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Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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The Age of Audit: Identity and Access Management in Provision and Compliance
Organizations are overwhelmed with how to begin implementing identity and access management (IAM) solutions. They are scratching their heads and asking

identity metasystem  | Identity Manager | Identity Metasystem | Identity MGMT Systems | Identity Paradigm | Identity Selector | IDM | IM Implementation | Implement IDM | Implement IAM | Implement IAM Implementation | Implement Identity and Access Management | Implement Identity Management | Implement Identity Management Systems | Implement Identity Management Tool | Implement Security Policy | Implementation Analysis | Implementation Management | Implementation Process | Implementing IDM | Implementing IAM | Implementing IAM Read More...
Google Acquires Smart, Connected Products Manufacturer Nest
Google has announced that it has entered into an agreement to buy smart device manufacturer Nest Labs for $3.2 billion (USD) in cash. Now the future of smart

identity metasystem  its own distinct brand identity. Matt Rogers, Nest’s founder and VP of Engineering answered key questions for Nest customers on a Q&A on the Nest blog : Will Nest continue to support iOS so I can have the Nest app on my iPhone or iPad? Yes, absolutely. We’ll continue support iOS, Android and modern Web browsers so you can check in on your home and control the temperature from wherever you are.   Will Nest and Google products work with each other? Nest’s product line obviously caught the attention Read More...
Employee and Manager Self-Service: A Virtual Chameleon in the Workplace
In order for employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS) technology to be effective, it must serve multiple purposes for multiple business units

identity metasystem  Self Service Portal | Identity Manager Self Service | ESS Employee Self Service | ESS Employee Benefits Self Service | ESS Employee Manager Self Service | ESS Employee Self Service Benefits | ESS Employee Self Service Center | ESS Employee Self Service Home Page | ESS Employee Self Service Link | ESS Employee Self Service Login | ESS Employee Self Service Module | ESS Employee Self Service New | ESS Employee Self Service Online | ESS Employee Self Service Page | ESS Employee Self Service Payroll | ESS Emp Read More...
Expect Boom in Electronic Signatures
E-Pad deployment will skyrocket and make your fax machine obsolete. But don''t expect all security experts to embrace electronic signatures as PKI solutions

identity metasystem  bullet proof certainty of identity than electronic signatures. User Recommendations Digital E-pads will become mainstream when mainstream PC vendors delivers them built-in on desktop keyboards. Leading the way is PC and multi-media vendor Sony . Sony''s VAIO 55 SuperSlim Notebok already comes equipped with a pen input for signatures or drawings. Though hardware vendors have seen PC sales shrink in recent years, the birth of an all new E-Commerce Desktop with digital E-Pads will rekindle revenue streams. Read More...
Madness? Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures
One of the riskiest moves company stakeholders can make is to acquire and merge with another company or to divest themselves of company assets. Despite the best

identity metasystem  the Postmerger Integration Phase Identity Management Resource and Portfolio Management Master-Data Management Solutions for Building a Business Process Platform Building on an Integrated IT Environment The Hallmarks of Successful Mergers and Acquisitions Where to Go to Beat the Odds EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AVOIDING FAILURE IN MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS, AND DIVESTITURES Human beings take risks. In business, one of the riskiest moves company stakeholders can take is to acquire and merge with another company or to div Read More...
Bullet-proofing Instant Messaging
As more corporations adopt instant messaging (IM), chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers are learning that it can be a serious source of liability

identity metasystem  Users are exposed to identity spoofing and theft Once an IM address is added to a user''s buddy or friend list, instant access and information exchange becomes absurdly easy. On the plus side, it is fast and convenient; on the minus side, IM lets malefactors use fake or stolen user credentials to gain high-level access to many users'' computers. Poisoned IMs may contain URLs for malicious Web sites as well as infected attachments, and create multiple vectors for compromise and attack. Because consumer IM Read More...
Silverpop Buy Affirms IBM’s Commitment to Marketing
IBM recently announced its intent to acquire Silverpop, Atlanta-based provider of cloud marketing automation software. The giant software vendor values

identity metasystem  automatically maintains a single identity for each customer including Universal Behaviors across platforms and devices.   Universal Behavioral Marketing Silverpop provides an intuitive engagement engine that aims to help reduce the complexity of omnichannel marketing, making it easier to personalize the customer experience no matter where the customer sits on their brand journey. Behavioral lead scoring and customer engagement mapping capabilities combine to deliver better customer experience while Read More...
Social Engineering Can Thwart the Best Laid Security Plans
There are a lot of different social engineering techniques, but they all have the same basic idea. The trick behind social engineering is to get the user to

