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The IT Infrastructure Outsourcing knowledge base focuses on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of information technology (IT) infrastructure. The typical type...
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Documents related to » it data breach incidents

Security Breach: Now What?
When people''s lives or financial transactions are at risk, proper Security Incident handling is of extreme importance.

it data breach incidents  and prosecute, note that it is very important not to tamper with the evidence. This means that log files cannot be edited, and access and creation dates and times cannot be changed on any files, applications, or data resources. If data is overwritten, transferred to another system, or sent across unencrypted network links, it will make it very difficult for a prosecuting attorney to create a case worth pursuing. Access to the offended systems should be immediately restricted. Often, proceeding and Read More
Cloud Assets: A Guide for SMBs-Part 2
The advent of cloud computing has brought with it many considerations and challenges for organizations looking to implement cloud services, which may be

it data breach incidents  premises. In any event, it is important that you define how often your data is being backed up to give you an idea of how recent your latest available version is, should a recovery process need to be engaged. The speed at which the vendor can perform system recovery also needs to be addressed. Performance. This point of service can be tricky, as it tends to be associated with a fair amount of subjectivity. Although the solution’s performance is subject to a variety of factors that may be out of your Read More
Case Study: IT Asset Security Tool Helps Healthcare Provider Track 97% of Laptops
Learn how IT asset tracking tools helped Allina Hospitals and Clinics monitor 2,700 computers on and off their network without having to invest in additional

it data breach incidents  Recovery Absolute Software | IT Data Breach | IT Data Breach Note | IT Credit Card Data Breach | IT Heartland Data Breach | IT Heartland Data Breach Shocking | IT Handling Data Breach | IT Cost Data Breach | IT Prevent Data Breaches Attack | IT Prevent Data Breaches | IT Data Breach Notification | IT Data Breach Incidents | IT Implements Data Networking Security | IT Data Breach Survey | IT Palm Security Software | IT PDA Security Software | IT Security Breach | IT Data Security | IT Data Protection | IT Read More
Process Manufacturing: Ensuring Food Safety through Active HACCP Management
As a result of publicized food contamination and product recalls, food safety regulations are under increasing scrutiny. Process manufacturers in the food and

it data breach incidents  to process manufacturers, as it supports five of the seven HACCP principles: hazard analysis, identification of CCPs, establishing critical limits, record-keeping, and verification. In reinforcing those principles, Infor PLM Optiva: Provides design and simulation from sub-raw materials to finished goods. Supports definition and verification; manages the definition and setup of HACCP in downstream data and processes. Expands supplier capabilities. Performs supplier audits and captures results. With HACCP Read More
Building a Business Case for Enterprise Spyware Protection
It is sometimes difficult to quantify the scope of spyware problems within corporate environments. The least noticeable effect of spyware is to slow network and

it data breach incidents  NetContinuum independent study, senior IT executives at Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. are concerned about the vulnerabilities of Internet downloaded applications, spyware''s playground. Ninety-eight percent of the study''s respondents believed that Web application attacks represent a dangerous threat, with 62% ranking the threat at “10” on a scale of 1-10. Ninety percent reported that government regulations like as Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and California Senate Bill 1386 have driven the Read More
Six Steps to Manage Data Quality with SQL Server Integration Services
Without data that is reliable, accurate, and updated, organizations can’t confidently distribute that data across the enterprise, leading to bad business

it data breach incidents  from various source systems, it is the Total Data Quality process that ensures integration with a high level of data quality and consistency. Once an organization''s data is cleansed, its unique identifiers can be shared among multiple sources. In essence, a business can develop a ''single customer view'' — it can consolidate its data into a single customer view to provide data to its existing sources. This ensures accurate, consistent data across the enterprise. Attributes — Once a unique identifier is Read More
Replenishment: What Is It exactly and Why Is It Important?
Replenishment is an area within operations where retailers can find a competitive edge. Excelling at replenishment enables implementation of promotional

it data breach incidents  What Is It exactly and Why Is It Important? Replenishment: What Is It exactly and Why Is It Important? If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Retail Replenishment can be defined as acquiring product on a recurring basis to support anticipated need. Replenishment is best served as an automated process given the huge number of combinations of items and store locations. Systematic creation and updates to demand Read More
Appliance Power: Crunching Data Warehousing Workloads Faster and Cheaper than Ever
Appliances are taking up permanent residence in the data warehouse (DW). The reason: they are preconfigured, support quick deployment, and accelerate online

it data breach incidents  sets. Discover the core criteria you should use to evaluate DW appliances, including performance, functionality, flexibility, scalability, manageability, integration, and extensibility. Read More
Considerations for Owning versus Outsourcing Data Center Physical Infrastructure
When faced with the decision of upgrading an existing data center, building new, or leasing space in a retail colocation data center, there are both

it data breach incidents  Physical Infrastructure When faced with the decision of upgrading an existing data center, building new, or leasing space in a retail colocation data center, there are both quantitative and qualitative differences to consider. The 10-year TCO may favor upgrading or building over outsourcing; however, this paper demonstrates that the economics may be overwhelmed by a business’ sensitivity to cash flow, cash crossover point, deployment timeframe, data center life expectancy, regulatory requirements, and Read More
The New Virtual Data Centre
Old-style, one application per physical server data centers are not only nearing the end of their useful lives, but are also becoming barriers to a business

it data breach incidents  to the foreground, yet it also creates headaches for data center and facilities managers. Read about aspects of creating a strategy for a flexible and effective data center aimed to carry your business forward. Read More
The Path to Healthy Data Governance through Data Security
Companies today are challenged to maintain their data safe and secure from hackers and others with unauthorized access. In his article, TEC business

it data breach incidents  of your organization as it moves in, out, and across your company. Data can have various forms—structured, unstructured, or semistructured. Data can be seen from both technical and business perspectives. Data can be seen from a user-centric perspective—to promote awareness of data security across your organization. Now let’s look at some guidelines you should consider when launching an information security governance program and a general plan to follow from an information security perspective: Read More
A Definition of Data Warehousing
There is a great deal of confusion over the meaning of data warehousing. Simply defined, a data warehouse is a place for data, whereas data warehousing

it data breach incidents  phase of ETL, if it is performed at all. Data warehouses can be designed to store data at the detail level (each individual transaction), at some aggregate level (summary data), or a combination of both. The advantage of summarized data is that typical queries against the warehouse run faster. The disadvantage is that information, which may be needed to answer a query, is lost during aggregation. The tradeoff must be carefully weighed, because the decision can not be undone without rebuilding and Read More
Business Basics: Unscrubbed Data Is Poisonous Data
Most business software system changes falter--if not fail--because of only a few root causes. Data quality is one of these root causes. The cost of high data

it data breach incidents  data will be enhanced. IT and business managers are jointly responsible and ultimately accountable for data quality. Every IT manager must provide the tools necessary both to ensure that only high-quality data can get into application systems and to identify exceptional conditions that might creep into their systems. By doing so, business managers can be held accountable for data cleansing and quality management. The cost of high data quality is low, and the short- and long-term benefits are great. Read More

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