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Dashboard Development and Deployment-A Methodology for Success
A dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the daily health of your organization. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance

executive dashboard  Building and deploying an executive dashboard takes time, regardless of the vendor or technology that is chosen. Creating the graphical front end is relatively quick and easy, but that’s merely the shell of the dashboard. As the iceberg theory illustrates, what you actually see on your desktop pales in comparison to the hidden effort—80% of the com- plexity that lies beneath the surface. Populating the dashboard with relevant KPIs takes the majority of the development effort. This is no small task Read More
Business Performance Management
Business performance management (BPM) enables organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight needed to manage and improve financial and operational perf...
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Documents related to » executive dashboard

FDM4 is an end-to-end enterprise solution to support businesses of all sizes. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software allows for forecast

executive dashboard  financials, and a graphical executive dashboard. FDM4 can be configured for hard goods product lines or with flexible matrices for style, color, size, and unlimited features. FDM4 solutions is available in a licensed model with on-premise hardware or as software as a service (SaaS) in a hosted environment. Read More
Case Study: LaSer Cofinoga
Retail and credit banking specialist LaSer Cofinoga wanted to implement personalized dashboards in order to closely monitor its business activities. The company

executive dashboard  operational dashboards,sales dashboard,balanced scorecards & operational dashboards with microsoft excel,dashboard scorecard,hr dashboard,executive dashboard software,performance management dashboard,customer process management,management dashboards,process management approach,corporate dashboard,dashboard monitoring,network dashboard,financial process management,interactive dashboard Read More
8 CRM Essentials: An Executive Guide to the Must-have Elements of Every Successful CRM Initiative
It’s no secret that winning and retaining customers is the key to growth and success. But that’s no small feat, with ever-increasing customer demands, as well

executive dashboard  bird s-eye view. Give every executive a dashboard that provides instant visibility into all the metrics he/she cares about. Empower every user to create his/her own reports without having to wait for the system administrator or IT team. Reinforce adoption with carrots and sticks. Build CRM usage with incentive programs such as spiffs, contests, etc. ( carrots ). And for those who are more motivated by fear, reinforce the importance of using CRM with sticks, such as executive communications and programs Read More
A Visionary of Loveliness
Informix released version 2.0 of their interactive data analysis dashboard Visionary. The tool is designed for decision-makers and provides capabilities for

executive dashboard  general-purpose data analysis. An executive viewing an Informix demonstration will display the same ooh effect that was elicited by early demos of the Apple Lisa and Macintosh products, which is no small thing in today's graphics-rich environment. That the product offers rapid deployment without requiring expensive developers (not that even business analysts are cheap these days!) should make it easy for Informix to get the CIO to agree to the purchase. We believe, though, that the real advantage will Read More
Case Study: TAKASAGO
The fragrance division of luxury goods maker TAKASAGO wanted to benefit from the advantages of a modern dashboarding system. The goal was to better manage

executive dashboard  dashboard best practices,key performance indicators examples,kpi scorecard,what is kpi,dashboard metrics,hr kpi,operational dashboards,sales dashboard,sales kpi,sales performance management,hr dashboard,key performance indicator software,kpi example,kpi indicator,kpi reporting Read More
Best Practices for Improving Performance in Your Contact Center
Discover the top six approaches to a high-performing contact center in the executive brief, Best Practices for Improving Performance in Your Contac...

executive dashboard  contact center in the executive brief, Best Practices for Improving Performance in Your Contact Center . You'll learn how to manage your contact center resources—your people and the technology that supports them—to deliver a superior customer response. One that will create loyal customers and set you apart from the competition. Download your PDF copy of Best Practices for Improving Performance in Your Contact Center today. For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Read More
Microsoft Expertise Developing Mobile Application
By integrating data from disparate systems and delivering data in a management dashboard on a personal digital assistant (PDA) or cell phone, Persistent enabled

executive dashboard  Expertise Developing Mobile Application By integrating data from disparate systems and delivering data in a management dashboard on a personal digital assistant (PDA) or cell phone, Persistent enabled service engineers to collect and update data related to tire usage. This solution seamlessly integrated approximately 1,000 dealers in more than 15 European countries to central data servers and a CRM solution. The result? Improved customer end acquisition and satisfaction. Read More
The Need and Value of a CIO Coach
In today’s challenging economic environment, companies require effective IT executive leadership. As part of the executive team, the chief information officer

executive dashboard  companies require effective IT executive leadership. As businesses evolve and develop new strategies for growth they often find limitations in their current technology and business practices. In many cases the business determines that their current IT systems and business processes are outdated and not aligned with their evolving strategic business goals, market needs, and regulatory requirements. As part of the executive team, a CIO develops and executes strategies that create competitive advantages for Read More
Managing Cash Flow in Times of Crisis
Today’s critical cash-flow and liquidity concerns are demanding executive-level attention. Turmoil in the financial markets is leaving many companies struggling

executive dashboard  liquidity concerns are demanding executive-level attention. Turmoil in the financial markets is leaving many companies struggling to ensure the cash flow and liquidity needed for normal operations. Learn about software solutions that can help your company protect its commercial cash flows, improve visibility into sources and uses of cash, and increase control over global cash balances. Read More
SSA Announces New Chairman/CEO in a Bid to Stop Its Agony
System Software Associates, Inc. (SSA), announced on September 14 that its Board of Directors has named Robert R. Carpenter, a highly-experienced executive in

executive dashboard  as its new Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board. Carpenter succeeds the retiring William Stuek, the former IBM executive put in charge of SSA's turnaround several years ago. While Stuek was able to stabilize the company during his tenure, it has never regained its former industry position. Carpenter comes to SSA from systems integrator Origin B.V. (Eindhoven, the Netherlands), the IT arm of Dutch corporate giant Phillips, where he was president and CEO of Origin America (Murray Hill, New Jersey). Read More
Move from Insight to Action with Interactive Self-service Dashboards
Dashboards are an important tool in the business analytics arsenal for midsize companies, as they enable managers to measure performance against key performance

executive dashboard  kpi performance indicators,microsoft dashboard,business intelligence dashboard,business kpi,key performance indicators kpi,kpi definition,kpi sharepoint,performance dashboards,business intelligence analytics,dashboard analytics,key performance indicators examples,business analytics software,business objects dashboard,financial dashboard,kpi scorecard Read More
Essential Features of Manufacturing ERP Software
If an ERP system seems like a complex, elaborate, and hard-to-understand piece of technology to you, here's a straightforward Executive ...

executive dashboard  you, here's a straightforward Executive Brief to help you make sense of it all. You'll learn about the 5 major building blocks that make up an ERP system the list of business functions each major ERP area handles the many business benefits of ERP how it all connects to help your company run more efficiently, produce better products, and reduce costs Get up to speed on what modern ERP for manufacturing systems are all about, and how they're put together. Download your PDF copy of Essential Features of Read More
Decision Support Systems -- Overview and Case Studies
Decison support systems range from simple electronic filing cabinets to complex data intensive and analytically sophisticated executive information systems

executive dashboard  intensive and analytically sophisticated executive information systems. This primer provides an overview with real case studies. Read More

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