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Documents related to » how to investigate the job candidate background

No Nonsense: Employment Background Checking
Did you know that...

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: employee background checks Learn how to find the right employees—while avoiding potentially serious problems—in Business Guide: Employment Background Checking . This no-nonsense guide will teach you about checking applicants address history, social security number, criminal background, work history, educational background, driving record, and more. You ll also learn what you must do to avoid running afoul of the law when conducting background checks. Make sure your employee background checks are
1/17/2012 3:00:00 PM

CRM: What Is It and Why Do It?Part One: Historical Background
Many consultants, vendors, and analysts today define CRM in terms of being a customer-centric business strategy that is enabled by a set of applications that support customer-facing functions and management decision making. That may capture the essence of what CRM is, but it does not begin to capture why an end user organization should invest significant resources to pursue such an initiative.

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: address the issue of how to create a credible business case for CRM and get the CEO engaged in the process. A User Organization Perspective Due to the silo (functional) structure of most user organizations, the most common CRM situation involves individual customer-facing functions that are seeking solutions to meet their respective needs. What they are confronted with is an array of very sophisticated, integrated tools. Even when someone in the organization approaches the definition of needs from a

ROI for RFID: A Case StudyPart One: Company Background
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the latest buzzword in the world of manufacturing and distribution technology. If you believe the press releases, it is a panacea and cure-all for what ails the industry. While RFID may not solve world hunger, you may not want to propose a solution without it. This research note looks at a recent and successful, implementation of RFID, examining the characteristics of the process and common obstacles and speed bumps to avoid.

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: research note looks at how one company, KiMs , with the assistance of Microsoft Business Solutions , achieved its anticipated return of investment (ROI) and successfully implemented RFID. Specifically, this research notes provides a description of Background of the company and their pre-RFID environment Statement of problem Systems integrator and supporting hardware and software vendors Implementation plan and timeline Post-RFID environment and benefits realized Future RFID deployments Since KiMs

RFID Case Study: Gillette and ProviaPart One: Background
The goal of the pilot project was not to see whether RFID tags on pallets and cases could be read automatically (although one should not assume that it is easy to achieve), but rather to develop or improve the systems and business processes needed to sustain higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: RFID Case Study: Gillette and Provia Part One: Background RFID Case Study: Gillette and Provia Part One: Background P.J. Jakovljevic - August 3, 2004 Read Comments Background Radio frequency identification (RFID) is constantly on everyone s lips and every relevant enterprise application vendor is hedging its bets towards becoming RFID-ready (see RFID—A New Technology Set to Explode? ). Provia Software ( www.provia.com ), a privately-held provider of supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions, too

The Grape Escape 2011 Roundup » The TEC Blog
second time, we see how valuable and worthwhile this event is. Being able to communicate directly with source of information, obtain new contacts, and share opinions with colleagues in an informal environment never fails to generate new insights and ideas that we can deliver to our readers. Hope to meet again next year! Share This   Read More     --> Trackback Address     Tags: Agresso , bim , coda financials , Construction Software , ERP , ilm , meridian systems , SYSPRO , Tekla , Trimble , unit4

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: Agresso, bim, coda financials, Construction Software, ERP, ilm, meridian systems, SYSPRO, Tekla, Trimble, unit4, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Deltek Remains the Master of Its Selected Few DomainsPart Three: Company Background and Market Strategy
Deltek's founders have managed the company with great success by expanding client focus into the commercial sector during the late 1980s. In 1991, Deltek began to configure its software for larger customers. Since 2001, a key growth strategy for Deltek has been providing additional front-office software applications to its clients.

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: presence in international markets. However, as seen in the recent hiring of partnering expert Yousef Bayou as Director of International Business, Deltek s international business strategy is being refocused from targeting users to marketing and selling its solutions through value-added reseller (VARs) channels. The company will also continue to support its relationship with its existing overseas clients in markets that include Europe, the Middle East, India, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and

The Supply Chain in the Cloud » The TEC Blog
questions being asked about how ready warehouse management is for the cloud.  LogFire , for one, feels that it is time to bring the time-to-value proposition of SaaS to the warehouse management system (WMS) area. While still very few people will argue that cloud-based WMS solutions are as robust as the on-premise standard-bearers, LogFire and others are trying to pave the way. Other areas, such as collaborative execution, as  E2open  calls it, is a natural area for a cloud-based solution, which would

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: Cloud, SaaS, Software as a Service, supply chain, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

SAS Puts the “E” in “Data”
SAS Institute has applied its data mining technology to the Internet. The company released products that will help companies analyze and predict the behavior of Web surfers. The target customer is one with large volumes of enterprise data that come from a variety of sources.

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: want to collect and how to use it, then any of a family of similar products will almost certainly be appropriate - and much more cost effective than the hand-crafted system that your programming staff has offered to whip up. As we noted, there is no compelling reason to look at WebHound if your only interest is daily log analysis. If you intend to mine current and historical web data then the combination of WebHound and E-Discovery may be worth a look. Note that there are significant feature differences

The Challenge of Fulfillment
Integrated multichannel retailing will inevitably become the norm. For retailers, the key to multichannel success lies in understanding the factors that drive revenues and the ability to fulfill Web orders. Other challenges center around electronic integration, visibility, and exception management.

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: in the multichannel game): how to effectively manage the availability of a virtually endless number of potential inventory items (to make available an infinite amount of choices via every possible combination of color, say, or size, style, and so on), so that customer satisfaction is maintained, if not constantly improved (see The Perfect Order—Inside-out or Outside-in? ). Retailers and merchants can address this perfect order fulfillment conundrum in a couple of different ways. One is more obvious,

The Store of the Future
The big hit of the National Retail Federation show was the Metro Group's Store of the Future. The budget for this extravaganza - it appears to have been underwritten by some of the biggest technology firms in the world.

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: (see our article on how RFID can be sold to the consumer. Have you ever strained and stared at the fine print on cold medicines, hair care products, etc., wondering which is right for you? Most consumers buy these low cost items, then throw them away if they don t kill you, or when they don t work, moving to another brand. When in reality, they might have just bought the wrong product. The PSA can walk you through the product features, or let you tell it what your needs are, and have it select the right

The Superstar CFO
Find out in the superstar CFO.

HOW TO INVESTIGATE THE JOB CANDIDATE BACKGROUND: The Superstar CFO The Superstar CFO You don t often think of a chief financial officer (CFO) as being a superstar, but times are changing. Chief executives, boards, investors, and managers are constantly demanding more input and guidance from their CFOs—for both internal processes and external company activities. But what are the attributes of superstar CFOs? What sets them apart from their less successful counterparts? And what activities should they be focusing on in the future? Find out in The

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