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How to Evaluate a Sales and Operation Planning System
The features available in today’s sales and operations planning (SOP) systems make these systems indispensable assets for an organization. Reporting tools and

error logging  inventory norms, sales forecasting error, etc. are built in, then they do not need to be configured from scratch. Furthermore, a visual representation of KPIs in graphs and dashboards helps top management to keep tabs on various “numbers.” Integration with Different Systems An SOP system should be able to integrate with different systems. Most organizations have a transactional system, which is usually an ERP system. Such systems are rich with data that organizations could use to their benefit. An Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » error logging

Evolution to Revolution: The Test Automation Maturity Curve
The evolution of test automation towards data-driven and key/action word frameworks reflects the realization that the process becomes more efficient if there is

error logging  data, handle timing synchronization, error handling and recovery as well as result logging and reporting. And while this approach succeeded in allowing analysts to contribute test data and reducing the volume of code, it increased the complexity of the code that had to be developed and maintained. Eventually companies realized that test automation code is no different than application software code: it is painful if not impossible for one programmer to maintain code written by another.Thus, script code Read More
Using Business Intelligence Infrastructure to Ensure Compliancy with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) has affected organizations, their data, and their reporting processes, putting a strain on how their financials are managed

error logging  trails; event detection and error checking; real-time monitoring of financials; participation by business unit controllers in the certification process; and delegated certification capabilities. Also, performance controls are used to enhance decision making, through a CFO dashboard. System processes are enabled by the sophisticated use of workflow, process management, and the independence of auditing roles and responsibilities. Other BI and business performance management (BPM) vendors also provide Read More
Taking Multilingual Support to the Next Level
Product managers in product companies are trying to develop applications that support multilingual functionality. Multinational corporations use multilingual

error logging  repair costs when the error is realized later and has to be manually fixed. In other words, a solution architect cannot afford to take a simplistic approach. On the other hand, by incorporating extended character sets into all applications, the solution architect can help the company avoid these risks altogether since there won't be any mismatch between the various applications in the SEPA system landscape in the event that fund transfer instructions contain special characters. But if this change turns Read More
Job Scheduling Evaluation Checklist
When buying a job scheduling solution, you should gather as much information as possible to make an objective comparison of competitive products’ key

error logging  jobs based on job error or system failure V       Automatically inserts recovery jobs into the schedule for execution V       Supports multiple queues, job priorities and queue priorities that include priority bumping V       User-defined parameters for job history information V       Auditing Extensive logging that includes all user interactions, job run statuses and error messages V       Ability to set error, audit, and diagnostic levels for complete error handling and resolution V Read More
My System Is Trying to Communicate With Me! What Do I Do?
What you should not do is ignore whatever you see on the screen. If you don’t trust computers, remember that they were created and programmed by humans like you

error logging  get: warning messages and error messages. Let’s take a closer look at what they represent and what you should do when you see them. Warning Messages Wouldn’t it be nice to get a warning message if you were about to step on a banana peel? Something like: “Are you sure you want to step on a banana peel? Click Yes if you want to break your neck, No to avoid it, and Cancel to ignore this message.” Well, business systems warn you that you are about to do something important and ask you to confirm your Read More
Success Kit: Achieving Practical Global Business Management and Effective Financial Consolidation
If you have acquired businesses, added subsidiaries, and entered international markets, you probably have error-prone and time-consuming consolidation processes

error logging  markets, you probably have error-prone and time-consuming consolidation processes and poor visibility into performance at the corporate or divisional level. This kit offers strategies for multi-subsidiary and global businesses to run their organizations more efficiently, including case studies, analyst research, and best-practice insights. Read More
Breaking Down Information Silos Between Manufacturing and Design: A New Approach to CAD/ERP Data Integration
What would you do if a critical error occurred during production—all because the wrong data was input into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? You’d

error logging  do if a critical error occurred during production—all because the wrong data was input into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? You’d probably be asking “how could this happen?” The ability to communicate information between teams can mean the difference between production success and failure. Avoid these snafus with a system that can integrate the data of both the design and ERP systems. Read More
Ask the Experts Question Raises Some Interest: What do you know about Segregation of Duties and SOX?
Every so often, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) analysts—our in-house panel of experts—receive questions from readers on a variety of software-related

error logging   Read More
Case Study: Kempe Group
Kempe, a provider of innovative engineering solutions and services for a variety of industries, was using separate systems to manage the financial and operation,Case Study: Kempe Group Success story. Read White Papers or Case Studies Associated with Business Solutions.

error logging  Inventory accuracy from 7% error rate to 0.6% at 2008 stocktake. Accurate data means managers have improved insight into supply and demand and can more easily identify areas for change or improvement. Productivity and sales gains achieved due to accuracy of reporting and reduction in administrative errors Reduction and identification of Inventory dead stock by 25%. On time accurate accounts across many business units. Ability to control larger, complicated, international project work. Security knowing Read More
Getting ITIL Done with IT Process Automation
Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes often span multiple systems. However, many organizations operate in department and application silos, with a lack of silo integration inhibiting a process approach. This leaves a significant amount of manual work, resulting in a risk of error, latency, and lack of visibility and reporting. So how can you automate these processes and drive real value?

error logging  in a risk of error, latency, and lack of visibility and reporting. So how can you automate these processes and drive real value? Getting ITIL Done with IT Process Automation style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   IT Monitoring and Management Source: Opalis Software, Inc. Learn more about Opalis Software, Inc. Readers who downloaded this white paper also read these popular documents! Best Practices for ERP Implementation Sales Process Map Talent Management for Read More

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