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Modern ERP Processes Behind Historic Scotch Whisky
The whisky industry is an example of a process industry where it is impossible to accurately predict demand for the final product. Goods stocked must also be

customs and excise  Department of Her Majesty's Customs and Excise (HM C&E), these losses have to be accounted for (typically up to 2 percent per year is allowable for the angels' share, although 4 percent is more common in the spirit's first year). In other words, the value basically continues to be calculated on the original volume casked. To that end, the SSI TROPOS enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite tracks whisky stored in individual parcels —in other words, in a number of consecutively numbered casks Read More
Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions (sometimes known as quote-to-order, or Q2O, systems) help drive sales effectiveness by supporting configuration and pricing activities and the generat...
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Documents related to » customs and excise

Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Exhibits Lean Approach
SSI's approach appeals to process manufacturers, as well as some discrete manufacturers with short lead times and high volumes, where the traditional

customs and excise  drinks industry (including enhanced customs and excise [C&E] reporting, the detailed Bulk Whisky Workbench , and warehouse space rental management. For specific information on the whisky industry, see Must-have Requirements for the Whisky Industry . But perhaps most prominent of all is the aforementioned TROPOS Active built-in business process automation and workflow technology, which helps relieve some of the silo culture problem that sees information stuck in one place, inaccessible to those in other Read More
RedPrairie to Spread Across Europe through LIS Acquisition Part One: Event Summary
A consolidation within the warehouse management systems/ supply chain execution market, which many pundits had long been predicting, but had hardly taken place

customs and excise  been integrated with a customs module, a labor management module and a billing module. Version 8.4 can be used with a rich Microsoft Windows user interface (UI), as well as a browser UI that increases visibility and accessibility. The product is compatible with Borland 's application server and IBM's WebSphere . Dispatcher-WMS now offers a completely integrated customs module, which concludes the incorporation of Online Duty & Logistics' DutyMaster into the product suite. RedPrairie touts the functional Read More
ROI Case Study: Sterling Commerce and Crowley Maritime
Crowley Maritime, offering a range of services such as shipping and barge towing, needs rapid customer billing and invoicing. The company’s electronic data

customs and excise  as railroads, United States Customs, and freight forwarding companies. After evaluating its systems, Crowley determined that it had a number of challenges that made it difficult for employees to cost effectively and rapidly onboard and complete transaction with customers, including: Cost. Access to the VAN cost the company an average of $24,000 per month, depending on the level of activity. Integration. Message routing and programming all ran through Crowley s IBM mainframe, but the company had begun purc Read More
Managing Performance, Risk, and Compliance for Better Business Results
Confronted by globalization and volatile markets, today’s companies face a challenging and often risky business climate. Explore how to ensure alignment between

customs and excise  compliance checks, ensure expedited customs clearance, and use automation and e-filing to optimize trade for lowest risk and minimal cost. The SAP NetWeaver® Identity Management component helps you centrally manage user accounts (identities) in a complex system landscape. This includes both SAP and non-SAP systems. The SAP Document Access application by Open Text is a powerful solution for archiving data and documents.   Searches related to Managing Performance, Risk, and Compliance for Better Business Read More
Sabrix, Inc. is a leading provider of transaction tax management forcompanies of all sizes, enabling finance, tax, and IT professionals to achieveaccurate

customs and excise  Sabrix, Inc. is a leading provider of transaction tax management for companies of all sizes, enabling finance, tax, and IT professionals to achieve accurate, timely, and cost-effective compliance for sales tax, use tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), excise tax and industry-specific taxes and fees. The Sabrix Solution combines the Sabrix Application Suite software for sales tax, use tax and value-added tax automation with Sabrix Tax Research, delivering SAS 70 certified tax rates and rules for the U.S. and 1 Read More
Xperia Executiv Solution Series
The Xperia EXECUTIV Solution Series takes an evolutionary step beyond helping your company run business better, by providing a flexible, targeted approach to

