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ROI Case Study: Halogen Software Transforms the Employee Appraisal Process at Amcor Sunclipse
Amcor Sunclipse realized that although it knew the importance of encouraging and rewarding employees, to actually demonstrate support for them through timely

employees appraisal  of encouraging and rewarding employees, to actually demonstrate support for them through timely, comprehensive appraisals was becoming a challenge. Since implementing Halogen’s employee performance management (EPM) solution, Amcor has improved the speed and quality of its employee appraisals and has centralized the results to enable reporting of employee skills. Read More
Human Resources (HR)
Human Resources encompasses all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees.  Modules will include Personnel Management, ...
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Documents related to » employees appraisal

Performance and Talent Management Solutions
Many companies struggle to adapt to their ever-changing workforce, as employees start the job and then leave for better offers. Competition is fierce—and

employees appraisal  the organization's goals? Do employees have tools to set aligned goals? Do your current employee profiles include all of the information you need, including performance-review history, competencies and career interests? Can managers easily identify who is ready for a promotion? Can business leaders protect top talent from poaching by competitors? Implementing a talent-management strategy will integrate HR processes, so how does the HR governance model need to change to support ITM? Which ITM applications Read More
Why Employee Performance Management Technology Matters to CEOs
While the board has no business telling management which employee performance management (EPM) system to use, it does have the right to ensure an effective

employees appraisal  a glance how many employees are working towards each of the organization’s goals, check the status and further drill down to see the goals and status of any individual. It creates visibility through the fog of organizational life. In theory you can do this with a paper system; the CEO could ask HR to go to the iles and dig out the appraisal form with the goals of a group of employees-but in practice that doesn’t happen; it is too much work. However, if that information is available on-line then the Read More
Five HR Technologies You Should Know
Almost everything you know about human resources (HR) outsourcing is about to change. The future is about single-source integration, and there are key new

employees appraisal  employee | human resources employees | human resources functions | human resources industry | human resources information | human resources information system | human resources information systems | human resources issues | human resources learning | human resources management | human resources management software | human resources management system | human resources manager | human resources organization | human resources organizations | human resources outsourcing | human resources payroll | human Read More
Making Multi-rater Feedback Work in Professional Services Firms
For many firms, continually moving people to new projects under different leaders is the only possible way to operate. The formal boss on the org chart may only

employees appraisal  upward feedback where the employees rate their bosses? What sort of technology do you use to make the administration fast and easy?   The First Choice: Appraisal or Development In HR circles the common wisdom is that multi-rater feedback (particularly if it includes upward feedback) should only be used for development. This stems from a concern that as soon as you attach pay to the discussion, the pay issue becomes so salient that it drowns out the feedback people are supposed to be paying attention to. Read More
Distraction and Diversion
Low-cost hardware and a plethora of connectivity options should make it easier for employees to be more productive. However, outside the perimeter of the

employees appraisal  make it easier for employees to be more productive. However, outside the perimeter of the business location, additional controls need to be applied to ensure data security and integrity. What’s the best approach to getting the most out of mobile productivity? And how to avoid the six most common mobility pitfalls? Read More
Deploying and Supporting Enterprise Search
There are more than 120,000 employees, contractors, and vendors at Microsoft®, and they create an incredible amount of digital information. Files and data are

employees appraisal  are more than 120,000 employees, contractors, and vendors at Microsoft®, and they create an incredible amount of digital information. Files and data are stored on a variety of internal content sources, and new types of content are added daily. Learn how Microsoft® IT has helped users locate relevant information faster by deploying the enterprise search feature of Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007. Read More
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workday (more)? - Part 2

employees appraisal  Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workday (more)? - Part 2 Part 1 of this blog series described the genesis and current state of affairs of Workday – a novel company that was founded in March 2005 and launched in November 2006 by two great IT minds and notable PeopleSoft alumni: Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri. For a few years now I've been listening to a slew of otherwise hard-to-please analysts and bloggers raving about this software company that has purportedly finally overcome the traditional Read More
Managing the Overflow of E-mails
Only effective e-mail management, together with records management and policies for employees on how to manage their e-mails, will help organizations deal with

employees appraisal  for organizations potentially decreases. Employees must be aware that all e-mails (received or sent) can be reviewed during litigation. This includes personal e-mails, as many courts do not consider them to be private if they are within a company's e-mail system. Do not underestimate the importance of educating employees on policies within the organization. Organizations should educate employees regarding the consequences of e-mail behavior, including such details as copied recipients, unnecessary Read More
HR Compliance: 4 Things Your Company Can Do to Avoid a Lawsuit
Every so often we hear about companies being sued by their former employees for alleged unfair or illegal HR practices. Whether the claims relate to sexual

employees appraisal  and procedures for local employees (e.g., state, federal, and local), but also consider those of the province or country of their global workforce. In this article, I'll focus on some of the most important HR compliance regulations affecting small to midsized companies in the United States (US). For a comprehensive list of regulations, visit the United States Department of Labor Web site .  Don't let these norms scare you. Here are four things your company should do to comply with the appropriate HR Read More
Why Your Organization Needs to Focus On Outbound Content
Electronic communication tools can provide enormous benefits for your employees, as well as distinct competitive advantages. However, they also carry the risk

employees appraisal  carry the risk that employees might communicate in ways that violate corporate policies, various statutes, or best practices. Find out about the key steps you should take to mitigate the risks you face from employee use—and misuse—of communication tools. Read More
The Social Workplace: Using Social Networks to Boost Learning, Collaboration, and Success
Some of the best experts in the business are your long-time employees, top performers, and innovators. Unlock their expertise and the impact could be dramatic

employees appraisal  collaboration tools that give employees vibrant new ways to connect with each other; gain direct access to company and industry information; and a dynamic environment that lets them interact with and contribute to content. Plateau Talent Gateway can provide a portal to resources that can include internal search engines, blogs, document libraries, communities, and wikis where employees can build institutional knowledge about anything from products and FAQs to real-world tips on carrying out standard Read More
How to Find the Right Payroll Service
Payroll is a vital yet meticulous component of operating a business, and it involves much more than just paying employees. Some large businesses have a separate

employees appraisal  more than just paying employees. Some large businesses have a separate department handling payroll duties, but many small to medium businesses outsource their payroll needs. No matter what option works for you, the best decisions are informed decisions, and this how-to guide can help you manage all your payroll needs. Read More
Staff Scheduling for the Health Care Industry
Staff Scheduling manages the scheduling of hospital employees, primarily nursing staff.

employees appraisal  the scheduling of hospital employees, primarily nursing staff. Read More

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