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The Need for Vulnerability Management
New network vulnerabilities appear every day due to flaws in software, faulty configuration, and human error. Detecting, removing, and controlling

internal vulnerability  and document compliance with internal security policies and external regulations. QualysGuard uses the software-as-a-service delivery model to automate workflow of vulnerability and compliance management. Automation is a requirement because attacks are continuous ' the result of technology that automatically mutates an assault until it finds a hole that works. The SaaS secure architecture allows QualysGuard to be available for use 24x7 as often as required, scaling to any-sized network, anywhere in the Read More
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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The Whys and Hows of a Security Vulnerability Assessment
TEC outlines the reasons for having a Security Vulnerability Assessment done, how a security vulnerability assessment is performed, what can be gained by

internal vulnerability  your website and your internal networks, is not an option; you have to do it. You want to deliver services without worrying if the systems you or your customers are using are vulnerable to wily hackers. Understanding Your Risks The most important reason for having a Security Vulnerability Assessment performed is to enable corrective action. How can you know what to secure if you don't know what is insecure? Performing a Security Vulnerability Assessment will assist you in understanding what risks your Read More
How to Reduce Business Risk through Secure User Access for SAP
Unencrypted communication between users’ workstations and the backend SAP servers is a significant vulnerability to your SAP environment. This can put the

internal vulnerability  the studies agree that internal attacks are a serious problem for every large company. So, there is a concrete risk that your SAP systems will be a target for attack Many successful companies rely on SAP business software to automate their business processes, making the SAP system the central IT solution to store company-critical information and automate business processes. For many businesses, a problem with the SAP environment or a leak of company-confidential data would result in a significant loss of Read More
Dynamic Best Practices of Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management, the discovery of vulnerabilities and assessment of the risk to the network, is a critical part of both the security and business

internal vulnerability  monitor security of their internal infrastructure and extended network of business associates. They also use it to enforce security procedures for patching, upgrading and deploying networked systems. Understanding the underlying lessons of the Laws of Vulnerabilities and applying this knowledge to a dynamically changing network yields an effective methodology for identifying and eliminating weaknesses, which should reduce the window of opportunity in which security could be compromised. Exhibit 4 Dynamic Read More
Vulnerability Management Buyer’s Checklist
Choosing a solution for vulnerability management (VM) is a critical step toward protecting your organization’s network and data. Without proven, automated

internal vulnerability  to the network. The internal devices should automatically download software updates, new vulnerability signatures, and process job requests ' all in a secure and reliable manner. Is the solution able to turbocharge scanning speed? Large enterprises can benefit by using a VM solution that optimizes the rate of scanning without overloading the network. For example, QualysGuard uses a scanner parallelization feature that increases scan speed up to four times faster while maintaining scan accuracy. The Read More
A New Frontier in Securing Sensitive Information
Every day, sensitive business information finds its way into the wrong hands—through external breaches or internal theft. Such data is highly regulated, and any

internal vulnerability  hands—through external breaches or internal theft. Such data is highly regulated, and any risks of exposure can result in stiff penalties and legal liabilities. Many of these security risks lie in the test/dev environments, and as such require a solution that protects data application clones from unauthorized access without jeopardizing its integrity. Read More
Supply Chain Management Is Evolving toward Interdependent Supply Networks
Optimizing supply chain management processes to work more closely with trading partners, requires enterprises to act together as interdependent supply networks.

internal vulnerability  dramatically. Enterprises will blend internal production and supply chain processes with those of their external trading partners. Supply chain champions and channel masters like Walmart will drive partners toward a common set of business processes. We are also witnessing the rising adoption of radio frequency identification (RFID) as a supply chain tool and technology in virtually every industry. Over time, participating organizations will focus more on fulfilling the requirements of the customer Read More
The CEO, CFO, and TCO
Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a key component of the

internal vulnerability  these external costs, the internal costs are often not fully understood. The internal costs are often buried in a general information technology (IT) budget, and considered as the cost of doing business. A Meta Group study decomposed the elements of TCO. The study found that internal costs, made up of staff expenses, account for 42 percent of total costs, while external services typically account for an additional 28 percent. In total, people account for 70 percent of TCO. Cost Category % of TCO Hardware Read More
eConnections Expands Web With IPNet
eConnections offers a sound proposition for users who have streamlined internal supply chains and are ready to begin life as a node in an inter-enterprise

