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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Implementation Guidelines
I''m writing today from the HIMSS convention in Orlando, Florida, where I''m looking to see what new technologies are available to the health care industry to

im implementation  The hardest aspect of implementation is fear of the unknown. I''ve listed a couple of guidelines to follow to ensure (not guarantee, because problems arise regardless) a smoother transition. Project management: make sure that individual is capable of keeping the project on track and budget. Once a plan is set in place stick to that plan religiously. Because if the project manager can''t lead his team, mistakes will be made, deadlines will be missed which will have an impact on the allotted budget. Vendor Read More...
ERP Systems Buyer’s Guide
The implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to automate business processes is a strategic investment. Buying the right system and

im implementation  Purchase Process , ERP Implementation , ERP Modules , ERP Solution , ERP Packages , Cost of an ERP System , ERP Software , Customization of ERP System , ERP System Product Requirements , ERP Suite , Complete ERP , ERP System Administration , ERP Functionalities , ERP System Needs , ERP Resources , Industry-specific ERP , On-demand ERP Solution , Focus ERP System Buyer , ERP System Vendors , Features of an ERP Package , ERP System Purchase Process , Standard ERP Applications , On-premise ERP Solution , Read More...
Boulder City Municipality Goes SaaS with Tyler Technologies
Boulder City, Nevada, home of the famous Hoover Dam, has opted for Munis, cloud-based ERP software from Tyler Technologies, to replace a number of legacy

im implementation  know how long the implementation will take and how things will be looking a year from now. Read More...
Saba University: What a Concept!
As a TEC research analyst, I get to see a lot of really interesting (and some not so interesting) stuff when it comes to enterprise software and the like. With

im implementation  to learn about software implementation and deployment readiness in general; or it was a place where Saba employees went to learn everything they need to know about Saba software before selling or deploying it. This, I found out, was not the case.  Saba''s training programs are geared towards:  clients new users experienced users looking for additional training  project managers business owners Through their learning portal, Saba provides blended learning opportunities for users whenever and Read More...
Selecting Your Hosted Security Service Provider: What Every IT Manager Needs to Know
Do-it-yourself (DIY) security can be daunting. It requires significant time, effort and expertise to maintain strong security while complying with information

im implementation  firms email, Web and IM applications, you should examine a prospective provider''s BC/DR plans should one or more of their data centers go offline. The best providers operate redundant data centers with fail-safes, so that if one data center goes offline, another steps up to take its place - ensuring continuity in your business communications. Patents/ intellectual property (IP) : Find out if the provider has patents or proprietary technology to support its security services and capabilities. The top Read More...
A Road Map to Electronic Medical Record System Implementation
It’s crucial to define the scope of an electronic medical system implementation, as well as to outline each stage of the project and the resources that will be

im implementation  cannot guarantee that your implementation will be a complete success; some problems are likely to arise regardless of the measures you take to avoid them, and should be expected. Stage 1: Defining the Needs Let''s start from the beginning. Before an implementation project gets off the ground, there is a lengthy process that needs to occur, as errors or oversights at the beginning of an implementation project can be very costly to a health care organization down the line. The client (usually a person holdin Read More...
Collaborative Quality: Ensuring the Success of Your SAP Software Implementation
As the pressure grows to justify information technology (IT) expenditure and tightly manage risk in sophisticated, integrated software implementation projects

im implementation  in sophisticated, integrated software implementation projects, those tasked with project management often feel exposed and vulnerable. No one wants to put his or her organization or career at risk over a technology rollout. This paper explores how to deliver software solutions that bring significant business benefits. Read More...
Ensuring a Successful PLM Implementation
If you’ve ever been involved in an enterprise software implementation, you already know how challenging it can be to get it done on time and under budget. With

im implementation  a Successful PLM Implementation If you’ve ever been involved in an enterprise software implementation, you already know how challenging it can be to get it done on time and under budget. With literally thousands of technical details to keep track of, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. In the case of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, enterprise implementations can be even tougher. Find out how to get it done right. Read More...
How Can Your Vendor Make Your Implementation Easier?
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations are mainly business projects rather than IT projects, so a lion’s share of efforts and, consequently, costs

im implementation  of Vendor Experience: Oracle''s Implementation Tools Tools incorporating implementation strategies and methodologies based on vendors’ multi-year experience in deployment of their systems can also prove to be very helpful in the implementation process. Those tools can include implementation project management methodologies, various types of utility applications, and so on. One of the most notable examples is Oracle’s experience with the deployment of its Implementation and Integration Tools, provided t Read More...
Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Partner: MOR/ryde Case Study

im implementation  the Right ERP Implementation Partner: MOR/ryde Case Study Read More...
Global Vintners: Implementation of Microsoft Dynamic NAV R2

im implementation  Vintners: Implementation of Microsoft Dynamic NAV R2 Read More...
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Rapid Implementation Methodology
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM) automates standard processes, speeds up implementation time, and drives the sharing of best

im implementation  Microsoft Dynamics NAV Rapid Implementation Methodology (RIM) automates standard processes, speeds up implementation time, and drives the sharing of best practice knowledge and solutions between partners. But in order to understand how RIM can be used in an implementation project to get implementations up and running smoothly and quickly, it is important to understand the different components of RIM. Read More...
Difficult Conversations: Positioning Your CEO in a CRM Implementation Part One: Sources of Misconception and Faulty Assumptions
For a successful customer relationship management (CRM) implementation, the chief executive officer (CEO) must have an ongoing role in the process. The project

im implementation  of following best practice implementation policies and be poised for success. Right? So why is this initiative at risk? Well, let''s explore a few of the assumptions that are likely to be here when a CEO is not made aware of his or her ongoing role: The CEO may feel his or her role is complete when the initiative is funded and assigned with hoped-for expectations but not necessarily a clear sense of success criteria. The CEO might have the attitude that CRM is just a necessary tool for today''s market, and Read More...
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