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Web-site Strategy for Organizations in the Corporate Services Industry
As marketing budgets shrink and companies in the corporate services industry aim to leverage their Web sites as less expensive alternatives to traditional

corporate brand strategy  especially important in the Corporate Services industry, as organisations deal with important aspects of their clients’ lives. Organisations can build trust by enhancing credibility, increasing the persuasiveness of brand communications. According to Herbig and Milewicz (1997, p.26), “any signal will be evaluated by the receiver by, among other factors, the credibility of the source. The higher the credibility, the more persuasive the source.” A website that offers multiple sources of accurate, Read More
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents related to » corporate brand strategy

The Alignment-focused Organization: Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution
Aligning your business plans with your method of execution requires more than a peek at financial metrics. Initiatives, tasks, people, and metrics must be

corporate brand strategy  deploy scorecards at the corporate level for its sales, marketing, and customer service organizations, as well as for different stores. Tracking both leading and lagging indicators, these scorecards give managers and employees a high-level, balanced overview of performance against key objectives (see Figure 6). Even if lagging indicators like revenue suggest that the company is doing well today, leading indicators show that problems may lie ahead. Dashboards A dashboard is a visual display of the most Read More
6 Steps for Linking Corporate Strategy to the Budget
Ask any three people in an organization why they budget and you’ll get three different answers. But no one says they budget in order to direct the way in which

corporate brand strategy  the year to the corporate strategy. Using MPC, people physically create the plan by dragging and dropping plan objects into a cause-and-effect structure. In the following example (Figure 6), the executive team has identified four main objectives: (1) operating excellence, (2) maintaining existing business, (3) profitable growth, and (4) brand leadership. Next they link each objective to the strategies that describe how the objectives are going to be met. For example, the maintain business objective Read More
CRM without Compromise: A Strategy for Profitable Growth
When implementing customer relationship management (CRM), organizations often lose sight of their customers and focus on efficiency gains instead of looking at

corporate brand strategy  become winning elements of corporate success, IT becomes more critical than ever. It needs to provide the basis for rapid response and the adjustment of business models in order to keep pace with changing market conditions. In this broader context, IT is more than an enabler supporting existing processes and tasks ' it's a catalyst for business transformation. This, of course, requires that the technology itself is flexible and open and supports both tactical and strategic business needs. Organizations Read More
SYSPRO - Awaiting Positive IMPACT From Its Brand Unification
By further perfecting its mid-market value proposition and by also unifying its corporate and product brands (i.e., often conflicting IMPACT Encore product

corporate brand strategy  For example, SYSPRO 6.0 incorporates a Report Writer that now produces documents in XML format. For example, the Quotations Module incorporates the hierarchical requirements for Projects and Contracts. Also, the functionality in the Product Configurator has been extended; the Point of Sale (POS) entry has been enhanced with a more efficient means of accepting payment/deposits against normal orders; drill-down capability has been improved in a number of areas with increased security and visibility Read More
NetSuite Two-tier ERP Strategy Kit
If you are a multi-company enterprise, then this Two-tier ERP Strategy Kit will show you how to grow your satellite divisions while cutting costs. Including

corporate brand strategy  Two-Tier ERP,Global Management,Global Business,Global Business Management,Financial Consolidation,Subsidiary,Subsidiary Management,Multinational Management,Cloud ERP,ERP,ERP Software,erp software companies,erp software vendors,what is erp software,financial consolidation software Read More
Active Strategy

corporate brand strategy   Read More
Understanding Strategy Execution
It’s not enough to develop a strategy for your enterprise; real success comes from effective execution of that strategy. Prioritization, improvement, and

corporate brand strategy   Read More
Breakthrough Performance Management: Tying Performance Metrics to Business Strategy
For many organizations, there is a disconnect between strategy and day-to-day activities. Strategy, resources, and risks are discussed at the executive level

corporate brand strategy   Read More
Manufacturing Strategy: An Adaptive Perspective
Adaptive manufacturing enables companies to produce goods efficiently and manage variability proactively. However, it must be managed as an end-to-end, closed

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RFID Architecture Strategy
Early adopters of radio frequency identification (RFID) are beginning to look at enterprise scale solution design and integration are emerging as key focus

corporate brand strategy  Architecture Strategy RFID Architecture Strategy If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Consequently, enterprise-scale Solution Design and Integration are emerging as key areas in RFID deployments. To realize the potential of RFID, enterprises must have an RFID Architecture strategy that integrates data from the hardware layer with existing systems. Source : Infosys Technologies Resources Related to RFID Architecture Read More
Tectura Corporate Overview

corporate brand strategy  Corporate Overview Read More

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