internal vulnerability  who have solved their internal supply chain efficiency problems and who are ready to begin life as a node in an inter-enterprise network should consider eConnections a prime candidate. For those companies who are looking to acquire technology solutions for key functional areas such as demand planning, supply/procurement planning, transportation planning, etc. should consider a vendor that offers deep, flexible applications such as i2 Technologies, Manugistics Group, or Logility and leave eConnections for Read More
Security Risk Assessment and Management in Web Application Security
Corporations are at risk because Web applications and servers make them susceptible to hackers and cyber crooks. However, companies can perform security risk

internal vulnerability  server used to publish internal announcements: e-commerce server risk = 10 (value of the asset) x 4 (severity of the vulnerability) x 4 (likelihood of an attack) The e-commerce server risk = 160, a moderate risk ranking. intranet server risk = 2 (value of the asset) x 8 (severity of the vulnerability) x 6 (likelihood of an attack) The intranet server risk = 96, a lower security risk assessment ranking. Even though the intranet server has greater vulnerability, the value of the asset creates a lower Read More
SOX Segregation of Duties Matrix
I'll get to the downloadable SOX segregation of duties matrix in a moment, but first let me address a question from one of our readers.Needless to say, I

internal vulnerability  comprehensive list of accepted internal controls organizations must have in place to be deemed SOX-compliant. The list targets application internal controls and highlights areas where fraudulent reporting is likely to occur. We WISH it was a comprehensive list. In fact, the adequacy of controls are all subject to individual interpretation. It DOES NOT have key provisions in this section [for] segregation of duties.” This is all interpretation being made but presented as fact! I believe the introduct Read More
Using Web Technology for Competitive Advantage: How Manufacturers Leverage the Web for Internal Efficiency, Enhanced Customer Service, and Increased Sales
Most manufacturing businesses have invested in technology to combat some of their challenges, but primarily to increase efficiency and productivity. However

internal vulnerability  Leverage the Web for Internal Efficiency, Enhanced Customer Service, and Increased Sales Most manufacturing businesses have invested in technology to combat some of their challenges, but primarily to increase efficiency and productivity. However, many have not yet discovered the value of a Web presence—or they use the Web in a very limited way. More than simply serving a marketing role, a Web presence can boost internal efficiency, enhance customer service, and increase sales. Download this white paper Read More
The Essential Executive Guide to Managing Information Vulnerability
While most information vulnerabilities stem from external intrusion and theft of data, there remains a greater potential for information to be lost, stolen, or

internal vulnerability  or accidentally erased by internal sources—the employees. Don’t let this be the case with your business! Information vulnerability management (IVM) is a corporate issue—one that needs addressing. To learn how you can reduce your exposure, download this white paper. Read More
Manufacturing Software for an Integrated Steel Plant
Manufacturing processes for an integrated steel plant typically encompass three distinct types of manufacturing: flow manufacturing, process manufacturing, and

internal vulnerability  length) basis from the internal customer (described in more detail below). For example, internal orders are issued from a rolling mill to the continuous casting plant. The software should be able to record this kind of product quality data. Internal customers . Another interesting technique is used: the concept of internal customer. This is a very useful concept that makes executives at each plant responsible to the executives of the plant to which they supply the final product. In this way, executives at Read More
Microsoft's Cloud-first Focus
As part of Microsoft’s TECHED Conference in New Orleans, Satya Nadella President of Server @ Tools Business at Microsoft, sent an internal mail to all Microsoft

internal vulnerability  at Microsoft, sent an internal mail to all Microsoft employees, which has been shared on the official Microsoft blog . The mail sheds some light on Microsoft’s new offerings shares details regarding where Microsoft is in its ongoing cloud-first focus strategy. The mail describes how Microsoft has made deep organizational changes in order to shift the company’s development efforts to cloud-first thinking: To enable this transformation we had to make deep changes to our organizational culture, Read More

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