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Transenterprises - The Emerging Business Model of the Twenty First Century
During the last two decades, many of the old vertically integrated enterprise/empires have splintered into numerous core-competency-focused firms, loosely bound into the so-called virtual extended enterprises.

FABLESS: players is required for this— fabless ASIC companies who design the chips, foundries who manufacture the dies (silicon, heart of the chip), assembly and test companies who package the chip, EDA companies that provide layout tools, others that provide the actual design building blocks, and companies who specialize in tweaking the manufacturing and testing processes to maximize yield. Until about 3-4 years ago, OEMs could just throw over the wall their chip logic requirements to ASIC designers who

Business Network Transformation: Rethinking Relationships in a Global Economy
Business Network Transformation: Rethinking Relationships in a Global Economy. Find Out IT Solutions and Other Applications for Your Judgment Linked to Business Network Transformation. Business networks have come to the fore in the past decade, as the power of customers and consumers has increased relative to the manufacturers and retailers that serve them. These networks enable these companies to deliver faster innovation to customers at lower costs by sharing investment, assets, and ideas. Find out how information technology and communication (ITC) systems can help you unlock new market opportunities.

FABLESS: fantasies).The semiconductor industry went fabless 20 years ago, separating chip designers from chip producers, while at the same time spinning out specialized roles for wafer suppliers, mask makers, equipment providers, and CAD software vendors. The automotive industry has migrated to a tiered system of suppliers, out-tasking virtually every subsystem that makes up a car except for the engine (and that will be next, given the enormous R&D expenses entailed by hybrid and all-electric drive systems).The
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