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Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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The Age of Audit: Identity and Access Management in Provision and Compliance
Organizations are overwhelmed with how to begin implementing identity and access management (IAM) solutions. They are scratching their heads and asking

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Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After Part Five: Challenges and User Recommendations
Lawson has yet to show that its strategy and technology can

identity selector  and local tax data. Identity Crisis Lawson has also sometimes been plagued by a sort of identity crisis. True, it is sometimes a favorable factor that Lawson has been perceived as a mid-market provider, which allays the perception of complexity associated with tier 1 solutions, but its offering is able to cater to the needs of larger organizations as well. However, the other side of the medal is the perception or even the fact of limited scalability and other perks that come with the large vendors'' Read More...
“B” Before “e” When Marketing to “C”
ResponseLogic launches a personalized marketing tool based on expert systems technology. Promising to improve the bottom line of any Web business that markets

identity selector  they need to develop identity, niche, and proven successes. While there are already powerhouse companies in personalized marketing, there is plenty of room for startups to make inroads. Perhaps more so in this area than in most areas, in fact, because the sale is much less dependent on persuading technologists than on persuading marketing people. ResponseLogic has been forging some interesting partnerships, including one with a high profit direct marketing agency and one with a Latin American technology Read More...
Server-gated Cryptography: Providing Better Security for More Users
Server-gated cryptography (SGC) as part of your secure socket layer (SSL) certificate can protect you from the dangers waiting in cyberspace. But first you

identity selector  risks of fraud and identity theft.
Fighting Terrorism with Global Trade Management
The challenge for government and industry is to secure trade without impeding growth. Therefore, there is a greater need for timely information updated by

identity selector  activity, and verify customer identity in an effort to curtail global money laundering and terrorist financing. It requires financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, money services businesses, mutual funds brokers or dealers, and casinos to establish minimal procedures to verify the identity of new customers when they open accounts. This section also requires cross-checking account holder and requester names against government lists of known or suspected terrorist Read More...
Accenture (nee Andersen Consulting) Marries New Business Model to Make its Mark
Accenture has moved from its former identity Andersen Consulting to a new mark and strategy aligned to its competitors in the market place. Since the

identity selector  selection software,software vendor evaluation,erp evaluation,erp selection,erp selection criteria,workflow software,business process management software,open source erp,erp evaluation criteria,hr software,erp checklist,business rules,erp system,bpm software,accounting software comparison Read More...
Abandon All Insecurity, Ye Who Enter Here
Commerce One will add Netegrity’s secure portal management solution to its offerings. This will add a wide range of access control mechanisms, personalization

identity selector  depend on tracking the identity of a customer across marketplaces. This signing sets a standard that other marketplaces will want to meet or counter by making some kind of announcement about access control; watch for the announcements over the next few months. User Recommendations The value of security measures depends on the cost of a breach. For a market maker, whose revenues derive from a functioning, trusted market, the costs of a security breach are measured both in immediate loss of revenue if the Read More...
Is Intentia Truly Industry’s First In Food Traceability?
With the acquisition of 49% of the Norwegian software company Scase, Intentia claims to be the first Enterprise Applications provider to offer an integrated

identity selector  include for example, the identity of the source (farm), where in the warehouse (slot location for example) a specific product was stored, which piece of production equipment was used in processing the item, which truck did it go on, etc. Integration of quality data is an important part of the requirements, and the Intentia''s announcement appears to address many of these requirements, as do several of its process oriented competitors. However, the fact remains that not all ERP products have the facilities Read More...
Centralized Management for UNIX, Linux, Mac, Web, and Database Platforms
Integrating UNIX, Linux, Mac, Web, and database platforms includes securing all systems with the same authentication, authorization, and group policy services

identity selector  to leverage a centralized identity management tool leveraged with Active Directory. Read More...
How to Defend Against New Botnet Attacks
In 2008, botnets were responsible for 90 percent of spam. The ever-changing nature of botnets makes them hard to detect and even harder to defend against@and

identity selector  sale to third parties. Identity Theft Botnets are often deployed to steal personal identity information, financial data, or passwords from a user’s PC and then either sell it or use it directly for profit. Adware Zombies may automatically download, install, and display popup advertising based on a user’s surfing habits, or force the user’s browser to periodically visit certain Websites. Email Spam Most of today’s email spam is sent by botnet zombies. Phishing Zombies can help scan for and Read More...
Leveraging Change Control to Meet PCI Requirements
Identity theft and credit card fraud affect all businesses—and the problem is only getting worse. In order to combat these threats, credit card companies have

identity selector  to Meet PCI Requirements Identity theft and credit card fraud affect all businesses—and the problem is only getting worse. In order to combat these threats, credit card companies have joined forces to introduce the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). For financial institutions, complying with PCI DSS by using real-time monitoring and selective enforcement software can help to relieve the burden of unauthorized changes. Read More...
Southern Pump & Tank Company (SPATCO)
Southern Pump & Tank Company (SPACTO), is a value-added distributor specializing in liquid handling equipment for the petroleum and industrial marketplaces. By

identity selector  Human Service Management | Identity Management Service | Information Management Service | Information Technology Service Management | Infrastructure Management Services | Inventory Management Services | Managed Services | Management Service Agreement | Management Support Services | Mobile Service Management | Network Management Service | Open Source Service Management | Operations Service Management | Performance Management Services | Product Service Management | Quality Service Management | Quick Read More...
Expect Boom in Electronic Signatures
E-Pad deployment will skyrocket and make your fax machine obsolete. But don''t expect all security experts to embrace electronic signatures as PKI solutions

identity selector  bullet proof certainty of identity than electronic signatures. User Recommendations Digital E-pads will become mainstream when mainstream PC vendors delivers them built-in on desktop keyboards. Leading the way is PC and multi-media vendor Sony . Sony''s VAIO 55 SuperSlim Notebok already comes equipped with a pen input for signatures or drawings. Though hardware vendors have seen PC sales shrink in recent years, the birth of an all new E-Commerce Desktop with digital E-Pads will rekindle revenue streams. Read More...
Case Study: ByTec
Bytec, Inc., a supplier of electronic and mechanical assemblies for the automotive sector, needed a system to allow original equipment manufacturer (OEM

identity selector  part with a unique identity, complete with full traceability through the entire manufacturing process, enabling OEMs to identify faults, and avoid warranty costs. Read More...

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