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ERP for the Utilities Industry
Utilities (gas, water, electricity, and energy) software is typically built off customer billing systems encompassing a suite of modules covering fleet management, maintenance management, GIS, AMR,...
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Minimizing the Total Cost of Technical Support for Enterprise Applications
Many organizations don’t follow formalized processes for technical support evaluation. However, technical support is a vital component of any enterprise

erp minimizing maintenance costs  of Technical Support for Enterprise Applications Originally published - November 20, 2006 Enterprise software selection is a big decision for any organization. Licensing fees are costly, and choosing the software that matches the company’s business model can be a daunting decision. If the enterprise decides to go with a particular vendor, and the vendor does not deliver, the company will incur a large financial loss. Thus, when selecting an enterprise software solution, there are many factors that need Read More...
Reduce the Pain of ERP Upgrades with Better Planning
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems now support many organizations’ most important business processes, and house their most sensitive corporate data. As

erp minimizing maintenance costs  COE Center of excellence ERP Enterprise resource planning ROI Return on investment The Bottom Line The key to minimizing the pain of ERP upgrades is to have both a long-term ERP lifecycle strategy and a comprehensive tactical plan for the actual upgrade project. Executive Summary In many organizations, the ERP system has become the application support for the majority of business processes and the repository for the corporation''s most sensitive data. As these systems become more important and pervasive, Read More...
(Forgotten) CRM and ERP Kingdoms in the Making?
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) vendor Consona is determined to establish a CRM “kingdom” based on Consona

erp minimizing maintenance costs  , and other monolithic ERP and CRM systems, Consona Enterprise CRM does not force customers to adapt their (sometimes differentiating) business processes to the way the software works. With those one-size-fits-all systems, costly and time-consuming customizations are typically the only way out when market or customer requirements change. These large vendors tend to take the approach that they want to run everything throughout the user’s organization, which is not a viable approach for many because it Read More...
Essential ERP - Current Market Trends - Part II
ERP applications are designed to optimize an organization’s underlying business processes — primarily accounting/financial, manufacturing, distribution, and

erp minimizing maintenance costs  in response to such ERP woes as support expenses, misbehaving application, and server downtime. Assuming an organization ports all application functionality to an ASP, the only real concern for internal IT individuals would be ensuring a rich and stable connection to the Internet. ASPs use a Thin Client configuration, which means that any hosted application accessed by an end user, such as e-mail or word-processing application, is transmitted to the desktop via a series of streaming screenshots, Read More...
Reliability Driven Maintenance--Closing the CMMS
Reliability driven maintenance (RDM) focuses on understanding the

erp minimizing maintenance costs  competitors may be the ERP likes of Oracle , IFS, Intentia, SAP, and Ramco Systems that offer more integrated ERP and EAM capabilities like automated maintenance scheduling, tracking, and management; remote diagnostics; RCM; fleet and facility management and planning; centralized access to engineering data; parts planning, sourcing, valuation and category spend management; asset performance reporting, and so on. Nevertheless, enterprises from the above-mentioned industries and the regions that Ivara Read More...
Maple Leaf Farms Improves Inventory Control with WMS
As one of North America’s premier producers of duck products, Maple Leaf Farms knew the importance of delivering fresh, quality goods to its customers. But in

erp minimizing maintenance costs  fully integrated WMS and ERP applications to manage its extremely complicated duck manufacturing process Maple Leaf needed a solution to balance inventory totals accurately Only a skilled software developer could capture the intricacies of the manufacturing process in a software solution Solution VAI designed the following to encompass all of Maple Leaf''s needs: &8226; S2K for Manufacturing &8226; S2K for Distribution &8226; S2K Warehouse Pro Third Party Tools &8226; IBM System i Benefits One keystroke Read More...
Ariba Successes Highlight Standards Wars
California based Ariba saw its stock rise 20% (by 17.88 points to 107.88) on August 11, with continued rises into the low 120''s for the rest of the week.

