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Documents related to » end user technology erp

Brio Technology Enters the ETL Market
Brio Technology (Nasdaq: BRYO) today announced Brio.Impact 4.0, an upgraded version of the industry's first analytic application designed specifically for revenue optimization. Available immediately, Brio.Impact 4.0 includes an integrated extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) capability.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: corporate revenue goals. User Recommendations Customers considering business intelligence tools with integrated extract/transform/load capabilities should consider Brio on a long list of candidates. The vendor should be questioned about the level of integration between the reporting and ETL capabilities supplied by systemfabrik. Since the two vendors share different code bases, there may be issues with the software s interaction. Companies in the manufacturing sector should also consider this product,

Technology Vendor--Can You Afford Credibility?
For Technology vendors, credibility is the ability to sell. Credibility is vital, is hard to build, and easy to lose. Building credibility doesn't have to be costly. This article touches on the concepts you can employ to build your credibility. These concepts are the basis for a seminar presented by The Credibility Forum.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: Technology Vendor--Can You Afford Credibility? Technology Vendor--Can You Afford Credibility? Olin Thompson - April 10, 2004 Read Comments Introduction Webster defines credibility as the ability to be believed. Technology vendors need to define credibility as the ability to sell. Research by The Credibility Forum ( www.thecredibilityforum.com ) shows that technology vendors are weak in understanding the impact credibility has on their efforts, knowing how to gauge their own credibility, and utilizing

Telco Charged with Trickery on Technology
Bell Atlantic is charged with failing to fulfill promises to bring DSL and other high-speed Internet access to the home.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: over their customers. User Recommendations An article in the May issue of Red Herring magazine claimed that regional Bell operating companies like Bell Atlantic never wanted to be in the DSL business in the first place it throws a wrench into the pricing strategies for their highly profitable T1 and T3 services. That analysis supports Kushnick and Brennan s claims, and provides good reason for any business that has been waiting for home users to have faster access to the Internet, and any ISP, to

Sagent Technology Teams for Telco e-Business
Sagent Technology has announced a new vertical application for Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) e-commerce. They have partnered with DSET to use Sagent’s spatial analysis and real-time geographical data access to determine a customer’s qualification for DSL service.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: ordering DSL through one vendor. By automating the entire pre-sales process for DSL ordering, we are able to offer a higher level of customer service which DSET customers expect. Market Impact Sagent has moved into the e-business space, and has chosen to start with Telco applications. Spatial analysis is an important part of e-business, where web sites provide the closest dealer or access point based on address or zip code. An example of this is the J.I. Case web site, which uses spatial analysis to

Midmarket ERP Solutions Buyer’s Guide
For all but the smallest organizations, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system promises big gains, helping to grow revenue, increase productivity company-wide, improve efficiency throughout the enterprise, and manage costs. In this guide, you’ll find details on what to look for in a midmarket ERP package, the benefits it should bring to your midsize company, and what you need to know before you commit to a solution.

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1/6/2011 3:23:00 PM

Globalization Has a Profound Impact on the Supply Chain and Supporting Information Technology
Globalization, the Internet, and demand-driven supply networks are driving technology change. When it comes to supply chain management, globalization has created a need for supply network integration and real time data with event visibility.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: is not likely to end any time soon. When we speak of globalization and its effect on modern enterprises, it must be viewed in the context of two additional contemporary inflection points. One of these is the Internet, which has transformed how most enterprises conduct business today. Another is the transition from a push manufacturing and supply chain paradigm to a pull approach, or, more specifically, the advent of the demand-driven supply network (DDSN). These three forces are driving enterprises

ERP for Small and Midsized Companies: Time for a Decision
Until recently, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software was rarely considered for use in smaller firms, as core benefits—better business management via coordinated, standardized information and analysis—were often outweighed by costs and complexities of ERP systems. A variety of options have emerged to overcome concerns of the past. Read on the key considerations in an ERP decision and critical implementation factors.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: Related Industries:   Industry Independent Related Keywords:   erp,   erp global,   tally erp,   erp softwares,   erp software,   software erp,   software for erp,   erp system,   tally erp 9,   tally 9.0 erp,   tally 9 erp,   erp in,   erp open,   erp for,   erp download,   download erp,   erp implementations,   erp implementation,   implementation of erp,   implementation erp,   free erp Source: SAP Learn more about SAP Readers who downloaded this white paper also read these
12/23/2010 2:39:00 PM

Bristol Technology Ships Win-to-Lin Migration Tool
Bristol Technology, Inc. has announced shipment of its Windows-to-Linux application-migration tool. Bristol's Wind/U for Linux product, which began shipping Tuesday, enables developers to compile Microsoft Win32 API and Microsoft Foundation Class source code directly on Linux, and create native, desktop and server-based Linux applications, according to Bristol.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: increased consumer benefit. User Recommendations The announcement affects those customers trying to decide between Windows NT and Linux. As with the MainSoft announcement, this product may help users decide in favor of Linux due to the increased potential for applications availability, although it should not be the sole determining factor. Also affected are those customers who have already decided on Linux, want to port NT applications, and need to decide between Bristol and MainSoft. Bristol s lower

Technology Project Selection and Management in Community Banks
The way a bank selects, implements, and monitors a technological product significantly contributes to the final effect on the bank's environment.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: the proposed technology. The end users face some of the greatest daily impact, and their psychological buy-in is valuable to the bank. Project managers need to describe in detail: The technology system and processes to be implemented or changed. How the bank will use the application. The benefit the technology will provide to the organization. Record this information on a form standard to these projects. A lucid, unambiguous definition goes a long way toward controlling the outcome of the project.

TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 2) » The TEC Blog
logical first step: I recommend an initial phase consisting of preliminary study, with a definition of our organizational requirements, strategy, and tactics. We should aim to define our overall vision with regard to the ERP system, and the short term and long term objectives and constraints. To Mike, all this is beginning to spell “project team,” which is a phrase nobody in the company likes to hear. More than one project has fallen victim to analysis paralysis, bickering, and interdepartmental polit

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: food & beverage, process manufacturing, Software Selection, TurtleSpice ERP, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Epicor ERP (v. 9.05): ERP for SMB Certification Report
Epicor ERP Software System (v. 9.05) is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for small to medium businesses (SMBs) in TEC's ERP Evaluation Center. Download this report for product highlights, competitive analysis, product analysis, and in-depth analyst commentary.

END USER TECHNOLOGY ERP: Related Industries:   Industry Independent Related Keywords:   Epicor,   erp,   SMB SMB,   small business erp,   web based erp,   erp products,   SMB erp software,   erp company,   erp comparison,   online erp,   erp systems definition,   erp software system,   erp packages,   mrp erp systems,   erp strategy,   erp web based,   erp implementations,   erp accounting software,   erp planning,   erp system definition,   erp software companies Source: Technology Evaluation Centers Learn
5/18/2011 10:09:00 AM

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