identity metasystem  employee of their bogus identity. Once the employee has fallen for the act, it''s time to begin gathering information. The hacker will usually mix several innocent questions with some serious questions. This is done to get the user to let their guard down. For example, a social engineer''s conversation might start out something like this: Hello I''m John Doe, with XYZ corporation. Bob Smith (the network manager''s name) has hired me as a consultant to help him with the next phase of the network upgrade. Read More...
Customer Data Integration: A Primer
Customer data integration (CDI) involves consolidation of customer information for a centralized view of the customer experience. Implementing CDI within a

identity metasystem  customer relations. The Initiate Identity Hub software system focuses on CDI, enterprise master person index (EMPI), and entity resolution. It also leverages customer data in real time and enables organizations to find any data set, account, or transaction, based on person, household, or organization. The Initiate Identity Hub software also links duplicate and fragmented records within and across disparate data sources. Initiate Systems has several additional software components to complement the hub, and Read More...
Business Intelligence and Identity Recognition-IBM''s Entity Analytics
IBM''s Entity Analytics Solution (EAS) enables organizations to identify and connect individuals based on collected data and their associated data patterns. EAS

identity metasystem  Intelligence and Identity Recognition-IBM''s Entity Analytics The cause of poor customer service ratings, ineffective marketing initiatives, faulty financial planning, and the increase in fraudulent activity can, in many cases, relate back to an organization''s management of its data. As the data collected and stored in organizations has grown exponentially over the past few years, its proper management has become critical to the successful implementation of such business initiatives as product Read More...
Commerce One Conducts Its Soul-Searching Metamorphosis Part Two: Challenges and User Recommendations
Commerce One is seemingly stuck with yet another identity crisis being a novice provider of a Web services-based integration platform and being a still

identity metasystem  stuck with yet another identity crisis being a novice provider of a Web services-based integration platform and being a still fledgling provider of business application suite built on top of that platform, and which has not yet successfully competed in the SRM arena. The problem also stems from the fact that these two markets are very different, and focusing on one dilutes the effort of focusing on the other. Deep functionality and domain expertise characterize SRM products coming from pure players like Read More...
“B” Before “e” When Marketing to “C”
ResponseLogic launches a personalized marketing tool based on expert systems technology. Promising to improve the bottom line of any Web business that markets

identity metasystem  they need to develop identity, niche, and proven successes. While there are already powerhouse companies in personalized marketing, there is plenty of room for startups to make inroads. Perhaps more so in this area than in most areas, in fact, because the sale is much less dependent on persuading technologists than on persuading marketing people. ResponseLogic has been forging some interesting partnerships, including one with a high profit direct marketing agency and one with a Latin American technology Read More...
Next-generation Data Auditing for Data Breach Protection and Risk Mitigation
Data breaches and leaks are on the rise—and the consequences, from theft of identity or intellectual property, can seriously compromise a company’s reputation

identity metasystem  consequences, from theft of identity or intellectual property, can seriously compromise a company’s reputation. Stolen laptops, hacking, exposed e-mail, insider theft, and other causes of data loss can plague your company. How can you detect (and respond!) to breaches and protect your data center? Learn about the functions and benefits of an automated data auditing system. Read More...
How Biometrics in ERP Can Enable Cost Savings and Increase Operational Efficiencies
One technology that is currently flying under the radar in the manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) space is biometrics. Biometric solutions aren’t

identity metasystem  of authenticating a person’s identity when they log into or perform operations on a computer system. The different solutions available today primarily use fingerprint, palm, eye or retinal, face, and/or voice recognition. Access control applications to ERP systems are often initially employed to replace user IDs and password access to computer systems or networks. However, even with the best efforts of an information technology (IT) organization, integrating all applications used at a company via a sing Read More...
Brave New World-Biometrics in HR
Human resources (HR) professionals often have to deal with errors in recording employees’ effectiveness while accomplishing their jobs. My colleague Ted Rohm

identity metasystem  organizations with high turnover. Identity theft is a common crime that many governments are trying to prevent by applying harsh punishments to the criminals involved and by increasing security measures for institutions who handle private information. Many people change jobs several times over their lifetimes, and having people’s biometric data duplicated on the servers of many employers could open the door for hackers to take ahold of that information and use it for criminal purposes, as some Read More...

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