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Best Practices for a Data Warehouse on Oracle Database 11g
Companies are recognizing the value of an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that provides a single 360-degree view of the business. But to ensure that your EDW

database and host configuration  is read from the database and joined directly. There is no data redistribution necessary, thus minimizing IPC communication, especially across nodes. Figure 9 shows the execution plan you would see for this join. To ensure that you get optimal performance when executing a partition-wise join in parallel, the number of partitions in each of the tables should be larger than the degree of parallelism used for the join. If there are more partitions than parallel servers, each parallel server will be given Read More
Document Management System (DMS)
Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates importan...
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Documents related to » database and host configuration

SQL Server Technical Briefing
iSCSI storage area networks (SANs) offer an alternative for building SANs. Consolidating storage in a SAN offers storage management and scaling benefits for

database and host configuration  via a separate network. Database and Host Configuration Configuration details are described in Table 2. SQL Server was left at all default configurations, and no tuning was done; however, the Windows Server 2003 X64 Enterprise network was tuned. While VSS is available, it was not tested for this report. It is important to properly configure your Windows 2003 server for optimal memory utilization'insufficient memory for SQL Server generates heavier I/O loads to the database, while sufficient memory Read More
InsideOut Firewall Reporter Unravels the Mysteries of Your Firewall Logs
The most important piece of hardware that protects your network from intruders, hackers, and outside traffic is your firewall. Firewalls process an enormous

database and host configuration  to using the MSDE database that comes with the product and can only store 2GB of data, but at a price of only $250, it is a bargain. The Professional version of IFR is intended for small to medium sized businesses that have a single firewall. You can distribute the installation over three servers with each server handling a different component. This version supports additional database formats including MSDE, MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases. It can be loaded on Windows or Linux operating systems. Read More
United Messaging ~ Ready…Set…Outsource!
We believe that within a 3 year time frame, the outsourced corporate messaging market will capture 25% of the existing install base, which sizes the ASP

database and host configuration  snapshot of an 80GB database in 45 minutes while the data store is in use, with estimated restore time of 2 hours. The additional hour and a quarter is a result of restoration process and integrity checking. Given the disaster recovery scenario and the SLA agreement of 99.5%, the configuration allows for one outage per month. United Messaging plans to host multiple small organizations and up to 3,000 users per Microsoft Exchange server. UM is able to do this through several components, first the high-sp Read More
Microsoft Exchange 2000 Merits Cautious Optimism
The biggest Exchange 2000 issue is not technology, but detailed and structured planning.

database and host configuration  e-mail, fax, voice-mail, e-forms, database access, and any other compilation of bits and bytes. Product Strategy and Trajectory Microsoft is utilizing a three pronged market strategy for Exchange 2000. First, Microsoft is attempting to establish the Exchange Server 2000 product as the premier turnkey messaging solution for both corporate and Internet usage with its new Web Store . Web Store combines the Windows 2000 File System and Web Data into a single infrastructure, making all objects within the Acti Read More
Outsourcing Center
Founded in 1997, Outsourcing Center provides outsourcing research, database directories, market intelligence, and case studies.

database and host configuration  Center provides outsourcing research, database directories, market intelligence, and case studies. Read More
PTC Submits Test Data to FDA’s Global UDI Database
Working with the FDA and major medical device manufacturers, PTC has developed a Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID) submission solution that such

database and host configuration  to FDA’s Global UDI Database PTC recently announced it has successfully submitted Unique Device Identifier (UDI) data to the preproduction version of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Global Unique Device Identifier Database (GUDID) through the Electronic Submission Gateway (ESG) in the required HL7 SPL format. The FDA’s UDI rule aims to reduce the instances of patient injury and death that result from the misidentification of medical devices.   Medical device manufacturers need to Read More
D@B is a data provider that delivers customer, prospect, and supplier information collected from 30,000 sources. The D@B database uses the DUNSRight Quality

database and host configuration  30,000 sources. The D&B database uses the DUNSRight Quality Process, which eliminates duplicate contacts and points out companies that are involved in tight collaborations. Records include company firmographics, with financial, industry, and multichannel contact information. The information is aggregated and monitored by industry-specific business analysts. The database contains about 130 million active companies. Read More
Automotive Supplier Supports Three Companies with Single Database, Improves Reporting

database and host configuration  Three Companies with Single Database, Improves Reporting Read More
Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Two: Strategy
Oracle's vision of a complete collaborative e-Business solution requires a database strategy, an application server strategy, and an e-business strategy. Will

database and host configuration  To complement the Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server offering, Oracle Developer Suite is an integrated suite of development tools designed to facilitate rapid development of Internet database applications and Web services, which contains application development and BI tools and is built on Internet standards such as Java, J2EE, XML, and HTML. It includes Oracle JDeveloper , a Java development environment for modeling, building, debugging and testing enterprise-level J2EE applications and Web Read More
SAP HANA: From Database to Platform
At the end of 2009, SAP launched SAP HANA, an in-memory, column-row based database management system with capabilities within both OLTP and OLAP environments

database and host configuration  an in-memory, column-row based database management system with capabilities within both OLTP and OLAP environments. In June of 2012, SAP announced that HANA had become the fastest growing technology in the company’s history. In this report, TEC Senior BI and Data Management Analyst Jorge García gives an overview of the history, functionality, and benefits and challenges of SAP HANA, and explores SAP’s strategy for the product and its place in the in-memory processing product space. Read More
Built around a product configurator, the Blueprint Quotation suite is designed to enable organizations to be self-sufficient in their product configuration

database and host configuration  Built around a product configurator, the Blueprint Quotation suite is designed to enable organizations to be self-sufficient in their product configuration requirements, which usually start at the quotation stage. Blueprint contains functionality for the following processes and tasks: document creation quote production product configuration rules and calculations reporting Blueprint is available as a stand-alone desktop or mobile application, or through third-party applications such as Read More
IBM Buys What’s Left of Informix
In another sign of consolidation within the database vendor market, IBM has announced that they are acquiring the assets of Informix Software (the database

database and host configuration  SQLWindows, they de-emphasized the database and changed their name to Centura Software. Sound familiar? For many years we have expected Informix and Sybase to suffer a similar fate. For Informix, the time is now. Sybase, on the other hand, has made a remarkable comeback in the last few years, and appears to be in the game for the long haul. Overall, there are only two RDBMS vendors left on the landscape, IBM and Oracle . TEC believes that, after the dust settles, IBM will have retained at least 85% of Read More
ERP Vendor Lawson Software Extends to IBM's DB2 Universal Database
Lawson Software, a major privately held provider of enterprise resource planning software, today announced the delivery of its enterprise software applications

database and host configuration  the IBM DB2 Universal Database to encompass IBM Netfinity, RS/6000 and S/390 servers. Support for IBM DB2 on Hewlett Packard and Sun Microsystems server platforms is scheduled for May 2000. Customers gain the widest possible choice of hardware platforms when using IBM DB2 with Lawson solutions, and can leverage their existing mainframe or client/server infrastructures as significant components of their e-business strategies. The combination of Lawson Software and IBM DB2 Universal Database provides our Read More
Business Intelligence and Database Management Services
Lister's BI team helps organizations to structure their data and extract actionable information from it. The team is comprised of experts who perform end-to

database and host configuration  transform, and load (ETL); database design and management; online analytical processing (OLAP) services; reporting; analysis; and dashboards. Read More
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