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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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AnyDoc Customer Success Story: Soudronic AG Finds a Solution for Archiving Its Supplier Documents with OCR
Soudronic AG’s incoming order confirmations were getting out of hand and finding misfiled critical documents was increasingly laborious. Before implementing OCR

except optical instruments  Customer Success Story: Soudronic AG Finds a Solution for Archiving Its Supplier Documents with OCR Soudronic AG’s incoming order confirmations were getting out of hand and finding misfiled critical documents was increasingly laborious. Before implementing OCR for AnyDoc, documents were printed and filed in binders, together with supporting documentation. With AnyDoc’s optical character recognition solution, Soudronic can retrieve its documents more quickly, and its labor and storage costs have Read More...
Handspring’s Visor Passes Pocket PC
After less than a quarter in retail outlets, Handspring’s Palm-OS based Visor has sprung past Windows-based handhelds in market share.

except optical instruments  has gone from nothing (except buzz) to a retail market share approximately three times that of the most popular Pocket PC. The new and improved Pocket PC was only launched in April, but Visor wasn''t around in retail stores before then either, so Visor''s strong showing will probably give Redmond a mild case of the heebie-jeebies . We do not expect Microsoft to be satisfied with this miniscule share of the market. Their intense efforts to show the world this time for sure with the Pocket PC will Read More...
Welcome to ERP - Distribution Showdown! Epicor Enterprise vs. JDA Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Suite vs. Pronto Xi
I''m Larry Blitz, editor of Technology Evaluation Centers’ (TEC) Vendor Showdown series. Welcome to our latest: ERP - Distribution Showdown. You’ll notice this

except optical instruments  the board in SCM, except in Transportation Management. In Retail & Commerce, Pronto Xi scored best, with Epicor Enterprise and JDA Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Suite sharing the second spot. In DPM, it''s basically dead even. All three vendor solutions score well across the board, although Epicor Enterprise slightly outperforms JDA in Process Management, and slightly outscores Pronto in Purchasing Management. In Back Office, both Epicor Enterprise and Pronto Xi get top grades, with JDA Supply Read More...
Facing A Selection? Try A Knowledge-Based Matchmaker Part 3: Comparing Three ERP Vendors
This part illustrates how selecting the right ERP product depends on each client''s requirements. Epicor, QAD, and Ramco Systems'' rank can change with different

except optical instruments  to QAD''s weighted average except for Human Resources. Note that the gap between the vendors'' contributions to weighted average will change as a result of changing the priorities. The gap between QAD''s contribution and either of the other two vendors remains small in all areas of the Knowledge Base, indicating that QAD has consistently strong functionality (except in Human Resources, but in this case the priority for Human Resources is 0). QAD should be included in many mid-market technology selections Read More...
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 9)
Just wanted to thank all the readers who voted and gave us this shortlist of ERP vendors for TurtleSpice:Oracle (JD Edwards EnterpriseOne)Microsoft (Dynamics

except optical instruments  things there for now, except for the central question that’s behind this series: Was the whole software selection process a waste of time? You could argue, of course, that it was, since TurtleSpice chooses the solution that Wade Sharkey had originally backed. However, by going through a rigorous process of documenting the selection, TurtleSpice has positioned itself for a successful ERP implementation—not only do they know why they do what they do (thanks to the business process modeling component of Read More...
Just One Hop Away From San Jose
Cisco Systems, Inc. has acquired a Manufacturing Facility in New Hampshire.

except optical instruments  One Hop Away From San Jose Just One Hop Away From San Jose G. Duhaime - May 30, 2000 Event Summary Chelmsford, MA-Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has reached an agreement to purchase the vacant Compaq/Digital Systems facility in Salem, NH. This facility consists of 110 acres and a manufacturing/office facility of 674,000 square feet. This New England Manufacturing Center ties in with Cisco Systems plans to develop a strong presence inside New England. Earlier this year Cisco announced plans to open Read More...
Oracle Makes A U-Turn At The ''All Things To All People'' Exit
Oracle has been trying hard for some time to find a magic formula to revive its declining applications revenue. Abandoning its isolationist stance and opening

