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Management Strategy for Network Critical Physical Infrastructure
Network-critical physical infrastructure includes power, cooling, racks and physical structure, security and fire protection, cabling, management systems, and

existing ip infrastructure  centric' and utilize the existing IT network. Device centric is defined as focusing primarily on individual IP addresses that represent access to information about the device as a whole. For example, one IP address may represent a single server, networking, or storage device. Alarms and information are usually encapsulated at the device level and then propagated to the summary management package over the existing IT network. Management packages such as HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli are considered to be in Read More
Outsourcing, IT Infrastructure
The IT Infrastructure Outsourcing knowledge base focuses on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of information technology (IT) infrastructure. The typical type...
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Documents related to » existing ip infrastructure

7 Steps to a Successful IP Telephony Implementation
Enterprises of all sizes are adopting Internet protocol (IP) telephony for cost savings and productivity gains—but high quality voice service takes more than

existing ip infrastructure  ability to leverage their existing private IP data networks to transport voice traffic. IP telephony is a cost-effective way of migrating an organization's intra- and inter-site voice calls away from traditional analog circuitry and PBX tie trunks (typically dedicated T-1s) and onto a company's dedicated data network, which are typically T-1 or T-3 on the WAN side and 100Mbps Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet on the LAN side. Network Requirements for Toll-Quality Voice The fundamental requirement to achieve Read More
The Definitive Guide to Successful Deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony-Chapter 3
When deploying any new system, preparation is key—and Internet protocol telephony (IPT) systems are no exception. Part 3 of this 4-part e-book series provides

existing ip infrastructure  often find that their existing IP networks are usually not large enough or robust enough to handle the new load of telephony and multimedia demand without being enlarged and made more redundant, and that the cost for VoIP-based outside phone services is about on par with today's cost of traditional services. A third area where substantial cost savings were envisioned was personnel costs. The general thinking was that because voice is just another IP application, it could be put on the IP network and Read More
The Return on Investment of IP Telephony Management
Managing a newly deployed voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) integration project is not as easy as some IT managers believe it to be. Delivering voice traffic

existing ip infrastructure  IP telephony believing their existing network-management tools, coupled with the often-rudimentary monitoring features that come with the IP PBX, will be sufficient in maintaining solid voice performance. Typically, when the rollouts exceed five locations and after some time has passed (statistically, as stated, that time frame is 12-24 months), the IT managers realize they do not have enough information to effectively detect and prevent problems, analyze the cause of performance slow-downs, or resolve Read More
Enterprise IP PBX Buyer's Guide: Features and Services That Matter
The reasons most enterprises upgrade to an IP PBX system range from wanting to replace outdated equipment, to saving money, to adding needed functionality, to

existing ip infrastructure  integrate its capabilities into existing business processes such as sales and CRM tools. In this Buyer's Guide, you will ind details on what to look for, how to buy, what you can expect to pay and how to go about maximizing your investment in VoIP. Premise-based PBX Overview A PBX (Private Branch eXchange) is essentially an automatic switchboard for telephone systems. It provides the same basic functions for any business or enterprise that the ranks of telephone operators with handfuls of wiring plugs Read More
Virtual Infrastructure Storage and Pillar Data Systems
The exploding popularity of VMware’s server virtualization has created a corresponding demand for shared storage. However, traditional storage arrays, burdened

existing ip infrastructure   Read More
Unleashing the SAN In Your IP Network
Computer storage holds the lifeblood of today's economy. From movies, music, books, and classroom materials, to corporate, personal, and financial data of all

existing ip infrastructure  the SAN In Your IP Network Computer storage holds the lifeblood of today's economy. From movies, music, books, and classroom materials, to corporate, personal, and financial data of all sorts, everything is being stored digitally. For this reason, the information and the knowledge derived from today's Internet-reliant world have become the core elements by which our society increases its productivity. Find out more in this white paper from Stonefly. Read More
IT Infrastructure Trends in Banking
In the current regulatory environment, banks are facing two levels of challenges. While they are under pressure to expand beyond home territories, they also

existing ip infrastructure  Banks,banking,regulation,regulatory,compliance,expansion,business structure Read More
IP Phone Buyer’s Guide
Long-term cost savings and extensive feature sets make voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems an attractive option for many businesses. But with

existing ip infrastructure  For businesses boasting an existing 802.11 network, a wireless IP phone is an excellent choice. These increasingly popular devices allow voice and data support on the same wireless backbone. Conferencing : IP conferencing phones offer instant, face-to-face communication between two or more participants. Ideally suited for conference rooms of small-to-medium size, these specialty phones incorporate a camera, LCD screen, speaker, keypad and handset in a single unit. Proprietary vs. Open Phones Just because Read More
Meridian Systems’ “Catch Up” Challenge in the Capital Infrastructure Industry - Part 1
Claiming the “Catch us if you can” movie mantra, the quiet Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) leader Meridian Systems, based in Folsom, California (US

existing ip infrastructure  (if you are an existing user) or your general interest to evaluate these solutions as prospective customers. Read More
Classification of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Tools
Data centers today lack a formal system for classifying infrastructure management tools. As a result, confusion exists regarding which management systems are

existing ip infrastructure  DCIM, data center, data center infrastructure management, DCIM management, DCIM classification, IT, IT infrastructure, APC by Schneider Electric Read More
Get More from Your IT Infrastructure
Find out in the white paper, unlock the hidden it opportunities in troubled economic times.

existing ip infrastructure  new services; and support existing services at a lower cost. Discover how your IT infrastructure can be the key to making your company more recession- proof today—and stronger , and more competitive when the economy rebounds. And why now is the ideal time to act on it. Download your PDF copy of Unlock the Hidden IT Opportunities in Troubled Economic Times today.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 514-954-3665, ext.367. Special Offer Files 2009 BE Read More
Designing Telecommunications Security Infrastructure for the Future Smart Electricity Grid—Security Considerations
This white paper captures the learning gained from the telecommunications infrastructure rollout workstream of the flexible approaches for low carbon optimized

existing ip infrastructure  telecommunications security considerations, telecommunications security, telecommunications infrastructure, smart electricity grid Read More
What's Ahead for Users on the Enterprise Infrastructure Battlefront?
The battle between Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and IBM goes far beyond applications -- it goes right into the technology stack or the enterprise infrastructure. As

existing ip infrastructure  and Microsoft are wooing existing clients, offering all kinds of incentives to get disconcerted customers to switch. Part two of the While Oracle and PeopleSoft Are to Fuse, Competitors Ruse--Leaving Customers (Somewhat) Bemused series. Yet, many will also notice that the battle between Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and IBM goes far beyond applications. It goes right into the technology stack or an enterprise infrastructure, which is a less visible software layer that lies beneath the applications. It provides Read More

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