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Case Study: Manitou
Manitou, a global producer of complex make-to-order forklift trucks, wanted to optimize sales processes to overcome several challenges, including a lack of

cto module  assembly item code | CTO screen components | sales quotation | sales order documents | sales order processing | bill of materials from the sales quotation | bill of materials from the sales order documents | create sales order | configure product | check availability schedule order create requirements | check availability | availability schedule order | schedule order | order create requirements | create requirements | determine conditions | maintain conditions | perform credit check | system performs Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » cto module

Case Study: ThyssenKrupp
ThyssenKrupp manufactures and configures custom elevators. To shorten sales cycles, reduce costs, and simplify ordering for agencies, distributors, and

cto module  cto modeling process | cto module | cto process control | cto process documenting | cto process integration | cto processing | cto production | cto softaware maintenance | customer demand solution | customized products | designing configure-to-order process | designing cto process | designing elevators | developing configure-to-order process | document cto process | elevator architect process | elevator components | elevator construction order | elevator distributor | elevator specifications | engineer Read More
INFIMACS Becoming Ever More RELEVANT For Project-Based Industries. Part 2: Market Impact and User Recommendations
The current market trend industry-wide is towards vendors that can provide comprehensive solutions for medium-sized companies. Relevant seems to have a fair

cto module  mid-sized contract, ETO and CTO discrete manufacturers that are looking to upgrade to a more comprehensive system may want to consider Relevant's hosted solution as a cost-effective and faster time-to-market option. Read More
PLM (Vendors) and Lean Product Development-Part 3: Siemens PLM Software
After talking about Dassault Systèmes in Part 2 of this blog series, I’d like to move to another prominent player in the product lifecycle management (PLM

cto module  Grindstaff (Chief Technical Officer [CTO] and Executive Vice President [EVP], Products at Siemens PLM Software) laid out two major approaches to reduce complexity. 1) Product Platform: Using product platform to reduce the proportion of uniquely engineered content of a product. 2) System Engineering: “System engineering coupled with analytics and value engineering can contribute significantly to complexity reduction”, as Grindstaff said during his speech. PLM Analytics Analytics remains a relatively Read More
QAD Pulling through, Patiently but Passionately Part Six: User Recommendations
While hardly any vendor is safe these days including QAD, the gloomy past seems to be far behind. The company has notably broadened its offering and seems to at

cto module  where lean manufacturing, configure-to-order (CTO) assembly, shop floor execution, quality management, collaborative order fulfillment, and field service modules are the main pillars (bear a high importance) of an enterprise application. Technologically, the product may be the most suitable as a solution for global mid-size enterprises, worldwide dispersed (especially within emerging and non English speaking regions), with strong requirements on distributed infrastructure, security and with private trade Read More
IT Governance and Project Portfolio Management: Vendor Delivers a Phase-based Approach
Although most vendors provide organizations with the project portfolio management tools to meet their objectives, few provide strategies to implement an IT

cto module  with its pre-packaged Mariner Connectors , which link to various IT services applications (such as HP OpenView Service Desk and HP Service Center ). Furthermore, its core strength lies in managing resources, while delivering solid insight to key performance indicators. Pacific Edge is designed for non-technical business users, providing highly configurable modules. Its interface is user-friendly, and allows organizations to view information relevant to their business requirements. In addition, its Read More
Employee and Manager Self-Service: A Virtual Chameleon in the Workplace
In order for employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS) technology to be effective, it must serve multiple purposes for multiple business units

cto module  version of Adobe Reader. cfactor Employee / Manager Self-Service innovative self-service suite is not your typical Human Resource / payroll automation solution. Unlike traditional ERP-style HRMS systems, It’s flexible. Source : Cronus Technologies Inc. Resources Related to Employee and Manager Self-Service: Self Service (Wikipedia) Employee and Manager Self-Service: A Virtual Chameleon in the Workplace Employee Self Service is also known as : Employee Benefits Self Service , Employee Manager Self Read More
Epicor Retail: Behind the Counter
The retailing paradigm is shifting from connecting, beyond engaging, to inspiring customers. Epicor Retail software solutions are responding to this market