except optical instruments  But, none of them, except Oracle, have vocally advised their large corporate prospects to put up with sub-optimal functionality (70%-80% of out-of-the-box functionality) and to wait, possibly indefinitely, until the vendor gets around to delivering needed enhancements. Thus, Oracle''s eventual willingness to be more flexible and humble in terms of increasing its products'' openness and of reducing module interdependencies and the product''s monolithic nature is commendable, and should help it succeed in Read More...
Kentico Software, headquartered in Brno (Czech Republic), is focused on providing content management solutions for developers covering the whole Web site

except optical instruments  cms intranet,cms portal,cms portals,content management cms,kentico cms,kentico cms 2.0,kentico cms asp net Read More...
Texas Instruments Tells War Stories At i2 Planet
This year at i2’s Planet conference, Texas Instruments reviewed lessons learned during their 3½-year i2-SAP implementation.

except optical instruments  supply chain,supply chain software companies,supply chain companies,supply chain planner,supply chain software,supply chain optimization software,software companies,supply chain visibility,supply chain company,supply chain program,supply chain software solutions,supply chain management softwares,erp solutions,project management courses online,project charter templates Read More...
Simplexis Says ''Watch Our (Chalk) Dust''
Forget those PTA bake sales. Education is a big business and, with specialized needs and restrictions, may require a specially targeted vertical eMarketplace to

except optical instruments  the largest school districts. Except for installation costs that might be required for licensed sales, Simplexis offers its solution at no cost to school districts. The company earns revenue from transaction fees of 1% to 5%. Suppliers - more than 1,200 have been signed so far, in addition to those who are available by being members of the Commerce One network - gain from order management and aggregation. Despite the overall aggregated value of transactions, the typical individual requisition is for less Read More...
Bad Customer Support Is Not a Software Problem
A couple of days ago, my laptop decided (all on its own) to jump off my desk.Lucky for me, it survived almost completely undamaged except for a broken latch

except optical instruments  survived almost completely undamaged except for a broken latch, which seemed easy enough to fix. So I decided to order the replacement part and fix it myself. Since I didn’t know exactly what part I needed to order, I started by calling the vendor’s Technical Service number. I described the problem and asked if the rep could tell me what part I needed, whether it was available, and how much it cost. He couldn’t. Instead, he said, I should call a separate Parts and Services number. Fair enough. I Read More...
IFS Study on Enterprise 2.0: Businesses Aren’t Really Interested?
IFS has just published a short report unveiling the results of a study conducted with Advantage Business Media. Research analyst Aleksey Osintsev looks at the

except optical instruments  package. IFS is no exception. The vendor has developed the IFS Talk collaboration tool, which links individual users and user groups in a secure environment based on IFS Applications ERP software. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, it allows collaborative review and coordination of current matters, and simultaneously links those discussion to existing ERP data without the need to log in to the system separately.  To sum up the findings of the IFS study, we can see that the overall interest of business Read More...
INTERAL Maintenance
INTERAL Maintenance is a client/server-based computerized maintenance management system with a 32-bit interface. Developed to fulfill the needs of today''s

except optical instruments  
Nortel and Clarify: Was There Ever Synergy Enough to Support this Marriage?
Back in 1999, when Nortel was on a buying spree and reeling in record profits, it plunked down US$2.1 billion dollars for Clarify Inc., a leader in the CRM

except optical instruments  the Vendor Exposition all except Nortel''s Clarify. Clarify''s notable absence was explained away by a presenter whose simple observation was that Nortel was bleeding money and this was probably a cost-saving move and nothing more. We''re not so sure. Nortel in Trouble    On the surface, the calendar year 2000 was a good one for Nortel. They consistently saw record growth looking at it year over year (US$7.82 billion in sales in the June quarter; $7.3 billion in sales in the September quarter, and $8.7 Read More...
AGPL v3 Touches Web Services
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) issued a press release on its newly published Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3. This license affects the

except optical instruments  its patent-oriented concerns, etc.) except if you look particularly at section 13 you''ll notice that it requires offering the application''s modified code to people that interact with the application over a network. So this returns the ability to access, modify, and further distribute the code of even Web applications. As this license gets used, I bet we''ll hear of unexpected uses for applications that were intended as web-based services, but that get implemented inside of a company instead (just because Read More...

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