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Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Supply chain management (SCM) solutions include applications for managing supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and customer business processes. Addressing demand management, warehouse mana...
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The Instant Supply Chain Challenge
For the past few weeks, all eyes (and hearts) have been on the devastation caused by the Indian Ocean Tsunami. What is needed in a disaster like this is an

increase supply chain agility  deal with a twenty-fold increase in flights and to help speed up deliveries of emergency supplies. Ten C-130s, two C-17s, and many US helicopters have been helping with delivery of aid. As of 1/8/05, 13,000 US military personnel have distributed over 365 tons of supplies, and aircrews have flown more than 450 rescue and recovery flights. CNN setup a web site where thousands of people have been able to request information on missing relatives and friends. Eight US ships from Guam and Diego Garcia have Read More...
Supply Chain Network Visibility and Analytics
The complexity of the global economy is a powerful motivation for companies to look for new ways to increase efficiency and productivity. That’s why companies

increase supply chain agility  Complex global supply chains increase the uncertainty of supply and demand information, leading to inventory buffers to accommodate the management of complex sourcing. Insufficient visibility into inventory levels can lead to problems that reverberate up and down the supply chain. A lack of hard, real-time demand information can cause excessive inventory levels and costs, and uncertainty regarding supply can lead to speculative ordering. Inventory deployment also requires greater visibility: companies Read More...
Analyzing Manhattan Associates’ Supply Chain Platform Play - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed Manhattan Associates’ innovative Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP)-based applications, such as Supply Chain Intelligence

increase supply chain agility  events in order to increase on-time delivery rates, improve inventory control, and meet demand expectations. Manhattan will continue to improve EEM’s ability to efficiently and effectively on-board new trading partners and enable cross-functional supply chain collaboration both externally and internally. The idea is to further leverage “action-oriented” dashboards and analytics to manage the holistic supply chain by exception. In addition, the goal is to enable store locations as fully functional Read More...
Improving Supply Chain Effectiveness
Increased globalization, volatility in demand and commodity costs, regulatory requirements, and greater dependency on suppliers and other partners have

increase supply chain agility  certain carrier or an increase in express freights for a certain region). Find Out More For more information on SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management, please call your SAP representative or visit us online at www.sap.com/sapbusinessobjects/epm . Summary The SAP® BusinessObjects TM Supply Chain Performance Management application helps companies measurably improve supply chain effectiveness, for more responsive supply chain networks and improved cost control. By focusing on the right Read More...
A Modern Tale of Long (Supply Chain) Tails -- Part I
As a little kid growing up in former (and erstwhile happy) Yugoslavia and watching my elders, day in, day out, downing dozens of strong Turkish coffees with

increase supply chain agility  been a 15 percent increase in consumer products over the past three years. Thus, over 16 percent of orders in the consumer products sector have a stock-out (whereby the customer is turned down and possibly lost in the long run). Most of these stock-outs are associated with a new product introduction (NPI) or promotional campaigns. In addition to proliferating products, other trends that are driving companies to long tails are the following: the need for more frequent replenishment control (and thus Read More...
Brain of Supply Chain System
Advanced planning and optimization makes supply chain systems cost effective. It is the brain of the supply chain because it works on top of all other software

increase supply chain agility  number of performable calculations increase in geometric proportion to the problem''s increased complexity. The best bet is genetic algorithm-based computing. This technique does not need the user to define any rules in order to perform any necessary calculations. The number of calculations required to perform operations are fewer when compared to other techniques. Genetic algorithm-based computing is also transparent to the user as it does not need any user input and performs well in complex situations. Read More...
Logility Voyager Solutions for Supply Chain Management (SCM) Certification Report
Logility Voyager Solutions is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of supply chain management solutions in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Evaluation

increase supply chain agility  Voyager Solutions for Supply Chain Management (SCM) Certification Report Logility Voyager Solutions is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of supply chain management solutions in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Evaluation Center. The certification seal is a valuable indicator for organizations relying on the integrity of TEC research for assistance with their software selection projects. Download this report for product highlights, competitive analysis, product analysis, and in-depth analyst Read More...
New Wave of Supply Chain Solutions Drives Higher Performance
In Maximizing Performance of the Entire Manufacturing Enterprise, learn how a new wave of innovative supply chains solutions can help your company ...

