprise applications, and the need to evaluate application metrics and performance. To address this challenge, it is worth considering application portfolio management solutions.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: APM, and tracking all IT assets through enterprise asset management (EAM). Due to the importance, magnitude, and complexity of tracking applications, APM has developed into a major category in evaluating an organization s IT business investments. Organizations are looking beyond the mere functionality of their applications, and are evaluating the total impact of the applications running their business. Organizations are tracking metrics such as customer satisfaction, maintenance, usage, and performance,

Your Guide to Enterprise Software Selection: Part Two
Enterprise software selection is a risky undertaking. Even after you’ve determined your requirements, the crucial software assessment and negotiation phases are potential minefields. Find out how you can reduce the risk involved in choosing a solution that meets your needs.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: planning the implementation schedule. It also serves as a guide to set up user training on the new software system. All information resides in the same repository, and can be easily accessed to resolve questions that may arise during implementation. This concludes the two-part series Your Guide to Enterprise Software Selection . Are you looking to start a successful software selection project? Launch your project here .

Enterprise Software Selection Made Easier
In the Solution Minds case study, learn how a leading consulting firm employed a Software Selection Portal from Technology Evaluation Centers to h...

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: selection portal to help its client compare and analyze enterprise software features and functions from qualified and short-listed vendors, maintain objectivity and transparency throughout the software selection process, complete the engagement effectively and efficiently, and prepare concise and compelling reports for pre-implementation board approval. Get the Solution Minds case study to see how TEC and Solution Minds can help make your next selection project a success. Also, get a free peek at the TEC
10/5/2010 9:01:00 AM

Seagate Software Crystallizes Its New Name: Crystal Decisions
Seagate Software has announced a new chapter in its corporate history by changing its name to Crystal Decisions. Crystal Decisions is an information infrastructure company that is a market leader in business intelligence, specifically for query and reporting tools. The new name reflects that of its flagship product, Crystal Reports.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: and more.) One reason: it was not uncommon for potential customers to be confused at how Crystal Reports came from Seagate, generally thought of as a computer hard drive vendor (Seagate Technology, the former parent company). Even Seagate Software s address of 920 Disc Drive invoked a vision of spinning platters instead of query and reporting tools. Besides being reflective of the company s most successful product, Crystal Reports, the new name should eliminate confusion in the market, and make life

How One Vendor s Software Solutions Address the Insurance Industry s Unique Issues
Callidus Software's latest enterprise incentive management and sales performance management product suite for the insurance sector aims at helping insurance carriers improve agent retention and at providing producers with the best service possible.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: (KPIs) and alerts. How It All Fits Together within Callidus SPM for Insurance Suite As already stated, Callidus s insurance market offering provides integration with Callidus TrueComp software and other third party enterprise applications, including access to compensation, dispute resolution, analytics, and reporting data. To meet the needs of producer administrators, financial managers, and sales forces (producers), Callidus offers a number of modules within its SPM suite for insurance. Namely, for the

Paradoxes of Software Estimation
Software development has spawned an independent industry in its own right. But the processes of asking for service, offering service, and pricing are all somewhat haphazard. Perhaps it's time to focus efforts on resolving the key paradoxes of software estimation.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: development services exclusively. As it is perhaps in the nascent stages, the processes of asking for service, offering a service, and pricing are all somewhat haphazard. Software development falls into the category of the services industry as opposed to the product industry—that is, a service is offered, and not a product. Many parallels can be drawn with similar service industries. The major difference between the software service industry and other service industries, however, is that software is

Android Fragmentation: Solving the Enterprise Mobility Dilemma
Find out in Android Fragmentation: Solving the Enterprise Mobility Dilemma.

IT ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ERP: Fragmentation: Solving the Enterprise Mobility Dilemma Android Fragmentation: Solving the Enterprise Mobility Dilemma How do you handle the Android device problem in your company? If your employees are using these devices on the job, you have to make them work with your company s infrastructure and corporate policies But with so many different platforms, devices, and carriers, how do you manage productivity and security? Find out in Android Fragmentation: Solving the Enterprise Mobility Dilemma . You ll
4/3/2012 4:00:00 PM

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