erp minimizing maintenance costs  own proposal ICE, the ERP vendors, all of which are touting procurement applications that integrate with their other offerings, are notably (but not surprisingly) absent from the leadership in this skirmish. Microsoft, which recently announced its own BizTalk standard, is a supporter of both cXML and CBL, and almost everyone is part of the OBI standard definition effort. A second result is to point to the likely ascendancy of independent vendors of procurement systems over integrated ERP vendors. It''s wor Read More...
CRM: What Is It and Why Do It? Part One: Historical Background
Many consultants, vendors, and analysts today define CRM in terms of being a customer-centric business strategy that is enabled by a set of applications that

erp minimizing maintenance costs  relationship management (ERM). Similarly, enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors realized that the 360-degree view of the customer has to include transaction data, so they have likewise developed an integrated package with CRM capabilities. Thus from a technology perspective CRM consists of a set of applications that address the needs of customer-facing functions that in turn feed a common database that is supported by business analytics. Each vendor has variations on this theme. This is part one of Read More...
SmartOps Steps Out in to the Cloud SCM
SmartOps Corporation is a quiet provider of supply chain planning (SCP) solutions that right-size inventory and capture more sales (by way of managing demand

erp minimizing maintenance costs  managing demand) for global enterprises that compete in complexity and uncertainty of their global supply chains. Deploying SmartOps’ solutions has dramatically improved supply chain performance at more than 50 Fortune 1000 and global 2000 companies in discrete manufacturing, consumer durables and packaged goods, technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution, chemicals, and retail industries. SmartOps is an SAP -endorsed software solution and technology partner with many joint sales efforts and Read More...
Manufacturers Win Customers with Improved Configurability
In the executive guide to configurability strategy, learn how the two phases of a successful configurability strategy can dramatically improve your...

erp minimizing maintenance costs  manufacturers win customers improved configurability,manufacturers,win,customers,improved,configurability,win customers improved configurability,manufacturers customers improved configurability,manufacturers win improved configurability,manufacturers win customers configurability,manufacturers win customers improved. Read More...
Founded in 1972, SAP provides business software applications and services to companies of all sizes in more than 25 industries. With subsidiaries in over 50

erp minimizing maintenance costs  ERP, mySAP, SAP,ERPDIRECTORY,field service management,fsm,learn sap,meaning of sap,MY SAP,my sap erp,MYSAP,sap,sap 2000,sap certification,sap companies,sap definition,sap demo,sap erp evaluation,sap fico,sap help,sap india,sap training,sap vs oracle,what is sap Read More...
Clarity of Vision: Clarify Sold to Amdocs by Nortel
Amdocs Management Limited announced that it reached an agreement with Nortel Networks to acquire the assets of Nortel’s Clarify business for US $200 million

erp minimizing maintenance costs  same technology base; namely, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), making full integration between the two technology bases quick and straightforward. Amdocs feels the synergies between the two companies'' offerings are strong, and, with the Clarify acquisition, Amdocs can position itself as a one-stop shop for pre-integrated CRM and billing functionality, directly linking front-office to back-office systems, positioning the Amdocs solution as the best-in-class and most Read More...
Navigator One for SAP Business One: ERP for SMB Competitor Analysis Report
The accounting and ERP for small and medium businesses (SMB) evaluation model targets functional requirements for a fully featured accounting solution. In

erp minimizing maintenance costs  for SAP Business One: ERP for SMB Competitor Analysis Report The accounting and ERP for small and medium businesses (SMB) evaluation model targets functional requirements for a fully featured accounting solution. In addition to supporting accounting requirements, it is applicable for those researching an ERP system suitable for small and medium businesses (SMB). It includes categories such as General Ledger, A/P and A/R, Payroll, Job and Project Costing, Multinational Accounting, Manufacturing, Read More...
MicroStrategy 7 Hits the Street
MicroStrategy® Incorporated, has announced the general availability of MicroStrategy 7™, a completely re-architected version of the company’s core intelligence

erp minimizing maintenance costs  including business intelligence, eCRM, ERP analytics, mobile commerce and click-stream analysis. The product is also supposed to be strong in narrowcast networking , which allows permissioning and personalization over the web, wireless, and voice communications. It also supports publish and subscribe models for delivery of information (this model allows users to tell the product what information they wish to receive). MicroStrategy told TEC that the product has been in development for four years, even Read More...
Manual versus Information Technology Enabled Lean Manufacturing
All good lean systems have both physical systems in the plant and near real time information technology backbones that centralize data. The primary advantage of

erp minimizing maintenance costs  challenges that the right ERP system can help overcome, such as the increased difficulty of calculating heijunka schedules, more frequent adjustment of kanban sizes, and increasingly smaller leveling periods . In these instances, the solution must have a planning system that can smooth demand for items with highly variable demand, and act as a shock absorber to maintain continuous flow and leveled production. The solution could also use a real time monitoring and feedback system to synchronize operations Read More...

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