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transavia.com Selects Kronos AD OPT for Crew Rostering » The TEC Blog
Kronos AD OPT for Crew Rostering » The TEC Blog TEC Blog     TEC Home     About TEC     Contact Us     About the Bloggers     Follow TEC on Twitter    RSS   Discussing Enterprise Software and Selection --> Fast, Accurate Software Evaluations TEC helps enterprises evaluate and select software solutions that meet their exacting needs by empowering purchasers with the tools, research, and expertise to make an ideal decision. Your software selection starts here. Learn more about TEC s

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Deloitte & Touche Alliance with SynQuest Largely Symbolic
Deloitte & Touche recently named SynQuest, Inc. a preferred advanced planning and scheduling (APS) partner. Under the terms of the agreement, Deloitte & Touche will provide supply chain redesign services in implementations of the SynQuest supply chain suite of e-business applications.

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Traffic Audits Make Strange Bedfellows: Part I - The Why’s and What’s of Auditing
Have you heard the one where the Director of Product Marketing, the CIO and the auditor are found together in a small conference room? Couldn’t happen, you say? Au contraire! With traffic being the lifeblood of an e-commerce site the Marketing crew knows that the traffic numbers are going to be audited. And they look to the CIO to make sure that the numbers pass muster. If there’s a problem with the numbers, the CIO may be blamed.

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SCT Fygir To Lubricate Valvoline’s Supply Chain
On the heels of its win at Equilon, SCT Corporation recently secured another high-profile contract in the petroleum products sector with Valvoline, the $1.1 billion lube oil division of Ashland Inc.

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Microsoft Axapta: Design Factors Shape System UsagePart Three: Manufacturing Environments
If you are implementing or considering Microsoft Axapta as your ERP system, or providing Axapta-related services, this note provides an overall understanding of how the system fits together to run a business. This section reviews the major design factors affecting system usage in a manufacturing environment.

CREW: required for an operation Crew size requirements Work center efficiency and loading percentage Cumulative scrap percentages in a multistep routing Parallel and serial operations Operation overlap Time elements for transit time and before/after queue times Remaining time for setup and run time Synchronization of reference orders linked to a production order This is Part Three of a three-part note. Part One detailed the design factors related to the user interface and customization. Part Two detailed the

ERP for Oil and Gas Upstream RFP Template

CREW: ERP for Oil and Gas Upstream RFP Template covers industry-standard functional criteria of ERP for Oil and Gas Upstream that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your ERP for Oil and Gas Upstream software project. Includes: Financials, Human Resources, Maintenance Management, Supply Chain Management, Product Technology

How to Embrace CRM and Make it Succeed in Your Organization
Your Challenge: Get Decision Makers' Approval for a CRM Software. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Customer relationship management (CRM) is growing in importance as a competitive tool. However, a successful CRM solution must consider many factors, including a well-defined implementation strategy, the people factor, and the need for integration with the incumbent enterprise resource planning solution. If these conditions are met, CRM can have a dramatic impact on internal processes, customer satisfaction, and company profitability.

CREW: certified risk manager , crew resource management , Creative Retirement Manitoba . Giving small and midsize manufacturers and distributors the visibility required to compete in a highly competitive business climate. Table of Contents   Introduction What is CRM? Ownership of Data What Makes CRM Work? A Successful CRM Solution Integration is Key Importance of Real-Time Integration A Typical Case Scenario Summary Glossary of Terms Introduction The concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not a
8/31/2006 12:31:00 PM

Interdependence of supply chain partners: A briefing session with PW and Bombardier » The TEC Blog
the inventory pick list crew, and would be part of the build-kit. Rework is very costly as the part’s serial number is not known until the last minute when it arrives at the rework station. The late arrival of the part may also cause additional delays because of need for quality assurance inspections. In either case, it is entered at the last minute. Loss of time and potential loss of control add to record keeping and QA expenses. Benefits mentioned of the New System No more CoFC (Certificate of

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ITIL v3: Supporting the Evolution of IT Effectiveness for Improved IT Operations
ITIL v3: Supporting the Evolution of IT Effectiveness for Improved IT Operations. Get Free Information and Other Solutions Related to IT Effectiveness and IT Operations. IT is often characterized as distinct groups pursuing individual agendas and launching disconnected initiatives to increase operational efficiencies. To overcome this, organizations need a set of capabilities that can help improve coordination between IT and the rest of the business while facilitating effective service management. Adopting foundational technologies and a best-practice benchmark is a good place to start.

CREW: of a trained pit crew to maintain it during the race and after. But what if the car is inadequately designed to begin with? Or, what if the strategic requirements change to, say, off-road racing? A stock car team that is focused on operations and divorced from the strategy, design, build, finance and test phases can do little to address these challenges. In the same way, an effective IT team in the business world needs to link strategy, applications and operations across the service lifecycle in order to
10/17/2007 10:34:00 AM

Use CMMS to Improve PdM Performance
Companies that have moved from a highly reactive environment to a more planned one notice significant improvement. A computer maintenance management system (CMMS) or an enterprise asset management (EAM) is a useful tool to create a planned environment, help build accurate equipment history, and develop comprehensive analysis capability.Reprinted with permission from Plant Engineering and Maintenance magazine.

CREW: For example, a work crew has missed performing a PM routine many days in a row. As a result, the next scheduled PM is already due. Workflow software and business rules can be used to automatically prevent any further logging of time and materials against work orders until the PM routine is completed. Additionally, workflow software can alert the appropriate planner or supervisor of the condition and possible consequences if the necessary action isn t taken. If action still isn t applied within a

Top 10 Supply Chain Technology Trends
Top 10 Supply Chain Technology Trends. Search for Information and Other Solutions to Delineate Your Diagnosis In Relation To the Supply Chain Technology Trends. You can’t pick up a business or IT magazine today without seeing numerous articles about the growth of mobile and wireless technologies. Why are these technologies so trendy? The answer is simple: developments in mobile computing, wireless communication, bar codes, and other data collection and communications technologies help businesses extend visibility and control over the operations that really matter to them.

CREW: least 40 minutes per crew per day, and up to $2.1 million in overtime. This white paper does. It also provides many more examples of how to use technology for business advantage. Intermec has been helping companies take advantage of the latest technologies for manufacturing, distribution, ield service and other supply chain environments for more than 40 years. We pioneered many of the data capture, mobile computing and wireless communication technologies in use today, and continue to innovate through our
7/25/2007 3:31:00 PM

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