customs and excise  vessels; bill of lading; customs; and container tracking and receiving. All the systems are integrated with the financials and create automatic feeds. Xperia offers accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, and letter of credit system as part of the financials. Additional system features include e-mail spooled file capabilities, history, security, and business-to-business (B2B) applications. Read More
Drink-IT Is TEC Certified for Mixed-Mode Enterprise Resource Planning
TEC is pleased to announce that Drink-IT by the NORRIQ Group is now TEC certified in the mixed-mode enterprise resource planning (ERP) software space. Drink-IT

customs and excise  IT Is TEC Certified for Mixed-Mode Enterprise Resource Planning TEC is pleased to announce that Drink-IT by the NORRIQ Group is now TEC certified in the mixed-mode enterprise resource planning (ERP) software space.   Drink-IT is one of the only global ERP solutions designed specifically for the beverage industry and supports the unique needs of beverage producers and manufacturers with additional extensive functionality on top of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Drink-IT has been serving the beve Read More
Confronting International Regulatory Compliance: Web-based GTM Solution
TradeBeam offers a hosted GTM solution. Its ongoing acquisitions will eventually create an end-to-end solution linking physical and financial supply chains

customs and excise  cargo insurance, foreign exchange, customs auditing, and transfer pricing. It also may use its capital resources to pursue additional acquisitions that support its strategy for long-term growth and leadership. Currently, TradeBeam targets customers in cash sensitive industries. Organizations can quickly realize the value of automating the entire global transaction, from order through to payment. It also helps organizations benefit from moving beyond physical optimization towards improving operations. Read More
The Promise (and Complexities) of Private Labels
Recent studies have shown that retail winners (that is, companies that outperform their peers in year-over-year, comparable store sales) carry a significantly

customs and excise  the ocean and through customs and duties, and multiple intermediaries. With global sourcing, the challenge has become how to communicate with a factory that is in the wilderness of the Far East or Africa (though we by no means want to sound derogatory toward any third-world region) from a swanky, domestic office in a G8 country, and how to assimilate and communicate multiple data points effectively into a unified operation on a single screen. In the manufacturing process, communication must take place Read More
Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of May 6, 2013
It's a busy conference season and quarterly results reporting period. TEC is chugging down the coffee, keeping up with happenings in the supply chain space

customs and excise  a vendor of electronic customs filing solutions for countries in the EU, as well as Switzerland, Norway, Israel, the United States, and Canada. Descartes' Chris Jones indicates that this is one of the larger of the half-dozen or so acquisitions that it has made in the past 3 years. Descartes obviously covets the additional users to the Descartes  Global Logistics Network  (adding 1,300 onto the currently cited >8,000 figure), as well as the $10 million in additional recurring revenue. Descartes Read More
When will RFID Hit Main Street?
The desire for improved visibility, tracking, etc. stands out as a critical issue to global firms. Most firms don't know how to get started. But as the cultural

customs and excise  NEW IMPORTER APPLICANTS US Customs and Border Protection has announced new, stricter requirements for importers applying for membership in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program. Although C-TPAT participation will remain voluntary, the new standards, which became effective March 25, will require importers to fulfill additional responsibilities in order to join. CBP will also phase in these standards for existing importer participants over a six-month period. From its onset, Read More
Confronting Core Global Trade Problems: Order, Shipment, and Financial Settlement
TradeBeam has been striving to distinguish itself by offering more than order and shipment tracking. It aims to improve the management of core global trade

customs and excise  are compliant with Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP500) and Electronic Uniform Customs and Practice (eUCP). This is Part Four of a five-part note. Part One discussed TradeBeam and GTM. Part Two presented TradeBeam's background. Part Three covered TradeBeam's tackling of the supply chain. Part Five will cover competition, challenges, and make user recommendations. Qiva Acquisition and TradeBeam's SCEM Solution Blueprint Another acquisition helped TradeBeam further expand its Read More
Sunlike ERP
SUNLIKE ERP is an integrated business management system, it refers to the the MRPII standards promulgated by the American Production and Inventory Control

customs and excise  and attendance management system, customs, trade, VAT, invoice over twenty mature management, trading systems, POS systems, molds, equipment, and other subsystems, according to customer demand any split combination, that buy and use. Read More

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