increase supply chain agility  margins, escalating costs, and increased competition. In Maximizing Performance of the Entire Manufacturing Enterprise , learn how a new wave of innovative supply chains solutions can help your company overcome these challenges. You''ll discover how improved communications through supplier portals, EDI, and kanban loops allows you to achieve higher levels of supplier trust, accountability, and performance trace products/parts backward through the manufacturing process across multiple suppliers improve Read More...
WAM Systems Offers Supply Chain Planning Packaged Solution For Chemicals
Not many people know of WAM Systems, a privately held supply chain management vendor situated in a Philadelphia suburb. Emboldened by growing interest and new

increase supply chain agility  Systems Offers Supply Chain Planning Packaged Solution For Chemicals WAM Systems Offers Supply Chain Planning Packaged Solution For Chemicals S. McVey - January 8, 2001 Vendor Genesis WAM Systems develops and markets Internet-enabled Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions exclusively to the worldwide chemical industry. CEO Jack Weiss founded the company in 1987 as a developer of custom solutions to support complex planning and scheduling requirements of polymer manufacturers. Weiss and others observed Read More...
Supply Chain Management Is Evolving toward Interdependent Supply Networks
Optimizing supply chain management processes to work more closely with trading partners, requires enterprises to act together as interdependent supply networks.

increase supply chain agility  of their vision to increase the integrated value chain. The sophistication of multi-enterprise SCM processes will force such businesses to look outside of their four walls to ensure value is profitably delivered to customers. The dynamic nature of customer-driven demand, along with the adaptive nature of SCM networks, will make the process of synchronization more complex. As customer requirements become more demanding, supply chains will be forced to move from linear to dynamic configurations of supply Read More...
Case Study: Wausau Supply
The main business challenge faced by Wausau Supply@an American distributor of building materials@was its ability to provide next-day delivery to small lumber

increase supply chain agility  Study: Wausau Supply The main business challenge faced by Wausau Supply—an American distributor of building materials—was its ability to provide next-day delivery to small lumber yards and to a greater number of conglomerates. But Wausau didn’t have an up-to-date system for back-office or logistics operations, and needed a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with visibility into its inventory at all locations. Find out more. Read More...
The High-tech Supply Chain Challenge
Supply chain operations play a vital role in the success of any consumer or high-tech original equipment manufacturer (OEM). But some companies consistently

increase supply chain agility  demand management collaboration to increase visibility to demand signals and to improve overall customer service. Technology enablers include: Real-time available-to-promise (ATP) functionality enables companies to respond to customer requests and capture new demand. Point-of-sale (POS) and forecast collaboration help OEMs reduce demand variability and improve service. Additionally, consumer OEMs use integrated promotion planning with VMI programs to improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Read More...
Identifying the ROI of a Software Application for Supply Chain Management Part 4: Just Give Us the Bottom Line
Managers weighing an investment in software for supply chain face pressure to be right. Looking for a precise calculation of ROI often results in making an

increase supply chain agility  orders after production release Increased rate of innovation Customer Satisfaction Better on-time delivery (Less canceled orders; also few late penalties) Higher quality (fewer returns) Reduced Requirements for Working Capital Finished goods inventory WIP inventory Raw materials inventory Inventory obsolescence Higher Return on Fixed Assets (plant and equipment) Higher Margins Lower shipping costs (to customers, premium and otherwise; internal distribution) Reduced late penalties Lower manufacturing Read More...
Supply Chain Operations Reference and Other Features in ASW
IBS may be the first vendor to fully integrate a supply chain operations reference model in its business intelligence solution. Customers receive more efficient

increase supply chain agility  applications in order to increase efficiency and coordinate business units, without having to discard and replace existing systems. The acquisition of Accima Technologies in late 2003, with the product Integrator, has since further strengthened IBS'' position in the area of SCM. The launch of IBS Integrator 3.0 was the first version that is fully aligned with the IBS'' growing portfolio of software. IBS Integrator can be used for systems integration, e-business development and integration, B2B Read More...
Making Your Supply Chain a Competitive Advantage: Implementing S&OP
Improving the supply chain is essential for any company that wants to gain or maintain a competitive edge. To do this, companies are adopting sales and

increase supply chain agility  S&OP process will exponentially increase the benefit provided by the tools alone and allow your supply chain to truly become a competitive advantage. So let''s look at answering the basic questions most businesses have about S&OP: What, exactly, is S&OP? Why should a business implement S&OP? Why start with S&OP instead of, for example, with scheduling? What has to change for S&OP to work? How does one gabout implementing S&OP? What, exactly, is S&OP? There are as many definitions of S&OP as there are Read More...

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