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Addressing Strategy Management and the Balanced Scorecard
Organizations often see a significant gap between their strategic plans and their ability to execute them, and many try to implement scorecards to solve

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Business Performance Management
Business performance management (BPM) enables organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight needed to manage and improve financial and operational perf...
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Documents related to » deploying balanced scorecard tool

Thinking Radically: Interview with Gary Cokins
One of the things I love about my job is the opportunity I have to speak with great people. In this installment of Thinking Radically, I speak with Gary Cokins,

deploying balanced scorecard tool  the basic considerations for deploying BPM approaches? As I just described, many organizations have already begun with basic levels of BPM. Their challenge now is to move up to higher stages of maturity that include integrating BPM’s methodologies and imbedding analytics into them. A key consideration to expanding an organization’s journey is to recognize that the barriers and obstacles are no longer technical ones, but rather social and cultural. These include human nature’s resistance to change, Read More
Getting Strategic Planning and Financial Planning in the Same Bailiwick
To provide useful financial insight on projects, financial managers need to think about business strategy more like a series of options than a single projected

deploying balanced scorecard tool  be entering new markets, deploying a new operations model, product expansion, etc. Convergent Business Architecture SM (CBA) is a low overhead, highly iterative planning process that: Establishes a rapid-response mechanism for monitoring and responding to external and internal change forces Defines the essential business capabilities required to achieve enterprise goals Aligns business process, technology, and organizational strategies to improve operational capability Defines and prioritizes critical Read More
APICS 2009 From the Expo Floor: Is S&OP Coming of Age? - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series talked about my attendance of the APICS 2009 International Conference in Toronto, Canada in early October. I attended only a few

deploying balanced scorecard tool  key  success factors  of deploying S&OP solutions and approaches. But before that, let me first go further into what has lately changed to enable the revival of customer interest in this practice. Indeed, why is S&OP more popular these days, given that the concept has been around for decades? Is it the combination of the economy (i.e., business folks' awareness and the “wake-up call” to get serious and on the same page in today’s increased demand volatility, global networks with supply risks and Read More
Why Most Balanced Scorecards are Subverted
Business and IT managers have failed to get at the root cause of Balanced Scorecard ineffectiveness. Getting the most from corporate data will continue to be

deploying balanced scorecard tool  excuse for not fully deploying balanced scorecards Present data as facts and not business measures. Business Implications The Balanced Scorecard is intended to bring attention to enterprise issues. It depends on a hierarchy of accountability to deliver high performance processes that create measurable business value. A Balanced Scorecard will not fix management and accountability problems related to gaming the goals. For example, having the right set of delivery measures will not prevent managers from Read More
Why Enterprise Resource Planning Software Is Your Best Business Intelligence Tool
If a business is going to successfully operate competitively, it needs to expand its analytics processes beyond the rear-view mirror. In-context analytics

deploying balanced scorecard tool  IFS ERP, BI, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence, ERP analytics, real-time decision, real-time, KPI Read More
Rosslyn Analytics Launches Automated Data Extraction and Analytical App for SAP Customers
Rosslyn Analytics recently launched RAPid Spend Analysis – Professional, the cloud-based tool for decision-makers and knowledge workers at organizations running

deploying balanced scorecard tool   Read More
A Visionary of Loveliness
Informix released version 2.0 of their interactive data analysis dashboard Visionary. The tool is designed for decision-makers and provides capabilities for

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How Software Test Management Tools Can Help You Plan, Control, and Evaluate
Software developers need a powerful tool to control and plan the quality of their software applications. With a solution that offers project analysis, testing

deploying balanced scorecard tool   Read More
How to Unbalance Your Scorecard to Better Measure Business Performance
The Balanced Scorecard is one of the most popular methodologies for measuring business performance, with a view to enhancing it. First made popular in the early

deploying balanced scorecard tool  problem not only when deploying a balanced scorecard, but across the business performance space at large. The complexity of defining what to measure and measuring it accurately commonly forces organizations to adopt customized practices—not only with regard to the balanced scorecard, but in general, to the entire performance analysis practice within an organization. You’ll have better success if you adjust your metrics and measures to your specific needs. Re-establish the weights of the perspectives. Read More
Unlikely Acquisition Has Insiders Scratching Their Heads
The announcement in September 2006 that Illinois Tool Works Inc. had made an offer to acquire all of Click Commerce's common stock made many market insiders

deploying balanced scorecard tool  Click Commerce,SCM,supply chain management,ITW,Illinois Tool Works,mergers and acquisitions,M&As,decision-making considerations,product road map,exit strategy Read More
ADP Releases Tool to Assess Employees' Retirement Plan Success
The HR, payroll, and benefits administration services company Automatic Data Processing, simply known as ADP, introduced ADP Plan Health Review. The application

deploying balanced scorecard tool   Read More
Balanced PLM Programs Drive Profitable Growth
For manufacturers that lack a well-structured product lifecycle management (PLM) program, the instantaneous flow of information only speeds up confusion

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Monitoring and Managing Network Application Performance
For many companies, a network analyzer with application analysis capabilities is the essential tool in the IT administrator’s toolbox. No other tool can provide

deploying balanced scorecard tool   Read More

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