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Oracle vs DB2 functions
Oracle vs DB2 functions
Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as Oracle and DB2 functions.

Access vs Oracle Functions
Access vs Oracle Functions
Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as Access and Oracle Functions.

Difference between Oracle vs Teradata functions
Difference between Oracle vs Teradata functions
Compare ERP solutions from both leading and challenging solutions, such as Difference between Oracle and Teradata functions.

Documents related to » cryptographic functions

ERP Traceability Functions: Going beyond the Hype
In today’s increasingly competitive global economy, manufacturers must find ways to improve quality while maintaining compliance with government and industry mandates. But in the search for a suitable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, many are often left with empty promises. Discover why key capabilities such as traceability are vital in an ERP solution—especially for high-precision manufacturers.

3/10/2008 3:00:00 PM

Manufacturing Environments and Integration with Other Functions
This continues a reprint of the summary chapter from the book Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision by Dr. Scott Hamilton.

CRYPTOGRAPHIC FUNCTIONS: Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Navision, Scott Hamilton, enterprise resource planning, ERP, supply chain, Microsoft, Navision, design factors.

ERP Traceability: Beyond the Hype
Explore enterprise resource planning (ERP) traceability fucntions, going beyond the hype. Find the software information you're looking for. Frustrated with the empty promises of many enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors, today’s manufacturers are looking for solutions that improve operations, cut costs, and improve product quality. Learn how capabilities such as the ability to trace the flow of lots and components used in manufacturing operations are becoming vital to industries that must comply with strict quality mandates and governmental regulations.

CRYPTOGRAPHIC FUNCTIONS: Plex Systems, manufacturing, erp, manufacturing business, manufacturing production, manufacturing process, lean manufacturing, erp system, manufacturing industry, system erp, traceability, manufacturing management, manufacturing software, erp crm, manufacturing operations, quality manufacturing, manufacturing services, manufacturing system, manufacturing systems, manufacturing processes, business erp, control manufacturing, erp systems, manufacturing planning, erp management, manufacturing supply chain, erp definition, erp planning, manufacturing logistics, manufacturing solutions, erp .
2/24/2010 11:58:00 AM

A Guide to Decisions in Automating HR & Payroll Functions
HR automation ranges from simple spreadsheet-based solutions to complex enterprise-wide solutions that automate every single process of the HR function—and can even extend to employees and sourcing partners. This paper looks at the various levels of sophistication that organizations have typically automated, and articulates the benefits that occur when the organizations take leaps through various levels of sophistication.

CRYPTOGRAPHIC FUNCTIONS: HRMS, Employee Self Service, Performance Appraisal, Cloud HRMS, Time & Attendance Management, HR integration, human resources, HR automation, human resources training, hrm, what is hrm, hrm software, performance management hrm, human resources programs, human resource program, human resource information system, hr management systems, human resource functions, human resources functions, strategic human resources, strategic human resource management.
5/3/2012 8:24:00 AM

Evaluating Enterprise Software-Business Process or Feature/Function-Based Approach? All the above, Perhaps?Part Three: Knowledge Bases and User Recommendations
RFPs and selection tools typically focus on features and functions. The business process protagonists consider this focus old fashioned. However, users want and need an inventory or check lists of the functions to understand if the business process will work. One always has to start from somewhere, and there is no better place to start researching enterprise software than from its functional and technical capabilities.


Adaptive Logistics and Transportation
Innovative companies improve efficiencies by integrating logistics and transportation functions with critical operating processes. By factoring transportation constraints into the planning and execution of warehousing, production and fulfillment, these companies are outperforming their competition.

CRYPTOGRAPHIC FUNCTIONS: models, information, white, SAP, logistic, transportation.
4/29/2005 9:33:00 AM

Beyond Traditional ERP: ERP Features and Functions for Engineer-to-order Manufacturers
Due to the complexity of engineer-to-order (ETO manufacturing, companies must move beyond the features typically offered by a traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation. Learn about the specific ERP features and functions that help ETO manufacturers reduce costs, shorten cycle times, and improve ordering while maintaining high quality, and discover the key steps to enhance an ETO ERP implementation.

CRYPTOGRAPHIC FUNCTIONS: saas erp, erp, erp implementation, engineer to order, configure to order, erp implementation methodology, erp implementation cost, erp implementations, erp system implementation, erp implementation strategy, erp implementation failure, erp implementation checklist, erp implementation steps, erp implement, cost of erp implementation, implementing erp systems, erp software implementation, erp implementation best practices, erp implementation planning, erp systems implementation, erp implementation plan, engineer to order erp, successful erp implementation, engineer to order software, erp .
4/4/2011 2:53:00 PM

How to Optimize Your Inventory and Free Your Capital
Inventory optimization enables companies to improve the performance of both the supply and maintenance functions. Your inventory optimization solution should not only identify optimal holdings of each item, but do so automatically—and analyze usage, as well as adjust stock holdings and reordering points on an ongoing basis. Find out how inventory optimization can help you reduce downtime and increase productivity.

5/28/2008 4:01:00 PM

Ways of Finding Software Vendors: The Pro’s and Con s
So you are looking for software to support the critical functions of your company. Unfortunately, you can't go to your local Software'R'Us. This article discusses several sources and methods for identifying potential software vendors. It also examines the pro's and con's of each method.


eCLIPse, Encryption Security Solution

CRYPTOGRAPHIC FUNCTIONS: eCLIPse Enterprise Security Solution is an encryption software security solution for any business that requires frequent exchange of secure encrypted data. eCLIPse provides safe transfer of confidential data to and from authorized external resources and prevents unauthorized viewing. Security is managed by smart-card technology (smart-card chip fitted into a USB token). Using simple and physically secure USB tokens, eCLIPse functions at the National Institute of Standards (NIST)


CRYPTOGRAPHIC FUNCTIONS: DotNetNuke is a WCM platform for Microsoft .NET. The DotNetNuke Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition are tested and verified versions of the DotNetNuke WCM platform. The flexible, open DotNetNuke platform functions as a Web content management system (CMS) and application development framework for Web sites built on Microsoft .NET. The Professional and Enterprise Editions offer the same features as the DotNetNuke Community Edition plus additional features for critical applications that provide better content control and flexibility for customizing and monitoring Web sites. Nearly 10,000 commercial module and skin apps are available at The DotNetNuke Store, Snowcovered.com.

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