cto module  provided by Diane Cerulli, director of product marketing, retail software for Epicor. Cerulli joined Epicor in 2002, bringing with her about 30 years of experience in retail operations. In her current role, she is responsible for supporting the product marketing, and sales tools behind the Epicor RetailSuite. She is involved in the retail product and market strategy, product collateral, and promotion of the products through various vehicles to the client, employee and industry analysts population. Cerulli Read More
Can Enterprises Keep Their Spend on Their Radar (Screen)?
My recent post Why don’t Potential Benefits of Spend Analysis Come by Easily? described typical challenges of comprehensive spend management solutions. On one

cto module  these are also the factors that drive the value and benefit received from spend management. Moreover, Spend Radar can support data in any language, currency or format, which is a dramatic departure from previous data warehouse-based solutions that cannot accept  double-byte (Asian) character sets (DBCS) . Although the young company has only been selling its spend management solution to the market for approximately 18 months, it is used by customers on every continent, with tremendous growth recently in Read More
Top 10 Risks to a Configuration Project and How to Avoid Them
Companies producing and selling complex and configured products can achieve a major competitive edge by successfully implementing product configurator software

cto module  complex the product, e.g., CTO and ETO, the greater the product modeling effort. Therefore, the following factors need to be carefully evaluated: Where do the products fall in the range of ATO, CTO and ETO? Number of product families? Number of characteristics per product family as engines in automobile models? Number of possible choices for each characteristic as engine horsepower selections? Number of parts needed to make a unique product configuration? What configuration relationships currently exist Read More
The Advantages of a Dedicated Fixed Asset Management System
When businesses implement an ERP system, they have to decide whether to manage fixed assets using an add-on module from the ERP vendor or a dedicated fixed

cto module  solution. The key differentiating factors can be functionality, ease-of-use, cost, and compliance issues. If you’re currently searching for a fixed asset management solution, this guide looks at the differences between the two types of assets and explains why a best-of-breed fixed asset management solution may be a more affordable, flexible, and reliable option than an ERP add-on module. Read More
The Sweet Spot of One Merging ERP Vendor
CMS Software (now known as Solarsoft Business Systems) may not be a huge global player, but its enterprise resource planning solutions address a wide spectrum

cto module  Sweet Spot of One Merging ERP Vendor April 2007 saw the merger of CMS Software and XKO Software , two of the smaller players on the enterprise resource planning (ERP) field. The two companies will now be known as Solarsoft Business Systems and Solarsoft Business Systems Limited in their respective Canadian and UK markets. Although some might question the significance of this small-scale merger, the market impact is not insignificant, at least for the two parties concerned. CMS in particular had seen Read More
Solomon Stands the Test of Time Despite Changing Masters Part Three: Product Differentiators
Of all the MBS' products, Solomon is apparently the purest in terms of a standard Microsoft technology stack, and without any proprietary additions. Furthermore

cto module  financial services, insurance, public sector, healthcare, and hospitality, to name some. Field Service Series Last but not least, Field Service Series support automation of service call processing and dispatching, management of service contracts from quotation to renewals, equipment management, and invoicing capabilities. The Service Dispatch module has a graphical dispatch board that allows for drag-and-drop service call rescheduling. The module can also process invoices using flat rate or time and Read More
Benefits of a Single Database Solution: Improved Enterprise Quality Management from IQMS
IQMS appears to be raising the competitive bar for quality management among its ERP competition with a single database software solution and seamless ERP

cto module  easily roll over a satisfactory quote to a BOM without reentering the data. Later, actual sales orders—which are the actual demand that consumes the forecasted, hypothetical demand—will drive the creation of work orders. If parts are already in inventory, they can be shipped immediately. If not, then a work order will be generated through the optional Update Schedule facility. This option analyzes both the demand and supply and then builds work orders that meet demand. Then, the IQ RealTime Read More
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